Monday, February 29, 2016

Why The Highster Mobile Spy App Is Every Parent’s Must Have

Cell phones have become a staple in every household. A recent study done conducted by found that most children in America get their first cell phone at the tender age of 6. Parents are acknowledging the need for these technological devices to keep up with the changing times since the world has become a global village. Cell phones expose children to the good, the bad and the ugly aspect of this global village.
These devices call for the need for spy wear to monitor the children’s activities to keep them from harm’s way.

Parents want to buy cell phones for their children but still maintain some level of control over what they are exposed to on a daily basis. For this reason, parents are looking into the internet to find the most convenient and effective spyware in the market. With a plethora of spyware to choose from in the market, how do you pick the phone tracking app that’s right fit for you?

I introduce to you Highster Mobile Spy, a pioneer in the spyware industry. With tailored features (such as text message spy) to ensure the safety of your kids this is a breakdown of why Highster Mobile Spy is the way to go.

Applications block and delete feature
You have the power to block applications you deem inappropriate for your child’s phone even before they download the said apps. You can take it a notch higher and delete the applications that you have a problem with. The applications manager helps you monitor installed and running apps.

What are they posting on social media?
Everyone is on social media. Children spend a huge chunk of their time on posting on social media networks, some of which you’ve never heard of. Highster Mobile Spy gives you the chance to monitor social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp among other platforms in real time. For instance, with Instagram being all the rage, parents want to monitor the kind of photos their children are posting on the site. This brings me to the next feature, what kind of photos do the children have on their phones? You can keep track of the photos your children are taking, sending or receiving on their phones.

Access to all contact information
You are able to access all contacts in the target cell phone, be it phones numbers, emails and all the names associated with them. Therefore you can track call logs, emails, text that your child sends or receives. Highster Mobile Spy has an advanced message tracking feature that can enable you to retrieve old and deleted messages from your child’s cell phone.

Track phone logs and record conversations
If you are suspicious about conversations your child is having on the phone, you can use this unique feature that records both sides of the conservation. The conversation is uploaded on your user account, with the option of downloading and storing it.

Just what is your child searching on the internet?
With Highster Mobile Spy, you are able to monitor the browser history as we as get search alerts when a pre designated search item is searched on the cell phone.

Top of the range GPS tracking
Is your child supposed to go a sleep over at a friend’s place? You can use this Highster Mobile to confirm this. It has GPS tracking feature that enables you to find out the physical location of your child. With this app, you can keep tabs of your child’s whereabouts at any given time.

How It Works
The software costs a one off price of $69.99. It comes with a free lifetime of updates and has neither additional charges nor monthly charges. For such a sophisticated piece of tracking app technology, it is shockingly easy to download and install the device, be it apple or android. The website breaks it down into 3 easy to follow steps of downloading the app, entering your license key and finally the phone number you want to spy on.

Customer Care

Highster Mobile Spy offers live telephone support to help you out whenever you’ve got any quarries. I recommend this spyware to any parent craving for peace of mind amidst the dark shadows lurking in the cyber world.

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