Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mobile Monitoring: Do You Know Who Your Spouse Talks To?

Just when you think things are fine between you and your spouse, all of the sudden you notice cell phone activity has increased but it not’s from your device.  Your spouse seems to be getting more calls or sending more messages but when you ask about them your partner seems to brush it off as nothing or give an excuse that has you wondering.  You don’t have to wonder anymore since there are mobile monitoring options that can help you get to the bottom of communications occurring on your spouse’s cell phone. Now you’re wondering how to read someone’s text messages without having access to their phone.

Here are details you need to know about this software.

You Can Check Call History

If you want to know who your spouse is talking too you can check call history.  If you have mobile monitoring software this is easy to do without your spouse knowing it is being done. The monitoring software will record communications made by your spouse and the other party.  You can learn the person’s phone number and even their name if the contact is saved in the target phone.  There are software options that let you listen to the conversation or provide some type of record of what it was about and how long the call lasted.  You can keep this information for future reference. This is something that can help confirm suspicions when you ask your spouse about their phone calls and they don’t tell the truth.

You Can Review Messages

There are spouses that can carry on a conversation with people for a long time.  They can make it seem as if they are chatting with a family member or someone you know.  They may send emails to this person and think their spouse won’t know about.  The same is true for text messages. Although a spouse may think they can trust their partner when suspicions rise they may want to know what is being said in such messages. Using mobile monitoring will offer insight into such messages.  The suspicions could turn out to be nothing, but at least you have another option that can help you get answers quickly without your spouse getting suspicious of your own actions.  When reviewing messages you can choose to save them or retrieve content that was deleted.

You Can Track The Cell Phone

Tracking the phone can be done using GPS tracking on the phone along with taking photos remotely with the phone. When you sense something isn’t right with your spouse one action to consider is to track their cell phone movements.  Aside from being notified of certain actions such as calls being made or text messages received, you can track the phone as it travels.  This is handy in situations a spouse claims they are going somewhere only for you to find out later they didn’t go there.  Monitoring software for cell phones gives clear indication of where the target phone was located.  Later you can choose to confront your spouse if you want about their whereabouts and see if their story will match evidence collected from their cell phone.

Drawing Your Conclusion

Cell phone spyware gives another perspective for a suspicious spouse to consider.  There are signs of a cheating spouse many can tell just from their partner’s actions.  But using this software can help you follow up on suspicions and give more evidence if something else is going on.  In some cases you may not have to use the software for long to gather evidence.  For others, there are spouses that like to keep tabs on their partner even though they don’t sense any infidelity.

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