Friday, February 26, 2016

Auto Forward Spy: The Parent Guide

As demand for spy wear for cell phones continues to increase, consumers are spoilt for choice as there is a very large buffet to sample from. Auto Forward cell phone tracker spy promises to narrow down your choices to one as it is a one stop shop for virtually all consumer needs. Considered one of the best in this regard, this product has been tailored with intent to meet all the features of mobile spy wear. Parenting has increasingly become a daunting task due to our modern fast paced lives. Add mobile phones into the equation and a parent has to grapple with very real fears harmful effects to their child.

The Internet has a wealth of information, some of which will be useful to your child. The down side, however is that there's also information that and interactions with people over the Internet that can put your child in danger.

Auto Forward Spy is built to bring peace of mind in parenting and provide all the information about what children are up to while on the phones. This can be done with or without the consent of their children. After all, the money to purchase mobile devices will more often than not come from your pocket.

What Kind Of Calls Are They Getting?
Any parent should be worried when their child spends unusual long hours making and receiving calls. Auto Forward Spy allows you to be able to record phone conversations remotely and save them same in your user account. Users can also access details of contact information and the times and dates in which calls are made.

What Are They Doing On The Internet
You would probably be interested to know what your child is posting on Facebook or Twitter. What sites are they viewing visiting and how much data are they accessing. Auto forward Spy covers all this and more leaving you with little to worry about. A word of caution though, tread cautiously as there’s a thin line between genuine concern and invasion of privacy.

What Kind Of Photos and Applications Do They Have?
The product allows you as a parent to know what kind of photos your child is sending or receiving. You can even delete once that you are uncomfortable with. The same applies for applications they have installed.

Texts and Emails
With Auto Forward Spy, you can monitor your child's texts and emails. It reveals the contents of text messages including contact information and time-stamps.

GPS Tracking
When your teenager says they'll be studying over at their friend’s place, you can take your word for it or you can make sure there are not up to any mischief. Furthermore, you get peace of mind knowing that they are safe where they are. Auto Forward Spy with its GPS tracking capabilities will just do that for you, giving you exact location of the phone and hopefully its owner on a map. This feature is also invaluable in the event that you need to track a stolen phone-book.

How Does It Work
With fancy words such as GPS, you would be forgiven for thinking that Auto Forward spy is preserve of the tech savvy.  On the contrary, this product is very easy to use. Installation is only a few clicks a way and the gathered data can be easily accessed from your user account. It is built to run on any android device and i phones. At only $69.99, parental control has never been easier.

Customer Care
The vendor provides video tutorials and a customer care service to be consulted if you get stuck. Try it today.

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