Thursday, February 25, 2016

Highster Mobile: Your Online Spy?

I know, it sounds bad but as a parent, you can prevent lots of bad stuff happening to your child by monitoring what your young child has been up to. Let’s face it, as a parent you’d like to trust that your teenage son or daughter will take good care of themselves when online. The problem is they can’t. This is the age that kids want to know about everything around them which can easily get them into unwanted trouble. That is why you as a parent need to do something to keep your children safe and that something is the use of spyware. Therefore you might be wondering how to read someones text messages without having the phone.

I am sure you have heard or read about this software at one time or another. Highster Mobile helps you know who your son/daughter has texted, called and what websites they have recently accessed. For first timers, what you find out may be a little shocking which is exactly why you need this software with you. What you should know is that, this may affect your relationship with your kid once they find out what you have been doing behind their back. This is why some parents choose to tell their kids so they are aware that mommy or daddy is seeing their text messages.  However, kids these days are way sharp and one time or another, they may find a way out.

When monitoring your kids online, you will be able to control the kind of websites they visit by blocking those that are unsuitable for their age. Each time your child tries to visit those websites you’ll get a notification which you can point out to your child and find a way forward. For parents with younger children, you have the option of controlling how much time your little one spends online by restricting the number of hours spent online.

Other amazing features that come with Highster Mobile is that you get to view each website visited, anything that was downloaded and also takes screenshots for you to view. Since your kid is likely to browse a lot, you can block some words such that each time your kid types in any vulgar or sexual words, you get notifications immediately on your phone, pc, tablet or laptop.

Since the invention of spyware, many companies have come up with different kinds of software which makes it tedious to decide on which suits you best. As you decide on which company is best to go with, do through research. Check their reputation and what other parents are saying about them. What features do you need and how easy is it navigating through the software.

Kids these days are very sharp and always find a way to hide their tracks. Sometimes you may get instant messages from your teenage boy/daughters phone but find that they have used certain codes or abbreviations to hide what the message means. To avoid being in the dark, search online for all the likely abbreviations likely to be used by these young stars to keep you ahead of the game.

As you endeavor in this ‘spy’ journey, you need to always keep your eyes and ears wide open. Be sharp enough to detect any problem before they arise, lest you get the shock of your life. Communication is the key. In as much as your teen hates it, try and help him/her understand that you love and care about them a lot and that is why you have to do everything to keep them safe. If you can, join other mothers around you and try to find more ways to keep your kids out of danger. As you know, two hands are always better than one and the better hand is Highster Mobile.

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