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How To Spy on Your Kid’s Phone Without Jailbreaking it

The best way to spy on someone is doing it without his/her knowledge. This is because people change their behavior when they know they are being followed or monitored. The same case happens with kids. In fact, they become very nervous and might even stop some activities altogether to keep their privacy. This brings us to the question; how can one monitor a phone without jailbreaking? The following is a review of several apps that allows you to monitor various phones without jailbreaking them.

#1: Highster Mobile Spy
This is the best cell phone spy software developed by ILF Mobile Corp to help people track targeted gadgets like mobile phones and tablets. Unlike others, this app is very advanced and uses the same technology that security authorities utilize to gather information from various sources. While other software requires you to have physical access to the phone being spied, Highster Mobile Spy will get all the information you want remotely. You only need to get the number of the target phone, and everything will be ready to go. Once you add the smartphone to the app, the software accesses all the details in including text messages, social media messages, and live chats. You can even get the messages that were deleted by your cautious teen. The software will also allow you to track the phone using GPS tracking technology, take pictures remotely, learn how to receive text messages from another phone, and even geo-fence the kid. With this software, you no longer have to worry about your teen boy or girl ever knowing you are monitoring, everything is hidden from them.

#2: mSpy
mSpy is another great option when you want to monitor your teens without jailbreaking their phones. Though mSpy is not as advanced as Highster Mobile Spy, you can monitor the kid’s phone by entering its details in the mSpy dashboard on your smartphone or computer. It gives you access to all messages, online chats, call logs and web browser history. You also get full access to stored numbers and photos. However, to get full access and control of the target phone, jailbreaking the phone is necessary.

#3: Mobistealth
This cell phone tracker android monitoring app is very effective in tracking your kid and all that he/she does. To install it, you do not have to jailbreak the target phone. You add the details of the target phone to the Mobistealth online account activate to start monitoring. The app allows the parent to access SMS history, web history, line chats, contacts, saved images and call logs. It allows you to locate the kid using GPS tracking system. The only shortcoming of this software is the lack of in-person customer support. 

#4:  XnSpy
XnSpy is one of the fastest upcoming software that makes it easy to access your kid’s phone without having physical access to it. You only need to know the model and number of the target phone to get all that is happening. You can access call records, text messages, pictures and video galleries, and real-time locations. Though the app is relatively cheap, what you can do to the target phone is very limited. For parents who would want to block some online addresses, calls, or text messages, more advanced software such as Highster Mobile Spy might be necessary.


If jailbreaking your child’s phone to install spy applications is difficult or will arouse some suspicion, the best thing is using any of the above monitoring apps. They allow you to get all information you need from a child so you can take the right measures to stop harmful activities, keep the kid away from bullies, and protect them. Make sure to understand to what extents you want to go in order to pick the best software for installation without jailbreaking the target phone. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Significance of Knowing How to Track Cell Phone Location through Spy Apps

Any parent would want nothing but the best for their children. Parenting is not an easy task especially when faced with different uncontrollable factors like accidents, failures or risk on their child’s safety and protection. With an increasing per...

6 Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Using Cell Phone Spy Software

The surest way to keep your child safe, know where he/she is, and cut off bad friends is using monitoring software. They are easy to use, and users can apply them wherever they are. However, their effectiveness can easily be compromised by the user if they are not very careful. The following are top 5 mistakes you need to avoid when using cell phone spy software. 

1)   Failing to vet all apps thinking that everything is okay.
While top spy ware for cell phones ensure that everything is working perfectly well, it is not always the case with others. Therefore, you should ensure that every feature is carefully tested and retested before making a decision to buy the app. The best time to do this is during the trial stage because you can walk away without incurring losses if the app is less than what was anticipated.

2)   Raising the expectations too high
Because of technology advancements, people want to get perfect things and never leave room for errors. However, the software operates like others and can experience hitches. It works with an app from your phone, the app developer, network of satellites, and computers distributed in space to allow you get instant messages and other things on the kid's phone. Therefore, you should appreciate that challenges can arise with the weather or other aspects that even the software developer does not have control on. Though related issues are rare when you work with top spy software to spy verizon cell phone, it is advisable to follow with the developer if the issue persists.

3)   Failing to install the application well
Many people make this mistake because they install the apps in a hurry. Because most spy software requires jailbreaking a phone, parents never get enough time to complete the process. The impact of this is poor or non-performance of the app you have purchased. You can avoid this by giving ample reason to take your kid’s phone or go for apps that do not need jailbreaking such as a spy tracker for cell phone

4)   Making direct approaches that arouse target’s suspect of monitoring
While the best spy software will rarely be detected by the target, parents always make mistakes of behaving in a manner that kids think they are being monitored. When you find that your daughter is in a bad company, never confront her directly because she will know you go access to her communication. However, you should block the bad contacts from accessing her phone and start a discussion that targets the issue. This will make her understand and get involved as opposed to getting victimized.

5)    Activating other apps and adverts not from your software provider
While the key objective of designing monitoring software is helping to keep children as safe and successful as possible, the applications are not free from online cyber security threats. When you get ads and apps prompting you to click and install, the chances are that malware is trying to find a way into the account, your computer, or phone. Do not activate such prompts. The best thing is to reach your support and enquire whether they are the originator. If they are not, you will be advised how to clear and stay free from them.

6)    Sharing spy software account information with third parties
The biggest mistake that parents make is sharing their user accounts details with third parties. This not only gives access to third parties but could also provide easier access to kid's information that you are trying to avoid. You should keep the details especially username and password as secret as possible.

These mistakes have become a common cause of spy software functioning and even failure in extreme cases. Take time to select the best cell phone spying software, follow their guidelines, and keep account details as secret as possible. Besides, all apps should be vetted carefully, and your expectations should be realistic to get more from the app of choice.

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The Worth of Spy App Phones for Kids

The demand of cell phone spy apps in the phone industry has considerably been higher compared to the first time it was introduced. It has been increasing after numerous positive feed backs from parents have been made. With the help of different spy ...

When You Need More Than a Spy Application

In the presence of so many mobile device monitoring applications, one needs to have one that is considered the very best. There are many parameters that one can use to gauge how suitable an application is especially in the light of the expected resul...

4 Top Reasons Why You Should Use Highster Mobile Search Alerts

Technology has advanced so much that people can literally do anything on their computing gadgets. While this is great in many respects, it has its downside. When it comes to kids, the apps allow them to send text messages, visit websites, and do other things while keeping the same hidden to parents. However, Highster Mobile has equally advanced to make it possible for parents to learn spying on a cell phone without installing software. One feature that you need to activate and use at all times is the Auto Search Alerts. Here are four top reasons why you need to use the auto search alerts.

1)      They are able to search all areas of the kid’s phones
Highster Mobile is software like no other in many ways. The software developers' work is ensuring they stay ahead of technology so that parents can do everything they want with a kid's phone. The software crawls in all areas of the kid's phone to ensure that the parent is sure of everything the kid is doing. Giving you access to spying on a cell phone for free with a one-time subscription. You only need to set the phone to alert you when a specific page has been visited. Some sites with adult content, drugs, and crime information are harmful and should not be accessed.
You can set specific keywords for the software to search everything from the text messages, snap charts, and even websites so that once they are noted, an alert can be sent to your phone or computer. With the search, you do not even need to keep scrolling through the phone because you can pinpoint the messages and pages with bad content.

2)      They notify you immediately a bad site is visited
While the auto search is busy following pages that you consider harmful, the parent is sure of getting prompt notifications. This can be equated to walking side-by-side with a kid on the street. Whether you are at work or relaxing in the bedroom, you are sure of understanding the kid’s frequency to dangerous websites and take the right action. Always remember to take enough time to pick the right action so that it is effective and does not blow your cover.

3)      They provide links to contacts and sources of harmful content
If you find a kid developing harmful behavior, the chances are that he/she is with bad peers or getting information from other sources. When auto alerts point to a specific source feeding your kid with bad information or forcing her/him to take a bad action, you can take the appropriate action. Many are the times when kids unknowingly follow online friends without understanding their motives. Then, they lure them into drugs, pornography, and even terrorism.

4)      You can block the harmful sites 
With auto alerts, the parent has an upper hand because all the sources have been exposed. Well, think of a parent who notes a specific kid’s friend trying to lure him into drugs? Highster Mobile makes it easy to block the specific website or individuals from accessing the kid’s phone so that he/she remains safe. Remember that you need to keep increasing the keywords to reach all areas with harmful content.

Highster Mobile Search Alerts have been a great success to parents because they not only make you understand a kid more, but also ensure it easy to cut bad peers. The alerts make the spying devices for cell phones easier to use and highly reliable whether at home or away. Remember that success of using any spy software such Highster Mobile lies in the ability to operate without raising suspicion from the kid at any moment.

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Useful Tips to Create More iPhone Storage Space

When it comes to storage space on iPhones it can diminish pretty quickly.  For many users this can be irritating and become an ongoing problem.  There are many actions users complete on a regular basis such as downloads and updates, that can suck up available space.  Fortunately, there are actions users can do to increase storage on their device, including an outside source to move data.  How often these actions can be completed will depend on how often storage space is used.  Here are a few tips to help consider how storage space is used and how it can be improved on your iPhone.

What Space is Available?

The first thing to consider when creating more storage space is to review how to track an iPhone by number.  As you do this take note of what is taking up the most space and think about why you need more space.  Understanding why can give an idea of what your next step should be.  Think about what you use your device for the most and things that you may not use at all.  Can you remove or delete anything? 

Remove Apps Not Used

Overtime a person can accumulate apps they don’t use.  This means you could have apps simply taking up space.  What are apps you no longer use or lost interest? Getting rid of unwanted apps can be a great way to gain more space.  Even if there are apps you don’t want to remove, you can still check how much space it uses and delete cache data.  There are iPhone tracker by phone number apps that offer the same purpose and function, but require less space. This means you could consider deleting an app and replacing it with something similar that offers the same need if it takes up less space.

Delete Photos

If you have accumulated a crap load of pictures use iCloud storage or computer to backup photos.  When you create a backup this means you don’t have to keep the photo on your device.  Choosing to remove photos can free up a lot of space.  The same is true for recorded video content.  As you accumulate this type of media on your device, have a folder to help organize it. This can make it easier to upload or backup content as you create it, while making it easier to find and reference in the future.

Delete Music Albums and Videos

Who doesn’t love to listen to music with their iPhone?  Many users have a massive music collection including their favorite tunes.  You don’t have to delete everything, but if you have songs or albums you don’t listen to as often it may be time to delete it.  Like photos you can back up your content and access it later.  Depending on how often you listen to music or download media, you may want to remove such data more often to keep free space available.

Get Rid of Files Downloaded with Apps and Podcasts

When you download how to read other peoples text messages programs on a computer and later decide to delete it, there are times you may find associated files with the program still in the system that not only take up space, but they are not needed since you don’t have that program any more.  The same is true with certain iPhone apps. Look to remove such files or at least make sure everything associated with an app is completely removed from your device if you chose to delete an app.  Like Podcasts?  These can take up a considerable amount of space on your device.  These can be saved elsewhere for reference and in some cases you don’t have to save them if they are updated regularly.

The Significance of an Android Text Message Spy App: Is It Necessary?

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Tips on Taking Perfect Pictures with The iPhone

iPhone users can become great photographers when utilizing a few easy tips on how to take great pictures with their non-stop cell phone spying device.  The device is known for producing excellent shots that can make anyone look like a professional photograph. It is in how you use your device and finding tips and tricks to ensure you get the picture you want. It can take some time to get high quality pictures you want, but some make a hobby out of it and share what they learned in the process.  Overall, it helps to get to know your device, its features and what it can do.  As you learn these aspects you can take your picture-taking abilities to the next level.  Here is a list of tips on how to take great pictures with your iPhone.

  1. Use grid lines. If you are not a fan of using grid lines or have never considered the thought, now would be a good time to play around with this feature.  These are used to set up shots evenly with good proportion.  It gives an idea of what the final shot will look like. You can also look at the content and ensure things are lined up to get the best result.  You may have to go into your iPhone settings to turn on the grid lines if they don’t pop up automatically when using the camera.
  2. For enhancement use auto HDR (high dynamic range). This feature helps even color tones and other parts of the image for better quality shot.  If you are not used to using this you can take some practice shots with your camera and play with it to understand how it works.  This feature plays a role giving pictures their bold color qualities.  You may not have to do much when using the feature but it helps the camera to adjust to lighting and other aspects of its current environment just before the picture is snapped.
  3. Hold your camera with both hands.  Doing this gives better stability, especially when using grid lines to line up the shot.  It makes it easier to hit the button when snapping pic; having better control of the camera.  This is a great tip when taking landscape shots with the stealth cell phone spy.
  4. Zoom in using your feet instead of the zoom feature slider.  Some say using the zoom slider is a faster way to ruin shot.  After taking the picture you can crop and zoom later when editing picture with a good editing program or app. The dynamics of the camera may make the zoom feature less desirable.  Plus, moving forward or backward gives better precision and exact detail you want in the shot without making things look blurry.
  5. Use natural light instead of flash. When possible use natural light as it gives pictures more color while keeping their look natural.  In certain settings it is not necessary to use the flash.  Keep in mind when it is dark or light is minimal, the flash may be helpful.  Using the flash when not needed could ruin the photo.
  6. Use a good editing spying on cell phones text messages app before sharing photos. There are a few photo editing apps that make it easy to make improvements to photos taken using an iPhone.  This is completely up to you what you choose and how you edit photos.  Some like to use a program on the computer, while others like to use apps that make it easier to share the photo online after it has been edited.  Check reviews and compare options to really get an idea of how you can improve your photos.

How to Save Your Logs

Cell phone monitoring software comes in handy in a lot of cases. Some people actually use cell phone monitoring software to help back up data on their phones. This can come in handy more times than you might think. But not all phone spy software prog...

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Should I Buy a Refurbished iPhone?

Getting the latest iPhone may not be in your budget. Of course, thousands of people decide to get a refurbished iPhone but is it worth it? You may be asking yourself if you should get one but you may not understand what this is or if it is best for you.  For the most part, there are refurbished iPhones available at affordable prices.  Some may not be used but rather defective at one point during the production process and later had a new part added so it works like new. Some refurbished iPhones may have parts upgraded so they look and work like new.  There are a few things to consider when thinking about purchasing a refurbished iPhone.

Buy from Authorized Dealers

If you are new to the idea of purchasing a refurbished iPhone make the purchase from a reputable retailer or authorized dealer.  If looking to purchase online consider reputable online retailers offering refurbished Apple products. Many consumers look to purchase directly from Apple.  This ensures your product is the real deal and in some cases you can get a good deal that includes a decent warranty.  There are other retailers to consider including EBay and Walmart.  Do your homework and get tips on where to look from friends and family that have an iPhone.

Check Warranty and Return Policy

The warranty on a refurbished iPhone may not be the same as a new iPhone spy apps.  There are reasons for this but it helps to check out warranty information along with return policy.  In rare cases people have returned their device within days or weeks of purchase for technical issues or accidents.  Before purchasing the device learn what options are available for warranty.  Be clear on return policy.  How many days can you have the device and return it without questions asked?  Is there is a risk-free period?  What about if the phone needs a new part or it gets lost?  Apple offers unique options for refurbished iPhones that are similar to new iPhone purchases.  You may need to pay a little more but it may be worth the investment.

Access Performance and Cosmetic Look

How does the device run and how does it look?  If you are in person checking out potential refurbished iPhones these are details to pay close attention to.  You can check reviews and feedback from other apps for parents about how well refurbished models work.  This may be the only option to consider if you are looking to purchase your device online through an authorized dealer.  Some dealers online will have pictures of the actual product.  Just keep in mind what to look for when you get the product sent to you.  Check it over thoroughly and consider the condition of the device. Know the process in case you need to make a return and know who to contact if you have questions or concerns.

Additional Tips on Refurbished iPhones

Know where to look for deals.  While Apple offers a variety of refurbished phones with a one-time subscription free gps tracking app, don’t stop there.  Compare options and think about features you want.  Other options to think about include service rates and how much you need to pay for monthly service.  What are your options if the phone needs to be repaired? If you come across a dealer you are not familiar with don’t be afraid to ask questions and get insight from others who have purchased from them. Think about accessories you will need with your device. Do more research on refurbished phones and learn tips on how to keep your device in good working order.  

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How to Install Monitoring Software on a BlackBerry Phone

While most Blackberry phones now run the Android operating system, it’s a known fact that BlackBerry still supports the old BlackBerry operating system. You or your child may be using a phone that still runs the BlackBerry operating system and in t...


Last summer was supposed to be the greatest summer of my life. I finished my Junior year of high school with a 4.0 GPA and was rewarded by my parents with a brand iPhone as a birthday slash congratulations gift. I was ecstatic!

That weekend, I went to a couple of parties. The kind with alcohol and older kids. Older boys. I got drunk. Really drunk. I passed out. When I woke up the next morning; laying in my own puke; I cried. Then, a few hours later, I cried again when little bits of memories of the night before came back to me.

I got home around 6 in the morning. My father was waiting up for me. My mom was asleep on the couch. When he saw me, his face was a mix of anger and fear. I apologized as much as I could, then went up to the bathroom to clean myself up and cry some more in the shower. I cried, because I knew that I had had sex … and I don’t even know who it was with. Technically, I was raped. I know that now. I don’t remember saying no or stop. I just don’t remember anything.

Later that day, after sleeping half the day, I checked my phone. There were a lot of messages from my best friend. Then I checked my undetectable cell phone spy software and felt the world drop out from under me. Someone, the boy probably, had taken a picture of me naked on the bed I woke up in. I ran into the bathroom and threw up again, only this time there was nothing left.

I instantly deleted the picture and texted my friend back to see if she knew anything. She didn’t. She too had gotten drunk. She told me that she went home that night after I told her I’d be okay. I wasn’t. In fact, as I found out a few months later, I was worse than okay. I was pregnant.

I got my abortion on August 26th , just a week before I started my senior year this year. I’m not happy with any of it. The entire experience has changed me … and not for the better. The first part of this year, I was depressed. Scared to be seen in public. Afraid that someone knew something. Something that I knew and something that I didn’t. My grades suffered. My lacrosse skills suffered too.

Thankfully, my parents … they didn’t hold it over my head. My mom especially. My dad is more quiet now. He watches me differently. I don’t blame him. That’s why I agreed to something that I’m sure I would never have before. I let them put a track cell phone spy app on my iPhone so that they use the top cell phone spy software on me when I’m not around. That makes me sad, but I think I deserve it. I used to be a perfect kid. I still am, but even I just don’t trust myself anymore.

As for today, my grades have gotten better over the last half of the year. My GPA is around a 3.3, which is good, but not what it used to be. I’m still going to graduate at the top of my class, but I no longer feel that … I don’t know … that lightness I used to feel. I hope it will all change. I’m sure it will. But I’ll always worry that someone out there has something to hold over my head. And I’ll always regret what I did last summer.

How to Clean Up An iPhone’s Storage For Cell Phone Monitoring Software

It’s all too easy to stretch your iPhone’s storage capacity to its limits. Between apps, music, and cached data, a 12G phone can very easily find itself with less than 2 gigabytes to spare in a matter of weeks. When you’re thinking about instal...

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


The man who shot up an Orlando nightclub—killing 49 and injuring 53 more—has shown no direct links to a terror organization, though he’s pledged allegiance to many different factions, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a terrorist. Right now, his heinous act can be considered in several ways: a mass murder (for killing a great number of people), terrorism (for his possible Islamic-extremist beliefs and ties) and a hate crime (for his targeting of homosexuals at the LGBT club). It could also be considered as a self-hate crime, because it appears the killer may have been gay himself.

It’s only been a few days since this maniac committed the biggest mass murder shooting in United States history, so all of the details and answers are still coming in, but one thing that FBI agents are discovering is that the monster may have been self-radicalized on the Internet. What does that mean? It means that he was acting alone and learned everything from the World Wide Wide—and not through any specific group or interactions.

Yes, it appears that the Orlando shooter fostered his own hate, got his inspiration and learned how to kill on a grand scale, all from the Internet. The scary thing is that he’s not the only one out there. There will be more. No doubt. The question is: will it be your son?

Of course your initial answer is “No way. Not my son.” Every parent would say the same thing. The killer’s dad did. He never thought that his American born son, a father himself, would ever go out and kill other people … but he did. So, why not your son?

Young men—teens especially—are confused, angst-ridden, stressed, and impressionable. Peer pressure, social expectations, and the state of the economy all play a big part on the way that these individuals act and react today. It’s up to you as a parent to keep on eye on your son to make sure he doesn’t go down a dark path in response to his emotions. One way that many parents are keeping an eye on their loved ones is by installing a reliable spying on cellphones monitoring software program on their devices.

Mobile undetectable cell phone spy surveillance apps allow you, the parent, to access your son’s phone in order to see what web sites he’s searching, who he’s talking, texting and interacting with, and what he’s sharing. It also lets you track him via GPS. So if your son is using his phone to search out ISIS on Twitter, download bomb-making instruction from a website, or posting threats and hateful messages on Facebook, you’ll be able to see it all—in real-time—and hopefully put a stop to it.

There are hundreds of different verizon cell phone spy monitoring products on the market today that say they can do this and do that, but not every one lives up to its promise. A good mobile spy app should be easy to install, simple to use and always be reliable and discrete. There are many different price ranges, so it is up to you to do your research and find the one that you can afford that does all that you need.

Stay involved in your child’s life. Be diligent in your parenting. And get some backup from a solid mobile surveillance app. Innocent lives may depend on it.

Common Cell Phone Monitoring Software Issues And How to Fix Them

Cell phone monitoring software, considering how easy it is to install and use, is practically magic. But like all kinds of software, even cell phone monitoring software has technical issues once in a while. Luckily, anyone can solve some of the mo...

Monday, June 20, 2016

How to Master 3D Touch

3D Touch is one of the most popular features to come around for iPhones recently. Available for the iPhone 6s, this innovative feature allows you to quickly perform quick tasks through apps without actually opening up the app. But mastering 3D Touch can take some getting used to. Here’s how you can successfully master 3D Touch without breaking a sweat.

The Basics

            Basically, 3D Touch relies on pressure to get things done. Specifically, the pressure of your fingers. Your iPhone can sense how much pressure you’re putting on the screen, allowing you to access certain features and menu items. Think of it as an intuitive right-click for your phone without actually right clicking on your screen.

Under Pressure

            Mail is one area where 3D Touch really shines. All you need to do is open up your mail app. Lightly tap on a message to get a quick preview for the message. If you want to go a little deeper and actually open up the message, just hold down your finger harder.
            This works for links in your email, texts, and on webpages. You can lightly tap on links to see a quick preview of a webpage, allowing you to see what a link’s all about without actually loading it up. To actually open the link, press harder.
            Pressure is the name of the game with 3D Touch. Press on addresses to get a quick peek at locations. Tap on photos to see a larger preview.

Quick Actions

            But where 3D Touch really comes in handy is through Quick Actions. Press on an app icon on your home screen to pull up Quick Actions. For example, tap on your Phone app. You should be given a list of quick options, including calling contacts you’ve listed as a favorite.
            You can do this with many, many apps on your phone. For example, you can tap your best spy cam app to quickly take a selfie or a photo.


            Since 3D Touch is all about pressure and allowing you to get things done with a cell phone monitoring app, you can actually use 3D Touch to take even better notes in your Notes app. With the ability to do everything from drawing pictures to making handwritten notes, you can actually vary your pressure to thicken lines with the track iPhone app. Just open up the Notes app, start a new note and get started.

Live Photos

            3D Touch comes with one especially neat feature: Live Photos. To take one, just open up your Camera app. Make sure that your shooting mode is set to Photos. You should see a yellow icon on the top or left side of the screen depending on whether your phone is in portrait or landscape mode. By activating Live Photos, you’ll basically be taking a quick 1.5 second video.
            With 3D Touch, you can turn on a Live Photo by lightly tapping on the photo, which will allow you to see the clip. This is great if you’re taking a photo and want to show an action or give your family and friends insight into the sounds and commotion going on when the photo was taken.
            For more fun, you can even set a Live Photo as your background and with a light tap on the lock screen, you can bring your background to life. This allows you to really make your phone shine.

            3D Touch, for those of us who have it, can be an intuitive, fun feature with a lot to offer. Just remember to experiment with pressure and light taps. From previewing links to taking live photos, anything is possible with 3D Touch. 

Families Finding Freedom in Cell Phone Monitors

Those who are looking into a cell phone monitor for a family member, such as a son or daughter, are going to see the many benefits that are associated with cell phone monitors. The good news for families is that their sons and daughters don’t have ...

Friday, June 17, 2016


In today’s modern world, friending, tweeting, texting, posting, liking IMing, chatting, browsing, downloading, uploading can all lead even the most responsible individual to do something foolish, regretful and even illegal with their smartphone. Make sure something like that doesn’t happy to someone you love or employ. Get Auto Forward Spy Mobile Monitoring Software and put it on each and every device you entrust to someone other than you.

Auto Forward Spy gives you complete and discrete access to spying on a cell phone calls, texts, pictures and videos, and social media activity. Use it to make sure your child isn’t sending suggestive selfies to some hormonal teen or a preying pedophile. See what kind of things your employees are doing with your company phone when they should be working. Activate the camera and microphone to survey your loved one’s surroundings to make sure that they are safe and sound. Track the cell phone via GPS to make sure your worker or teen is where they said they were going tot be.

Auto Forward Spy is easy to install, simple to use and doesn’t cost a fortune—which is what every high-quality mobile spying on cell phone app should be. Unfortunately for many, that is not always the case. There are literally hundreds of mobile spy products that promise to do what Auto Forward Spy does reliably. Many fall short of Auto Forward Spy’s prowess and others come with hidden costs or monthly additions.

Auto Forward Spy will give you access to the target phone’s:

  • Live Control Panel
  • iMessages
  • SMS Text Messages
  • Call Logs
  • Browser History
  • All Popular Messenger
  • GPS Location
  • Microphone
  • Camera
  • Emails
  • Multi Media Files
  • And More

In addition, Auto Forward Spy works with all cell phone providers and on all iPhone and Android devices—plus, you can check multiple devices through one account.

With all of the temptations on the Internet, protecting your loved ones from doing something foolish should be your #1 priority. Thousands upon thousands of perverts, trolls, bullies, scammers and worse have instant and easy access to your children, because you gave them a smartphone. Installing a reliable mobile monitoring app on their device can help keep them safe when playing on the digital playground.

As for your employees … they’re always looking for something to take their mind off of their boring job. Typing, swiping, tapping, and scrolling their day away on a smartphone is one way they pass the time. Don’t make it easy for them to look at porn, prey on children, cheat on their wives or start a social media WiFight on your device. Put modern safety measures into place and protect your butt as well as theirs. Installing a top-notch mobile monitoring app on their phone is one of those very measures—and it works like a charm.

Affordable, easy to use and simple to install, Auto Forward Spy is the smart choice for any parent or business owner who wants spying on cell phone without installing software. Don’t wait any longer than you have to, get Auto Forward Spy today!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

How to Track Text Messages on iPhone Through A Mobile Monitoring App

There has been a great demand for spy apps nowadays. As a matter of fact, these apps have been considered as one of the radical creations of the modern times. This kind of monitoring system is so potent that it gives a person the ability to monitor t...

THE AMERICANS: How would today’s tech have changed the way they spied in the 1980s?

I’ve been watching FX’s show, The Americans for several seasons now and think that it’s one of the best programs on television today. It’s about a husband and wife spy team from Russia who live a secret, seemingly normal life in a 1980s Washington, D.C. suburb.

The show stars Matthew Rhys as Philip Jennings and Keri Russell as his wife Elizabeth and follows the two undercover KGB spies as they conduct secret missions for mother Russia while trying to negotiate the ins and outs of raising a family in America during the Cold War.

Complicating things is their next-door neighbor, Stan—played by Noah Emmerich—who works with a woman that Philip secretly married. The woman, named Martha Hanson and played by Alison Wright, works for Stan’s boss, Agent Frank Gaad (played by Richard Thomas). Philip (in disguise as his alter ego, Clarke) seduced Martha and got her to plant a bug in Agent Gad’s office. Without giving anything away, things have gotten complicated. But that’s how things are in the world of spying.

Given the strides that the world has taken in the development of modern technology, can you imagine what life was like for spies back in the day? Bugs in pens, reel-to-reel tape recorders, calls made from random pay phones—all feature prominently in every episode. Nowadays, we have the Internet and a spy software for cell phone—both of which take the art of spying to a whole new level. A digital one.

While I’m sure that Russia and the FBI and the CIA still use good old-fashioned spies and spy techniques, it’s obvious that a lot has changed due to the advent of the Internet. Nowadays, government organizations employ teams of computer experts and even a spy software for cell phones. I imagine that spying has become both easier and more difficult for both sides—what with the way that technology keeps evolving.

Spying isn’t even just for the government. There are a multitude of mobile spy tools for cell phones programs that you, as an individual, can purchase and put on someone’s cell phone. Many of them can give you access to the target phone’s calls, texts, social media activity and SMS messages. They can also let you track the device via GPS and activate the microphone and camera so that you can survey the user’s environment. It’s all very stealthy and can be done remotely so that no one knows you are doing it. Real spy stuff.

Imagine how easy it would have been for Philip and Elizabeth to conduct many of their secret missions if they had a smartphone and a couple of spy apps to put on their targets’ phones? It’s a little scary. If they did, America—and the technology we helped create—may never have developed to the point at which we are now, because we’d have been too busy waiting in line for toilet paper.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Getting to the Bottom of a Huge iTunes Bill

In-app purchases are the bane of millions of parents all around the world. With a game, your credit card, and your na├»ve child, it’s all too easy for a child to rack up hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of in-app purchases without even trying. Monitoring software, on the other hand, can help you get to the bottom of a huge iTunes bill, all without even trying.

Discovering the Game

            First, examine your iTunes bill. Try to see where the money has been spent from. Usually, you should be given an idea of what app the purchases were made in.  
            Get in touch with both Apple and the developers of the app in question immediately. You may be able to reverse the charges or freeze future payments. Be respectful when speaking to Apple and the developers. Your problem is much more common than you would think. Thousands of parents, after all, have had the same issues with in-app purchases.
            In many cases, your child might not actually know that they used real money to buy items in the game. Many app developers are deceptive and often hide that purchases in the game need real money. After all, they’re relying on your child to do exactly what he just did- order items and in-game money without knowing that they’re using their parents’ credit card.
Preventing it From Happening Again

            Hopefully, you were able to get your money back. But even if not, it’s important to take a few steps in order to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. But what do you do? It can be a fairly simple process but namely you’ll be installing monitoring software on your child’s device and enabling parental restrictions.

Enabling Parental Restrictions

            First, go into your child’s iPhone’s settings. Visit the General area and scroll down until you find ‘restrictions’. You’ll then be asked to both enable restrictions and set a restrictions passcode so you can access the restrictions setting area and change what’s restricted on your kid’s phone.
            Disable in-app purchases. If desired you can also disable new apps from being installed on your child’s phone and any other settings that you think are appropriate to enable based on your child’s age and your own unique situation.
            But disabling in-app purchases should be the first thing you do. This will prevent your child from purchasing anything in an app and they may receive an on-screen message saying that this is the case. Remember to be vigilant. Remember, your child can’t work around these restrictions unless they have a passcode so make sure you keep the passcode out of your child’s reach.

Monitoring Software
            Installing monitoring software at the same time can help ensure that you can locate iPhone by number. You’ll be able to see what apps they’re using, what they’re doing in each game, and so on. That way, just in case your child somehow found someway around your restrictions, you can still see what they’re up to and can remotely spy camera iPhone.

            Cell spy stealth reviews, in tandem with vigilance and restrictions, can help keep your child safe and stop them from unknowingly racking up thousands of dollars worth of in-app purchases just from playing a simple, supposedly free game. App developers can be very, very deceptive. It’s up to you to make sure that your child is free from that influence and you can help your child safely navigate the app world without sweat or tears. 

Smartphones and Children

Contrary to popular belief, there are a wide variety of dangers that come along with using smartphones. For those who are interested in keeping their kids safe, they may find that it’s incredibly important to be able to monitor by having a spy mobi...

The Dangers of the Digital World

Children are a joy for any parent. There’s nothing quite like taking your kid – or kids – to the beach, to grandma’s house, or to their favorite toy store. Children are the joy of any parent, and that includes raising them. Raising children i...

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Every business has got that one guy. The dude who never seems to be working, yet always has an excuse that sounds legit. The one you can never quite catch slacking off—even though you know he is. You know him. Slick Rick.

Slick Rick’s always got a way out. Whether it’s avoiding taking on a little extra work or not being able to show up at a meeting when you really need him, Rick’s always got the perfect excuse: “I was busy trying to close another client.” “My other project just exploded and I needed to do damage control.” “I had no idea you needed me, I never got the email.”

You want to catch Slick Rick, yet somehow he always dodges the bullet and manages to get his work done—although it’s the bare minimum. You know he’s taking long lunches. You suspect he’s making fake client meetings and just taking off. And you’re pretty sure that he’s cheating on his wife with his assistant during office hours. The problem is you can’t prove it!

The truth is that you can prove it, if you’ve given Slick Rick a smartphone to do business on. Chances are that he’s using the device to do all sorts of stuff—except work. He’s probably texting and calling his mistress on it. He’s definitely wasting valuable company time surfing the net and playing around on social media with it. And very likely, he could be using it to conduct work that isn’t pertaining to your company.

So how can you catch Slick Rick? Well, if he truly is a slick one then he deletes all proof of his slacking. Browser history, texts, call logs, social media profiles, pics, vids? Delete, erase and clear. But what Slick Rick doesn’t know is that if you install a high-quality mobile spy app to spy on cell phones on his device, then you can monitor everything he does in real-time and access it even if its been deleted!

Catch him wasting valuable time flirting on Tinder, Match and Ashley Madison. Discover when he’s not where he’s supposed to be by tracking him via GPS locator. Activate his phone’s camera and microphone to snap a picture of his surroundings and listen in on his environment to confirm that he’s not hard at work. View every picture and video he takes and receives. And listen in on his calls and read his texts and emails to prove that he’s doing everything but working. As well as spy on cell phones without having the phone.

Currently, there are hundreds of spy products to spy on someones cell phone, but if you want a trusted app that doesn’t cost a fortune, then go with one of the following three recommended software programs: Highster Mobile, Auto Forward or EasySpy. Each of these apps is easy to install, simple to use and is absolutely undetectable. Slick Rick will never know you’re monitoring him—no matter where you are!

So do yourself a favor and install one of these top-rated mobile monitoring apps on every device you entrust to employees and cut down on the lies and deceptions of your company’s Slick Ricks.

The Good News for Families

Unfortunately, for families there is lots of bad news heard all the time. There may be problems in school, health issues, and a variety of other issues facing families. With all of these issues out there, it’s definitely a breath of fresh air to le...

Monday, June 13, 2016


Are you the parent of a tween or young teen? Do you work full time and need a babysitter to take care of them when you are out? Did you give a smartphone to that child so that they can stay in touch with you? If you answered yes to the questions above, then you need to go one extra step to ensure that your loved ones are safe when out of your sight. You need to install a high-quality mobile monitoring app on their devices.

A mobile monitoring app? What’s that? A mobile monitoring app is exactly what you think it is. It’s spy software that you spy on cell phone without accessing the phone. You want to use an app like this to make sure that your young ones aren’t looking at inappropriate material like porn on their devices. You also want it to see who your youngster is talking to and texting with. It’s also incredibly important to see what they are doing on social media and what types of selfies and videos they’re taking, sharing and uploading. But there’s something else that will help when it comes to the making sure your child is safe with a babysitter: utilizing the GPS locator and turning on the camera and microphone.

How well do you know your babysitter? Very well? Not too well? No matter what your answer is, you can never be too safe. People mess up? They don’t always make perfect choices. And they don’t always behave the right way in certain situations. A teenage babysitter may panic if a problem arises. A foreign nanny may not “parent” in the way you see fit. And an older relative may not be able to function properly to ensure your child’s safety. A good cell phone spy app will help keep you apprised of every situation if you’re tuned in.

Maybe you have a nanny cam in your home. If so, good. But a nanny cam exists in only one room. Maybe two. So how can you monitor what’s happening when they go into a different room or outside of the home? A smartphone is mobile and a mobile app that allows you to spy on cell phone without having the phone. When you child takes their phone with them, you have the ability to tag along. Simply activate the GPS locator and check to see that your child is where they are supposed to be. You can also trigger the phone’s microphone remotely in order to listen in on his or her surroundings and snap a picture or two with the phone’s camera to get a better idea of where they are and what the babysitter is doing.

Having a mobile surveillance program allows you to spy on cell phone without installing software. This can be a helpful tool is judging whether your babysitter is being a little too lax with actually caring for your child or just plain lazy.

With the way the world is today, why wouldn’t you do all that you can to protect your child while you’re away. Do your family a favor and install a top-of-the-line mobile spy app on every device you entrust. You won’t be sorry.

Will Biohacking Ever Become Mainstream

Previously thought to be the domain of science fiction, biohacking, or using tech to improve the human body in various ways, is quickly becoming a reality. There are cults of diehard grinders, or people who implant tech in their bodies, growing by th...

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Biggest Tech Failures of the 2010s

Not all tech is created equal. While every developer has high hopes for the technology they develop, sometimes the tech they release to the market misses the market severely. Whether it’s because the product failed to catch on with consumers, was r...

How to Boost Your Storage Space on Your iPhone

Not all iPhones are created equal, especially when it comes to storage space. If you’re like many users, you’re probably short on storage. Whether you’re dealing with an 8G or a 16G, figuring out how to effectively manage your storage space is key. Apps, photos, videos, and texts can clog up your data, making it hard to download new apps, take photos, or even use your phone.
            But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a few careful measures, you can help bulk up your storage space on your iPhone and start using your phone smarter.

Video Quality

            Videos take up an incredible amount of space on your phone. Even a short, twenty second clip can eat up hundreds of megabytes at any given time. But luckily, there’s a solution. It all has to do with video quality.
            By lowering the video quality of any video you take, you can save valuable storage space. Plus, a difference in quality really won’t be that noticeable. Just go to Settings, then to Photos and Videos. Then select Record Video. You’ll be given an option to change the size of the video when recording it. Even selecting 720p HD at 30 fps instead of 1080p HD at 30 fps will make a huge difference for the secret apps for iPhone.

Optimize iPhone Storage

            Make sure this option is enabled and you’ll save thousands of megabytes worth of data. Basically, you can choose to have full resolution versions of photos saved in iCloud instead of keeping them directly on your phone.
            To enable this setting, if it hasn’t already been enabled, go to Settings and then select Photos and Video. It should be one of the first options you’ll be able to select. By enabling the mobile spyware option, you’ll save a significant amount of storage space without breaking a sweat.

The Rental Movie Trick

            Cached data in apps can eat up an incredible amount of data without really doing much for you. But this doesn’t have to be the case. You can use a clever trick to free up several gigs of data all without deleting anything.
            Simply visit iTunes and attempt to rent a long, large movie. You don’t have to actually purchase anything, no worries. You should receive a pop-up notification that says you don’t have enough storage space and can visit your settings to manage space. Visit Settings. Your phone will automatically clean out junk data on your phone in an attempt to increase your storage space.

Be Careful About What You Download

            Taking care with what you download can help you save on storage space. If you’re tight on space, it may be worth it to go into your Settings and visit General, then Storage & iCloud Usage to see how much data each of your apps are using. You’ll want to visit your spy phone number. You’ll see how much data is available on your phone and what apps are using the most.
            Delete apps that you don’t use or enjoy anymore. And consider clearing out your music or photo library. Just make sure you back up your files beforehand, either through iCloud or another storage service, before you decide to clear everything out. You’ll thank yourself later.

            While using these tips and tricks can’t fix your phone storage problems overnight, you’ll be surprised by how big of a difference these can make. Just be mindful about how much data you’re using and do whatever you can to reduce your amount of cached data. By being careful with what apps you’re using and what files you keep on your phone, you can make the most out of having limited amounts of data.