Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Getting to the Bottom of a Huge iTunes Bill

In-app purchases are the bane of millions of parents all around the world. With a game, your credit card, and your naïve child, it’s all too easy for a child to rack up hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of in-app purchases without even trying. Monitoring software, on the other hand, can help you get to the bottom of a huge iTunes bill, all without even trying.

Discovering the Game

            First, examine your iTunes bill. Try to see where the money has been spent from. Usually, you should be given an idea of what app the purchases were made in.  
            Get in touch with both Apple and the developers of the app in question immediately. You may be able to reverse the charges or freeze future payments. Be respectful when speaking to Apple and the developers. Your problem is much more common than you would think. Thousands of parents, after all, have had the same issues with in-app purchases.
            In many cases, your child might not actually know that they used real money to buy items in the game. Many app developers are deceptive and often hide that purchases in the game need real money. After all, they’re relying on your child to do exactly what he just did- order items and in-game money without knowing that they’re using their parents’ credit card.
Preventing it From Happening Again

            Hopefully, you were able to get your money back. But even if not, it’s important to take a few steps in order to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. But what do you do? It can be a fairly simple process but namely you’ll be installing monitoring software on your child’s device and enabling parental restrictions.

Enabling Parental Restrictions

            First, go into your child’s iPhone’s settings. Visit the General area and scroll down until you find ‘restrictions’. You’ll then be asked to both enable restrictions and set a restrictions passcode so you can access the restrictions setting area and change what’s restricted on your kid’s phone.
            Disable in-app purchases. If desired you can also disable new apps from being installed on your child’s phone and any other settings that you think are appropriate to enable based on your child’s age and your own unique situation.
            But disabling in-app purchases should be the first thing you do. This will prevent your child from purchasing anything in an app and they may receive an on-screen message saying that this is the case. Remember to be vigilant. Remember, your child can’t work around these restrictions unless they have a passcode so make sure you keep the passcode out of your child’s reach.

Monitoring Software
            Installing monitoring software at the same time can help ensure that you can locate iPhone by number. You’ll be able to see what apps they’re using, what they’re doing in each game, and so on. That way, just in case your child somehow found someway around your restrictions, you can still see what they’re up to and can remotely spy camera iPhone.

            Cell spy stealth reviews, in tandem with vigilance and restrictions, can help keep your child safe and stop them from unknowingly racking up thousands of dollars worth of in-app purchases just from playing a simple, supposedly free game. App developers can be very, very deceptive. It’s up to you to make sure that your child is free from that influence and you can help your child safely navigate the app world without sweat or tears. 

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