Thursday, June 23, 2016

Should I Buy a Refurbished iPhone?

Getting the latest iPhone may not be in your budget. Of course, thousands of people decide to get a refurbished iPhone but is it worth it? You may be asking yourself if you should get one but you may not understand what this is or if it is best for you.  For the most part, there are refurbished iPhones available at affordable prices.  Some may not be used but rather defective at one point during the production process and later had a new part added so it works like new. Some refurbished iPhones may have parts upgraded so they look and work like new.  There are a few things to consider when thinking about purchasing a refurbished iPhone.

Buy from Authorized Dealers

If you are new to the idea of purchasing a refurbished iPhone make the purchase from a reputable retailer or authorized dealer.  If looking to purchase online consider reputable online retailers offering refurbished Apple products. Many consumers look to purchase directly from Apple.  This ensures your product is the real deal and in some cases you can get a good deal that includes a decent warranty.  There are other retailers to consider including EBay and Walmart.  Do your homework and get tips on where to look from friends and family that have an iPhone.

Check Warranty and Return Policy

The warranty on a refurbished iPhone may not be the same as a new iPhone spy apps.  There are reasons for this but it helps to check out warranty information along with return policy.  In rare cases people have returned their device within days or weeks of purchase for technical issues or accidents.  Before purchasing the device learn what options are available for warranty.  Be clear on return policy.  How many days can you have the device and return it without questions asked?  Is there is a risk-free period?  What about if the phone needs a new part or it gets lost?  Apple offers unique options for refurbished iPhones that are similar to new iPhone purchases.  You may need to pay a little more but it may be worth the investment.

Access Performance and Cosmetic Look

How does the device run and how does it look?  If you are in person checking out potential refurbished iPhones these are details to pay close attention to.  You can check reviews and feedback from other apps for parents about how well refurbished models work.  This may be the only option to consider if you are looking to purchase your device online through an authorized dealer.  Some dealers online will have pictures of the actual product.  Just keep in mind what to look for when you get the product sent to you.  Check it over thoroughly and consider the condition of the device. Know the process in case you need to make a return and know who to contact if you have questions or concerns.

Additional Tips on Refurbished iPhones

Know where to look for deals.  While Apple offers a variety of refurbished phones with a one-time subscription free gps tracking app, don’t stop there.  Compare options and think about features you want.  Other options to think about include service rates and how much you need to pay for monthly service.  What are your options if the phone needs to be repaired? If you come across a dealer you are not familiar with don’t be afraid to ask questions and get insight from others who have purchased from them. Think about accessories you will need with your device. Do more research on refurbished phones and learn tips on how to keep your device in good working order.  

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