Friday, October 30, 2015

10 Actions You Can Do Made Possible by Cell Phone Spyware

Have you ever wondered what you can do with spyware made for cell phones? There are so many actions you can do to check activity of another cell phone and best of all, you can do this without being detected by the owner of the target phone. I’d start by reading cell phone spy reviews. You’ll discover that it is easy to spy on cell phone, and free download options may be available but people often look to invest in a quality option since you can enjoy more features and benefits over free downloads.  To help learn more about what this software can do here are 10 actions associated with popular features of the product.

  1. Discreetly check text messages. When utilizing this feature you will learn how to spy on a cell phone remotely. You can spy on someone’s phone and they have no clue you are looking at their information.
  2. Check activity on social media. You can learn how to log into someone’s account when they use their cell phone. You can also review content with any associated social media platform on the phone. 
  3. GPS location tracking of device. Learn where the target phone is located.  Parents can use this feature to ensure their child is safe.  Employers can use this feature when making sure employees out and about are conducting business as usual.
  4. Check internet browser history. This option varies from one device to another.  You can check websites visited and consider putting limitations or a block on certain sites. You may find a list with browsing history you can review.  Based on your child’s needs and interest you can set controls on how content is accessed online.
  5. Look at incoming and outgoing activity as it happens. Learn when a phone call is made or when a text message is received.  You can do this photos and video as well. When content is available in real time you can have notifications and alerts sent to you when action occurs.
  6. Check contact list. You can check contact list and learn who else communicates with the target device or phone owner.  You can choose to delete a contact or even block them from making any more contact. When gaining access to social media accounts you can review their friends list.
  7. Remotely take pictures. You can remotely check on the device any time during the day.  Yet, there are software options that let you take pictures using the target phone.  In this case the owner wouldn’t know it since it can be done discreetly. 
  8. Access and save email messages. Cloud storage options are available if you don’t want to save downloaded material on your computer.
  9. Save and download activity captured from cell phone. Any time you or the owner of the target phone takes pictures or video it can be saved through the control panel.
  10. Lock device in case it gets lost or stolen. If you use an option that claims to let you spy on a cell phone free, keep in mind this feature may work differently.

Finally, if you’re looking to spy on cell phone for free app or how to spy on someone’s cell phone for free, it’s important to remember that the free apps that you can find don’t have the full power that Highster Mobile does. They also don’t come with the same great customer service that Highster Mobile offers – live people always ready to help you with installation and other question.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Who Should Consider Using Spyware for Cell Phones?

Who should use a spy cell phone tracker? The answer may seem obvious but reasons behind it may be surprising.  The idea of spying on someone’s cell phone may not sound very nice, but there is a need for the software and thousands of people have put it to good use.  There are issues with trust, safety, and security that support the need for this software.  Now, people are learning why others are using it not just to snoop on someone’s privacy.  There are different situations people have found this software quite useful such as the following.

Parents with Concerns about Teen Cell Phone Use

Parents with teenagers that love to use their cell phones may want to be able to monitor their usage free spy apps for cell phones. Teens are known to do various things parents really don’t want to know about, but they should.  Teens are known to do provocative actions such as sexting, visit porn sites, and even illegal activity such as trying to plot attacks on others.  Teens are known to be secretive when they know certain information and in some cases they may share it through their mobile device.  You can learn about a boy your daughter could be dating behind your back, or details about an incident that occurred that could be important information for authorities. There are so many things you could learn using the software, you hope you don’t find what you don’t want to see. Parents can get a good wake up call on what their child is engaged in so they can put a stop to it before things escalate with worry

Spouses with Concerns about Cheating or Infidelity

A married individual may want to spy on cheating spouse cell phone, free to really learn if something is going on.  Spouses often have access to their partner’s phone so you may not think very much about using this software.  But, when you notice behavior changes and how they use their device you may become suspicious.  This is a good time to consider spy software to check cell phone activity. This lets you read text, emails, and view pictures shared on the device. You can learn phone calls made and received and even detect the phone location using GPS tracking.  You never know since you could actually catch them in the act.

Small Businesses with Concerns about Employee Productivity

Employers may like the idea of cell phone spy apps that let you track and review employee activity. Some business owners may work in an industry or run a business where trust is an important factor.  Maybe you have given tasks to employees that include taking valuable content to another location.  You may have issues with work productivity and want to make sure employee time is used properly.  Spy software offers a variety of features that can be an asset to your business.  You can check phone activity and learn about communications being conducted, information shared, and how often the device is in use.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Digital Abuse Among Teens

Teenagers have been getting smarter with the advancement in technology; however, today they are also prone to cyber crimes and immoral behavior with the misuse of cellular phones. Parents have always tried to set curfews and boundaries but in some cases when the access to virtual world is just a click and swipe away, there’s little that parental control and guidance can do for teenagers today.

It is often advised to parents to use spy software for cell phones and spy their kids’ phones to see if they’re virtually protected or not. Seldom does one think what if my own child is causing some trouble to anyone or to me, for instance, which I am unable to see. For spying on cell phones, parents need strategy to respect their personal lives, but at the same time staying informed of the whereabouts and peer group nature of their child. Digital abuse includes:

1.     Sharing Inappropriate Content

Posting inappropriate content on social media or sharing it on WhatsApp and other messenger apps is a form of digital abuse that is very much common especially among young adults. They need a life of their own and try to curate their own digital images but for that they often cross the boundaries of moral values and ethics. Pictures, videos and other written content that they shouldn’t share has to be controlled to keep them from any negative consequences and also to respect the sentiments of others.

2.     Unpleasant Chat Rooms

You may exercise a certain amount of control on their hangouts and the friends they meet but you would not even know if they’re engaged in unsavory chat rooms or sexting. Virtual peer groups also have an impact on your child’s mental development at a sensitive age.

3.     Online Purchases

There’s a limit to how much they can spend depending upon their pocket money or savings, but using a parent’s credit card information for online purchases is totally unacceptable and do not wait for the credit card statement to raise a red flag, watch out the usage patterns with spy software on your kids’ cell phones.

4.     Over Sharing

There’s definitely a limit to how much they can share in a tweet but who promised only one tweet? When it is teenagers with messaging and social apps on their cell phones, every Tom, Dick and Harry knows what your child has eaten for snack time and where is he going on Saturday night. Excessive information sharing can be dangerous for your child’s safety if he/she has added random people on these accounts.

5.     Cyber Bullying

Teenagers can be victims of cyber bullying or they can be the bullies. In either case, it is not good for your child or any other child to face such humiliation and mental torture. Such content is easily caught when you have installed spy software in your child’s cell phone to track down the messages he/she sends and receives, call logs, and other information too.

Many guardians may begin their search by looking to spy cell phone free or researching a cell phone spy app free. Although tempted by the price tag, these free apps generally don’t have the full functionality that Highster Mobile has.

Summing it up, installing cell phone spy software in your kids’ and teens’ cell phones enable protection from any kinds of abuse they might be victim to or if they are into digital abuse of any kind which may result in more annoying and disruptive habits and behavior. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

3 Situations that Benefit from Cell Phone Spyware

Parenting, employment, and relationships all have their moments when you wish you could see what is really going on.  Since cell phone use happens every day it is possible there are interactions happening through such devices in relation to such situations.  Spying on activity through another cell phone could be what you need to learn what is going on. If you’re looking to learn how to spy on someone’s cell phone, you may be new to the concept and wonder if you could find a cell phone spy free trial to get an idea of what the software can do.  To get a better idea of how this type of software is used consider the following situations known to benefit from related features.

Parents Suspect Suspicious Behavior
If you want to know more about suspicious behavior as a parent you may wonder if cell phone spying without installing software is possible. Teenagers know their parents can’t be everywhere they are and think they can do certain things and not get caught. Sometimes teens can have a different behavior or demeanor that is a red flag to parents.  The parent may not have their finger on the problem but something like monitoring software for cell phones may help get to the bottom of it. Sometimes changes in behavior may lead to inappropriate relations with others.  There could be something going on your child has yet to mention, but with a little snooping you may find out soon enough what it is.

Work Productivity Slows Down
If you have employees that like to use their Bluetooth often, you may wonder if there is a Bluetooth cell phone spy monitoring option you can use.  There are people at work that tend to spend too much time chatting or playing around when they should be working. Employers will notice something isn’t right when work is not getting done.  This can lead to lost wages or loss of a job.  Employers with concerns about employees on the job can use spyware to get an idea of what they do during certain times of the day and when they seem to be most productive.  Employers can choose to review a variety of activities and determine other steps of action to take.  As long as employers follow rules or regulations regarding work privacy you may have no problem using this type of software.

Many companies will look for a program that will spy on cell phone without accessing the phone, or will try to spy on cell phones without having the phone. These programs do not have a fully functional app like Highster Mobile. You will need to have the target phone in hand for 2-3 minutes to download the software.

Partner is Seeing Someone Else

Too many times people have seen the scenario of a cheating partner.  This software can help you learn about the action before it blows up.  You can check social media postings, emails, text messages, photos, and more.  You can choose to remove someone from your spouse’s list of contacts.  If your partner is cheating you are able to build a good case. Sometimes a partner needs to learn something for themselves or see it with their own eyes.  This software shouldn’t be used to intentionally hurt someone. Sometimes a cheating spouse may find out and do something similar that could not only hurt someone but take things too far.

Monday, October 26, 2015

How to Know Your Childs Location through Their Cell Phone

A number of parents may think they know where their child is, but some may be surprised to learn where they really are.  Now you can do just that with the use of spyware made for mobile devices such as a cell phone.  You may be wondering how to spy on someones cell phone communication when you have never explored the concept until now.  In this case, there are software options that help parents utilize the GPS feature. This means they can track their child’s cell phone and learn their precise location in a matter of seconds. Here are some points to think about when considering software that can help you learn your child’s current location.

Using Quality Software to Know Your Child’s Location

There are software options that make it easy for parents to learn their location via GPS tracking.  Many cell phones have some type of mapping or GPS feature. People commonly use this feature when they want to find something in the area or if they are traveling.  Even though there are good paid subscription options you can find options that let you spy on cell phone free. When considering a spy option to know your child’s location consider its features.  Does it tell you where your child is or give you a map or details about their surroundings? Can you spy on cell phone without having the phone? If the software gives a description of where the target device is located would you know where the location is?

Know If Your Child Is With Someone

Parents know teens sometimes may not tell the truth about who they are with or where they are going.  Using a spy option can help you pinpoint where they are and give an idea of people who may be around your child.  It is one thing for your child to tell you where they are going and you check their location with the spy software.  But it is another when they say they are going somewhere only for you to learn they were somewhere else. This kind of software becomes important because since you're trying to figure out where they are you're not with them so you need a software that can spy on cell phone without accessing the phone physically. This can make trust issues difficult, but at least you have peace of mind knowing where your child is in case you need to get to them.  With this unique spy option you can set notifications and learn where your child is based on their location.  This can come in handy for teens that have a past of telling lies about who they are with when they leave the house.

What Else You Should Know about GPS Feature

Whether you choose a free cell phone spy app or a paid subscription option, it may be worth it to look into getting the software to use if a phone gets lost or stolen.  There are software options that can help you help the target phone find its way if your child is lost.  You could also lock the phone and avoid someone else using it if it gets misplaced.  In most cases it is good to know where your child is even when they tell you where they are going.

Friday, October 23, 2015

A Cell Phone Spy App Can Help A Couple Cool Off

Have you ever been in a crowded restaurant or bar and saw a couple arguing? It’s an uncomfortable thing to witness. Downright embarrassing. A couple that just started dating, or even a couple that’s been married for thirty years can have a spat turn ugly in public. A small argument can start between two people with very different views, mix in too much alcohol, and it can easily escalate.

The worst thing that can happen in any relationship that’s turning sour is when it turns from sour to violent. Couples argue, it’s a fact. The longer you’re with a person, the more their tics and habits can wear the other person down. If you’ve been the friend of someone who is dating or married to another person you don’t approve of (or downright hate), you know it’s a delicate situation. There’s only so long you feel you can keep quiet on the issue. Witnessing violence in a relationship should be anyone’s last straw. It’s time to do something.

What about employing a cell phone spy app on someone’s phone to track their whereabouts? How can that help curb violence? If the girl that you see arguing in a restaurant was YOUR daughter, wouldn’t you want to know? A lot of cell phone spy reviews offer amazing features in their application, like text message spy, GPS locator, and the ability to track all social media. People never think they need to know how to spy on cell phone, but the technology is here, and it’s available to use.

If you saw your daughter out with that guy that made you squirm the last time he picked her up, it’s for reason. Trust your instincts. Did you catch her arguing with him one night outside your house? Now you can see if that argument got out of control via text messaging.

If you’re looking to spy on cell phone for free app, there are some options that might entice you, but most of the free offers don’t offer the full range of features. You’re better off purchasing an app with a low-cost, one-time only fee, like Highster Mobile. Although you’ll want to learn how to spy on someone’s cell phone for free, as I mentioned, the free offers won’t give you the functionality you deserve.

One of those great features of Highster Mobile is the ability to remotely lock the phone from a distance. Now if those text message arguments seem to be very heated and you want the name-calling and viciousness to stop, you can remotely lock the phone yourself.

Of course, not every argument will turn violent, and that’s a good thing. But in this modern day of couples oversharing on social media, you can almost guarantee that something will be posted by someone, somewhere. Many people don’t know how to walk away and cool off. Social media has given angry, emotional people another avenue to vent. But hitting “send” is never a good idea in the heat of the moment.

Wouldn’t you like to prevent simple arguments turning violent? Now you can help stop a couple’s online fighting with a cell phone monitoring software like Highster Mobile.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tips to Spy on a Cell Phone

There is a large number of cell phone spy programs that allow you to access the personal information on your child/spouse’ cell phone and monitor their browsing habits, messages, calls and other critical information used to detect any malicious intent or inappropriate behavior. While spying on cell phones  has to be discreet, it also needs to have a sound purpose that justifies the action on ethical grounds. Protection of your organization’s sensitive information on gadgets provided to employees, protecting a teen suspected of drug use and a partner suspected to be a part of illicit behavior makes sense but the purpose always have to be kept in mind so not to deviate. Cell phone spy gadgets and equipments are also available in market adding value to the software service. Here are a few tips on how to spy on cell phone and how to use the software for your greatest benefit:

1.     Know your purpose

Always keep in mind the sound intent of using a cell phone spying software and never go astray.  Besides ethical reasons, if you don’t know for sure the purpose of using a spyware you won’t be able to decide which software to use for spying on the cell phone. If your purpose is solely to track your child’s location for the purpose of his safety or track a driver of one of the shipping companies you own, then software focusing on GPS location should be your choice.

2.     Ethical Considerations

You cannot go about installing cell phone spy programs in your friend’s cell phone to laugh off about their cheesy romance later. Moral values need to be adhered to  when dealing with someone’s super sensitive and personal information. Certain, well-upstanding programs won't even allow you to monitor the cell phone without having it in your hand, meaning you would have permission to be using it. Cell phone spy software like Auto Forward allow you to spy on any cell phone you have the authority to spy on. Spying doesn’t have to be for the sake of spying, it needs a purpose defined and boundaries set. 

3.     Full Stealth

Maintain full stealth and caution when installing a cell phone spy software program in anyone’s cell phone. Any traces or extra files left behind can act as a clue leading to detection of the spyware resulting in breach of trust and inability to exercise the practice again for a genuine cause. You can still have the need to be stealthy if you want the person you're trying to monitor to act as natural as possible.

4.     Data Backup

Check with the software requirements about the duration of data saved in the software history and if you’d need a backup plan. It is advised that no matter how long the spyware keeps the data in subscriber’s account; keep the backup data files stored in a secure location.

5.     Contingency plan

In case of theft or destruction of the cell phone, the spied data is prone to loss too. If you suspect this might be the case with your targeted cell phone (because of it being too expensive or the user moving in sensitive areas) it is better to have a contingency plan. Choose software that provides an option to lock the phone and wipe off the data if it cannot be recovered from the cell phone.

6.     Keep the Credentials Safe

The user name, password and code to access the monitored phone has to be kept in a safe and secured location which no one but the subscriber knows of. This is all about sensitive information which is obtained for a purpose, if anyone else has an access to it, chances of misuse are very high.

Evaluate your options when choosing a cell phone spy program and keep the security concerns and moral obligations in mind no matter what. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Become a Part of Your Teen’s Life Anonymously

According to the research, 32% of teenagers that have access to the internet have actually admitted their involvement in forbidden activities. Who knows how many are out there that haven’t admitted yet!

That’s something to ponder on, right? Teens can get extremely upset and defensive when their personal lives are intruded but at the same time it is important to keep an eye on them. It is what all parents want, to monitor their children to keep them safe from the adversities of this fierce world, but it is idle to explain this to them.

The question arises, how can they be supervised without them finding out? The answer is easy: Spyware. Did you ever think in your wildest dreams that you’d need to know how to spy on cell phone? Welcome to the modern world of parenting.

Everyone Is Taking Advantage!

Spreading with the speed of sound and attracting a wide audience, spyware software are now available online. Their affordable prices, yet effective use is what makes them in demand.

We all know how important it is to keep an eye on our children, well spyware apps are just the perfect measure that needs to be taken! You can now spy on phone calls, text messages, and social media sites to track exactly what your child has been up to!

The best part is, they will never find out. 

You can also spy on cell phones for free since some of these apps are available online but they lack some relevant features. Sometimes, due to lack of communication, your child might feel a bit hesitant to come forward and share, or even confess.

Spyware software gives us access to everything that they might be keeping from us. These software are designed to meet the requirements of concerned parents who simply want to become better at parenting while struggling to provide for their families.

We Ought To Feel Empowered!

Parents ought to feel empowered enough to have access to their children’s social accounts and call records. It is now time to take arms against the adverse threat of social media. It goes without question, that it’s a parents duty to intervene in the daily activities that surround our children. If you come across any content in your child’s phone that is inappropriate, sexting- exchanging explicit images of themselves that is definitely a call for an effective measure to be taken.

What better step than to install a simple spyware cell phone app on their phone? That way they won’t find out and you can also confront them at the right time while throwing confession opportunities at them.

Relevant Features

Spy devices for cell phones usually give remote access of the entire device. Some of the major features are listed below:

1.       Tracking Phone calls (live, historic) - You can even get in the middle of live ones!

2.       Snapping photos - Take photos from your child’s phone to identify their exact location and people they are with!

3.       Live control – Your computer screen will show the screen of your child’s phone and you will have remote access to it! 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Why Parents Use Spyware for Teen Cell Phone Use

Parents who keep tabs on cell phone use of their teenager may know a thing or two about how to spy on cell phone free. There are free apps that let you control certain aspects of your child’s cell phone.  You can review aspects related to activity such as photos, messages, and text shared among others.  Yet, some parents may not know why this type of software is used even though it may seem obvious in its name.  Spying doesn’t always have to be done to be mean or cruel.  It can be done with good intentions to ensure a loved one or someone you care about engages in positive activity.  Here are common points related to why parents use this type of cell phone software.

Know Where Your Child Is Without Them Knowing

Sometimes life gets so busy you may not realize where your child is if you or both have busy schedules.  It can give peace of mind when you can learn instantly where your child is, especially if they are not able to tell you their exact location. Maybe they are visiting with someone or they should be at work. If you want to make sure they made it safely or they are telling the truth about their whereabouts a spy cell phone software option can give this detail for you with the option of making a record to save.

Keep Track of Content They May Deny Later

What about that photo you thought was a little inappropriate? What about the conversation you came across that didn’t make sense but seemed suspicious?  What about that text message that was deleted but you want to learn more about its content?  You can use a software option that will help you save this and more content from your target phone.  This means you can keep a record of material you have accessed from the phone and if necessary, confront your child about it later and get a detailed explanation.

Put a Stop to Potentially Dangerous Activity

How many times have we heard in the news about foiled attacks or even attacks that occurred where innocent people were hurt or lost their lives?  What about information your child may know about a crime that occurred but they don’t want to tell authorities?  What about bullying or sexting? There are so many reasons why it is important to keep track of what your child does with their cell phone.  Parents are given more leverage on who, what, when, where, and how their child uses their phone. 

Retain Control of Cell Phone Content Including Deleted Data

With a cell phone, spy free when it is convenient for you.  Parents keep control of how they access content on the target phone and even content the child thinks they deleted for good. You can give your child as much freedom as they want when using their phones, but in the end you have the control of letting them access certain pieces of information and even how they choose to share it.

4 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps For An iPhone

Are you worried about your teen’s safety? Are you suspicious that they might be using your car even when you strictly told them not to? Are they lying about the group project at their friend’s house?
These are some of the questions that pass through a parent’s mind, multiple times, throughout the day. What are you to do? Screaming at them and grounding them doesn't work anymore? You need to learn how to spy on cell phone! As parents, you need to be subtle about monitoring your kid’s activities and movements to maintain the relationship of trust and love. Smart phones have made that job easier as there are several easy to install cell phone spy software in the market today. If you are planning to get your kid a new iPhone for his birthday, read this first! Mentioned below are some of the best surveillance apps for iPhones that can be installed on the phone within 5-10 minutes. Call history, contacts, calendar, text and location tracking can be monitored using these apps which can be purchased online with ease.

App#1: Auto Forward iPhone Spy App

It is one of the most popular cell phone spy app which allows you to keep track of an Apple iPhone. You can monitor call history, call logs, emails and text messages through this software. You can also use the reverse find feature to gather information about the contacts in the phone. You can even activate the microphone feature and listen to the surrounding sounds of the concerned iPhone. All of these voice recordings are then saved in your Auto Forward Control Panel which can be accessed anytime, anywhere. With a low starting price, this app has the ability to track the location of the phone by using GPS too.

App#2: Highster Mobile for iPhone

It is an amazing cell phone spying app which has an enormous range of options and gathers maximum information from your kid’s iPhone. GPS tracking is a standard feature that tracks the movements of your child, keeping you informed about their whereabouts. Highster Mobile also records any incoming or outgoing calls and messages, emails or pictures that are snapped using the iPhone. In stealth mode, this cell phone spy app can record and monitor the call and browsing history of an iPhone without fail. The app can be bought online and you can extend the subscription to view your Highster Mobile account on your laptop, phone or PC.


App#3: Contact Spy for iPhone

As a parent of a teenager, you can no longer monitor the people in your kid’s life. Well, not without the use of this amazing app! It lets you monitor any contact in your kid’s phone. Simply enter the name of the person in this app and it gathers data from social media accounts and any webpage or blog that has the contact’s name on it. It helps you to understand what kind of a person they are and if your kid is in any danger by being associated with them. If your contact is a resident of the United States of America, it will even provide you with an address. This app is an excellent investment for worrying parents.

App#4: Security Cam for iPhone

This spy app acts as a private investigator and allows you to use its customizable features to define certain motions and sensors that will trigger immediate videos and photos to be taken on demand. You can define the frequency for taking photos and videos and when that frequency is reached, the app will automatically activate and take photos or videos which you can view on your account.

All of these apps can help you as a parent have complete knowledge of your child’s life and monitor their movements without being confrontational. With stealth and ease, you can now use your own kid’s iPhone as a surveillance device. If you want to know more about cell phone spy monitoring, visit us at

Monday, October 19, 2015

Why You Need Spy Software in Your Kid’s Phone

In today’s world, parents are increasingly becoming aware of the dangers the cyber world presents and how it is affecting their children. Smart phones that were once introduced for connectivity and easy accessibility, have now become the reason for several unfortunate events. Sexting, cyber bullying and browsing and searching for questionable content on the internet has been the reason many parents are cautious about giving their children a free reign over everything.

In the past, the last resort for parents was to confiscate their child’s phone. This had several side effects like lost connectivity and being uninformed at times. Thankfully, you can now monitor your kid’s activity by the practical solution of cell phone spy software which is virtually undetectable and easy to install and use. Continue reading on for insight on how to spy on cell phone and more.

Why You Need Tracking Software

There are several reasons why spying on your kid’s activities have become essential. Some of which are:
  • There are several instances, when your child might hide the fact that they are being bullied at school or being cyber bullied. Children are not forthcoming with such information, which undermines their self-respect. They think that they can deal with the situation without informing any authority figure in their life. This can lead to long-term psychological damages and behavioral changes. Being a parent, you can install a simple app or spy software on your kid’s phone to monitor and report any bullying incidents and help your child live a fulfilling life.
  • Several spy software are actually simple monitoring devices, which run on the background while your kid is browsing the internet or watching any online content. This helps you keep an eye on their internet activity. If you find out that your kid has accessed any questionable content on the internet, it is time to have a mature discussion with them. Make them aware of the dangers of their errors. This will help modify their behavior positively.
  • When you are monitoring your kid’s cell phone, you can keep an eye on the company they keep. Friends can play a great role in the emotional maturity of a child. Monitoring the calls, messages and emails will keep you informed about what they talk about within their social circle. It can also enlighten you to any lies they may have told you. The GPS tracking services of most software can further help you to determine the location of your child at all times. This can help you ensure their safety.

Lastly, remember that as a parent, your children’s safety is your responsibility. The liberal environment that prevails on social media has left parents with no choice but to install spyware on their kid’s smart phones. Therefore, a little research and information about the best spy software can prove beneficial for you and your child in the long run.

To spy on your kid’s cell phone, you will need to employ the services of a cell phone spy software company. There are several software and apps available online. You can buy them by accessing the Apple store or Google Play store.

If you are still unsure about which app or software is best for you, contact us for information at We can help you regarding the installation and monitoring associated with these spy apps and software.

Friday, October 16, 2015

How to Choose Cell Phone Spy Software

With all those varieties of spy software out there in the market for cell phone, choosing the best product might seem overwhelming. However, a little understanding of how the software works, its compatibility to different mobile phone brands and operating systems, and its features can help the customer in choosing the cell phone spy software that best fits their needs.

The various providers of cell phone and iPhone spy software have websites that provide comprehensive information about the product, its functions, and operations, such how to spy on cell phone with spy software like Autoforward. The user can get valuable information from these websites. In addition to that, this blog post can provide the customers some guidance about how cell phone spy software works and what factors a user should consider when buying spy software for the gadgets they want to monitor.

How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work?
Autoforward mobile app remotely monitors, 
tracks, and records every activity on the 
target device using an online account

Cell phone spy software is built using advance technology that gives the user complete access to the targeted mobile phone or other gadgets. In order to gain access, the user must first install software on the targeted device. Once the installation is completed, monitoring begins instantly and the user can gain access to sensitive information such as text messages, photos, calls, GPS tracking, etc.

The software records information consistently and the user can see detailed recorded information on the software dashboard. The user can also set up alerts and notifications, interrupt cell phone usage, and even delete the software from a remote location.

Is It Compatible With the Target Device?

Perhaps the most important consideration of buying a cell phone or iPhone spy software is its compatibility with the target device and its operating system. It is better to choose a mobile app that supports a variety of cell phones and gadgets, including iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Symbian devices.

Autoforward offers a unique mobile monitoring app that is compatible to work with all Apple and Android devices. Using this Apple- and Android-friendly application, the user can gain immediate access to important data such as call logs, pictures, web activity, etc.

What Features does it Offer?

Access camera remotely with
Autoforward mobile monitoring app
The customer should consider all the factors that they want in a cell phone spy software. This can be determined by finding answers to some basic questions, such as:
- Do I need comprehensive activity data and reports?
- Do I need access to both new and deleted text messages?
- Are alert notifications important for me?
- What kind and level of content filtering and blocking do I need?

Advanced cell phone spy software offer a range of features. Here is a quick review of some of the features that Autoforward mobile monitoring software offers:
- Monitor and track phone calls, Skype calls
- Monitor and view text messages and emails
- Review photos gallery
- Track and monitor data from social media websites such as Facebook
- Real-time camera view
- View all contacts and calendar appointments
If you would like to know more about the features of Autoforward mobile monitoring software, you can call us at 888-254-7957.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Auto Forward Can Teach You How to Spy On Cell Phone

There are many features that Auto Forward has that allows you to take a peek into the activity happening on the target phone. Cell phone monitoring is about much more than being able to spy on text messages, it is about digging deep into what is going on that little bitty device we all carry around in our pockets. Some of the three most helpful features include the easy to use dashboard, the ability to lock the phone from anywhere, and the ability to check the status of the phone.

When Auto Forward is downloaded onto the target phone, the user of that phone has no idea it is there. The owner of the phone, the one hoping to spy on text messages, can log on using their own phone and pull up the Auto Forward easy to navigate dashboard. The dashboard simply lists all of the information gathered from the target phone and puts them in clear and easy to find categories.

Want to check out what the user of the target phone has been doing on social media? A simple click on the social media category and all of the activity is logged there for you to see. The same thing applies for checking emails, text messages, call logs and other online activity. The main dashboard is so simple to use and does not stand out amongst your other apps on your phone. If using this tool covertly is your plan, Auto Forward works totally in stealth mode and won’t draw any attention to itself.

The control panel also works in real time, so you can see what sort of activity is happening on the target phone as it is happening, as if you were standing behind the person using the target phone.

Auto Forward also gives owners the ability to lock the phone at any time. Parents who don’t want their kids using the phone while they are driving can lock it from their own device, and even the most tech savvy teens won’t be able to unlock it. If the phone is stolen, locking it remotely will prevent any purchases to be bought on your behalf and will prevent the sharing of any private information.

Having the ability to lock a phone comes in handy when you need a quick way to stop all communication to and from the phone. Don’t want your employees using their work cell phones after hours or on weekends? Lock the phones so that they are only useable during specific working hours. The ability to lock the phone is a major security feature and could save a lot of trouble if the phone fell into the wrong hands.

Another favorite feature is being able to monitor the state of the target device. Do you often hear “I couldn’t call you because my battery was dead!”? With Auto Forward, you will quickly learn how to spy on cell phone, and can monitor if the phone is on or off, how much battery is has and if any of the calls to or from the device failed. This will give you solid information on when and if the phone was working at a certain time, and will give you insight to family members or employees who are being less than honest about why they were unreachable.

Auto Forward cell phone spy software is great for when you need to spy on text messages, but it is able to quietly and secretly do so much more than that.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Want to Know What Your Partner’s Doing on Their Cell Phone When They’re Not Talking to You? Using Cell Phone Spy Software You Can Figure it Out!

Have you ever been sitting on the couch with your family member, significant other, friend or just any other person, with the television on and iPad in one hand, cell phone in the other? Have you looked at this and thought what are we doing? And this is so wrong! Exactly! As a society we are addicted to our technology, especially our handheld devices. I’d say the biggest culprit is our cell phones. When we think about cell phones and our loved ones we think of it as a good thing because we can easily keep in touch and be as safe as possible, but with new apps coming out every other day it seems, are our cell phones causing us to ignore face-to-face connections with our loved ones?

A photographer named Eric Pickersgill created a photo series entitled “Removed” showcasing how the world and our everyday interactions look when our phones are edited out of our hands. I think these photos accurately depict exactly how focused, or unfocused, we are while we’re on our phones and how cell phones take away from actually communicating with our loved ones. Have you ever been in a situation like this one on the right where you and your significant other are laying on the couch after a long day and you realize that you haven’t actually said one word to each other in like an hour or two? Ever have the urge to peer over to his phone to see just what is more important than relaxing with you? Of course you have! Everyone has those moments, so you’re definitely not alone in that. Your mind starts racing with lots of questions like what could he be looking at on there that's so important? Could he be talking to another girl? Exchanging inappropriate photos, videos, social media messages and more? 

Have you struggled with the internal conflict of whether or not to grab his phone when he goes to the bathroom or is asleep because he’s going to get mad? Forget that sneaking around stuff! You can install the best cell phone spy software, like Highster Mobile and monitor what he’s doing on his phone while you’re lying on the couch ignoring each other. With the simple and easy download process you’ll only need to have his phone for a minute or two and then you can see every single thing he sends or receives on his phone in real time! This means you'll get to see every text message, call, email, picture, video, social media message and anything else they could possibly do on their phone, even if it has been deleted! With the software you get a control panel that you can log into from any device that has internet, making spying on his cell phone as easy as you could imagine.

Don’t worry about him finding it on his cell phone either! The Highster Mobile cell phone spy software is virtually undetectable! The only evidence that will be left on their cell phone is a little square app that says device. With Highster Mobile spy software lets you use the cell phone spy software free of being caught! Highster Mobile is compatible with all iPhone and Android devices, but unlike any free cell phone spy app for android or iPhone Highster Mobile is a one-time fee of $69.99 which is well worth all of the perks it includes! 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Protecting Your Child through Cell Phone Tracking

No matter how protective a parent you are, when you talk about technology and smartphones, especially kids using it, you can never be too careful. Due to smartphone technology and remote internet access parents in particular, have more things to worry about. This article will discuss whether parents should protect their children by monitoring their cell phones or not.

Should Parents monitor their child’s Cell Phones at All?

Children that have their own smartphones are increasing in number. Although carrying one has provided a viable option for keeping in touch with them, there is more to a cell phone than just remaining in contact these days. For the most part, having a cell phone is not a problem as it offers a basic communication facility such as calling and texting. However, having a smart phone with plethora of functions including Wi-Fi and what not is what gives parents plenty of headaches.

Additionally, keeping their cell phones in check can get parents and children into an unwanted conflict that often results in a sour relationship and even deficit of trust and love. For parents, there is no bigger disappointment than to have their children skeptic of them, but in today’s modern world, sometimes cell phone spy equipment is necessary.

Why Cell Phone Monitoring Becomes an Issue?

There is no argument that everyone loves their privacy and children are no exception. The problem surfaces when children are too young to have a cell phone while they lack an understanding of how to use this device. At the same time, many children learn new trips and tricks on how to use the cell phone for watching prohibited content, cyber-bullying and making fake calls.
Here, children don’t understand the consequences using their cell phone for such purposes. On the other hand, when parents realize what their children are doing with their cell phones, they have no option but to sneak their cell phones through a cell phone spyware program. Most children are privacy conscious and don’t like to be spied upon, hence they react severely. Such situations create a certain level of unease and tension between the two.

What Should Parents Do To Satisfy the Child?

Before attempting to spy on cell phone without installing software, they should discuss the matter with the child to avoid any confusions and tensions at a later stage. In essence, every child would feel uncomfortable by the notion of being spied upon, that too by their own parents. However, doing so is necessary and would only ensure their privacy and security. Parents must listen to their concerns and act accordingly. Keep in mind that being helpful and friendly will lead you to success but being stubborn and forceful might make the matter worse.

The last thing your child needs is to have their cell phone bullied or spoofed, which you would never want. Talk to your child and have them explain their concerns, while you explain yours, which is their security. Lastly, you should show more trust in your child, but both of you should agree to have the cell phone spy software installed in your child’s phone.

Are you looking to learn how to spy on a cell phone without having it? With Highster Mobile cell phone spy, you’ll only need the target phone for two to three minutes. Once installed, you’ll then discover how easy it is to download, install and monitor in minutes.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Can an iPhone Be Monitored?

Despite all the unique security features that Apple keeps highlighting, your iPhone is just another smartphone with all relevant features and possibilities of hidden monitoring features. Do you want to know how to spy on a cell phone? For the purpose of monitoring your iPhone, the market is flooded with such apps that can virtually keep a track of your phone with or without your consent. Moreover, there are many cell phone spy apps available that can spy on your phone secretly. This article will explain how your iPhone can be tracked without you even realizing it.

Can an iPhone Be Monitored?

If you think you will realize whether your phone being tracked or not, think again. Cell phones are preloaded with such tracking apps that keep a track of each and every move of yours, often without you realizing it. Keep in mind that such tracking and monitoring apps are different to those that your phone comes preinstalled with at the time of purchase.

You can argue why would the company want to keep you in their radar? The answer is simple as this: the company sells millions of phones and maintains a sales log for their own records. Also, the cell phone operating system (OS) has some apps that monitor your device’s hardware and software performance. This is because in case a bug or an issue surfaces in your iPhone, the company could rectify it, or if it persists, the stock could retract and replaced.

Detecting the Spyware in Your iPhone

However, to spy on a cell phone for free without accessing the phone is a different story altogether. Many people are not aware of what a spyware can or cannot do.  A nominal spyware is a pretty basic monitoring app that only tracks few of your activities such as calls, sms, browsing history and some apps where the permission is allowed by the user. And if a product is promising a working and functional free cell phone spy app, the functionality is probably not the best. Make sure to do your research on all cell phone spyware applications.

In this sense, most of the installed apps in your iPhone, or any smartphone for that matter, ask permission to access you camera, calls, sms, etc so they already possess the ability to track certain things of your phone. However, specifically designed spyware apps track your movements, access camera and call log are things you should be vary of.

For starters, why would anyone want to access your private information? Secondly, if you suspect your phone has cell phone spyware app installed, better take it to a software expert or an iPhone specialist who understands its hardware and software environment.

You can identify whether your iPhone has a spyware by analyzing the following:
·         -Battery drains fast
·         -More than nominal phone storage
·         -Receiving text messages from unknown numbers
·       -  Background noises and eco of your own voice during calls

Additionally, your iPhone should have the administrative access (Jail Break) for the technician to check whether it is being affected by a spyware or not. Keep in mind that only you can do this, or the technician. If you found out your phone was already jail broken, this is a telltale sign that it has a spyware preinstalled and you are being tracked through it. Removing spyware by yourself is not advisable as it can harm your phone and void its warranty. Better contact the company for addressing the issue.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Common Types of Mobile Phone Apps

Cell phone apps (applications) allow users to complete a number of actions with their phones such as watch videos, take pictures, listen to music, surf the web, read maps, and so much more.  When you want to do a different function with your cell phone, chances are you are using an app to help you get it done.  There are free apps and apps with a subscription option or a one-time fee.  Each app varies depending on softwarecompatibility and purpose.  Mobile phone users are able to find a variety of apps for their devices to match their needs and interests.  Let’s take a look at different types of mobile apps and how they are used.

Mapping Apps
Mapping apps offer great information for people when they are on the go.  You can learn where places are and get an idea of what is in the area.  These apps offer thorough details about your location or where you want to be.  You can look at maps with details about streets, places and things nearby to help you find your way.

Music Apps
If you like downloading music or watching videos these apps are for you. There are apps that let you listen to local radio with the use of a special chip in the phone.  This allows you to pick up specific frequencies that allow you to listen to FM radio.  You can also share or upload content related to your favorite music.

News and Weather Apps
News and weather apps are common used on a regular basis.  There is a variety of options including national news networks and local news options. Many cell phones come with weather and news already installed through another app.  This information may not provide you with details you want to know, leaving you to choose from other apps to download.

Game Apps
Game apps are some of the most popular apps to have on a cell phone. Users enjoy these games when they need to pass the time.  You can play different games such as those you see on television, card games, memory games, and more.  There are apps for crossword puzzles, word searches, and brain exercises to help keep your mind sharp.  Game apps can be another type of app to watch out for since they can also take up a great amount of space.

Food and Budget Apps

There are apps that can help you complete your grocery trip and keep your spending down to a minimum.  There are financial apps that can help you learn where your household income is going each month and how to cut back on spending.  Many grocery and retail stores have apps to encourage shoppers to plan ahead. They also give alerts on upcoming sales events and coupons.  For budgeting there are mobile banking apps for those who want to pay bills, check balances, or transfer funds.  These apps offer great insight on spending habits and can help you set goals while becoming a smarter shopper.

Cell Phone Spy Apps
Finally the cell phone application that can help you monitor all the rest of these apps is a cell phone spy software, like Auto Forward. So say you have a child, employee or loved one that you think has something troubling on their cell phone. You can use this kind of software to spy on a cell phone from any device that has WiFi. With a software like Auto Forward you are able to monitor things like text messages, call logs, photos, videos, social media and more. Auto Forward is the best cell phone monitoring software I can find on the market, but not all programs are perfect. The MobileViewNow software is definitely one that I would suggest staying away from.