Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Want to Know What Your Partner’s Doing on Their Cell Phone When They’re Not Talking to You? Using Cell Phone Spy Software You Can Figure it Out!

Have you ever been sitting on the couch with your family member, significant other, friend or just any other person, with the television on and iPad in one hand, cell phone in the other? Have you looked at this and thought what are we doing? And this is so wrong! Exactly! As a society we are addicted to our technology, especially our handheld devices. I’d say the biggest culprit is our cell phones. When we think about cell phones and our loved ones we think of it as a good thing because we can easily keep in touch and be as safe as possible, but with new apps coming out every other day it seems, are our cell phones causing us to ignore face-to-face connections with our loved ones?

A photographer named Eric Pickersgill created a photo series entitled “Removed” showcasing how the world and our everyday interactions look when our phones are edited out of our hands. I think these photos accurately depict exactly how focused, or unfocused, we are while we’re on our phones and how cell phones take away from actually communicating with our loved ones. Have you ever been in a situation like this one on the right where you and your significant other are laying on the couch after a long day and you realize that you haven’t actually said one word to each other in like an hour or two? Ever have the urge to peer over to his phone to see just what is more important than relaxing with you? Of course you have! Everyone has those moments, so you’re definitely not alone in that. Your mind starts racing with lots of questions like what could he be looking at on there that's so important? Could he be talking to another girl? Exchanging inappropriate photos, videos, social media messages and more? 

Have you struggled with the internal conflict of whether or not to grab his phone when he goes to the bathroom or is asleep because he’s going to get mad? Forget that sneaking around stuff! You can install the best cell phone spy software, like Highster Mobile and monitor what he’s doing on his phone while you’re lying on the couch ignoring each other. With the simple and easy download process you’ll only need to have his phone for a minute or two and then you can see every single thing he sends or receives on his phone in real time! This means you'll get to see every text message, call, email, picture, video, social media message and anything else they could possibly do on their phone, even if it has been deleted! With the software you get a control panel that you can log into from any device that has internet, making spying on his cell phone as easy as you could imagine.

Don’t worry about him finding it on his cell phone either! The Highster Mobile cell phone spy software is virtually undetectable! The only evidence that will be left on their cell phone is a little square app that says device. With Highster Mobile spy software lets you use the cell phone spy software free of being caught! Highster Mobile is compatible with all iPhone and Android devices, but unlike any free cell phone spy app for android or iPhone Highster Mobile is a one-time fee of $69.99 which is well worth all of the perks it includes! 

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