Thursday, October 15, 2015

Auto Forward Can Teach You How to Spy On Cell Phone

There are many features that Auto Forward has that allows you to take a peek into the activity happening on the target phone. Cell phone monitoring is about much more than being able to spy on text messages, it is about digging deep into what is going on that little bitty device we all carry around in our pockets. Some of the three most helpful features include the easy to use dashboard, the ability to lock the phone from anywhere, and the ability to check the status of the phone.

When Auto Forward is downloaded onto the target phone, the user of that phone has no idea it is there. The owner of the phone, the one hoping to spy on text messages, can log on using their own phone and pull up the Auto Forward easy to navigate dashboard. The dashboard simply lists all of the information gathered from the target phone and puts them in clear and easy to find categories.

Want to check out what the user of the target phone has been doing on social media? A simple click on the social media category and all of the activity is logged there for you to see. The same thing applies for checking emails, text messages, call logs and other online activity. The main dashboard is so simple to use and does not stand out amongst your other apps on your phone. If using this tool covertly is your plan, Auto Forward works totally in stealth mode and won’t draw any attention to itself.

The control panel also works in real time, so you can see what sort of activity is happening on the target phone as it is happening, as if you were standing behind the person using the target phone.

Auto Forward also gives owners the ability to lock the phone at any time. Parents who don’t want their kids using the phone while they are driving can lock it from their own device, and even the most tech savvy teens won’t be able to unlock it. If the phone is stolen, locking it remotely will prevent any purchases to be bought on your behalf and will prevent the sharing of any private information.

Having the ability to lock a phone comes in handy when you need a quick way to stop all communication to and from the phone. Don’t want your employees using their work cell phones after hours or on weekends? Lock the phones so that they are only useable during specific working hours. The ability to lock the phone is a major security feature and could save a lot of trouble if the phone fell into the wrong hands.

Another favorite feature is being able to monitor the state of the target device. Do you often hear “I couldn’t call you because my battery was dead!”? With Auto Forward, you will quickly learn how to spy on cell phone, and can monitor if the phone is on or off, how much battery is has and if any of the calls to or from the device failed. This will give you solid information on when and if the phone was working at a certain time, and will give you insight to family members or employees who are being less than honest about why they were unreachable.

Auto Forward cell phone spy software is great for when you need to spy on text messages, but it is able to quietly and secretly do so much more than that.

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