Monday, February 29, 2016

Is Highster Mobile A Friend At Work?

As an employer, I am sure that at one time or another, you may have wished that there was a way you could monitor all you employees’ activities right at your own office. Well, good news! This is very possible with the aid of an app called Highster Mobile spyware. With this app it is very easy to monitor what your employees have been up to the entire day even if you are away from your office. All you need is to install it into all the computers in the organization and you will be able to see who has been sleeping on their job wherever you are. Some people may think that this creates mistrust between the employer and their employees which is true, but read on to find out why it’s a necessity.

In some organizations, some employees tend to laze at work or misuse some of the firm’s resources which is why a spyware comes in handy. With it you will be able to find who has been using the company’s phone to make calls that don’t relate to work, who has been browsing too much and check all incoming and outgoing emails and texts that are not about work. Again, you are able to tell how to read someones text messages without them knowing. It helps organize the employees by sending direct messages and emails when need be. Another thing is, employers monitoring employees is legal and some companies even monitor the employees personal emails and text messages.

With features like GPS, finding out who has been coming late to work and who has not been attending company meetings is very possible. This may seem like a bad idea as an employee but if you look at it with an employer’s eyes, it’s no doubt that you would also do the same as an employer. Every employee needs to understand that work time is exactly that. If they want to carry out any other personal activities, they should wait until they are out of the business premises. Of course you are only allowed to install this app only on the company’s devices and not your personal employers’ devices as doing so will be crossing boundaries.

The other advantages of installing Highster Mobile spyware at the work place is that you get to minimize any kind of theft done inside by either an employer or someone from outside. As stated earlier, employees may not feel comfortable having their every moves watched. This is perhaps why you should not tell your employers about introducing this app. It should be done in secrecy. To resolve this problem, you can gather everyone and explain to them the company’s rules and regulations and why it is important for you to monitor if they are being followed. Let them understand that any personal stuff should be done using their own private phones and not the company’s resources. As an employer you need to be very careful not to overdo the whole spying thing. Your only reasons for doing so should be check the performance of your workers.

The bottom line is, every company needs an Highster Mobile spyware. Employees need to be monitored in order to maximize on the company’s profits. As long as the employees know which rules to follow, they should not find it hard that their boss is always watching.  Employers should try not to go overboard with this software lest they lose all their employees. This means respecting the privacy of the workers by not prying into things that don’t concerns not affect the company in any way. So what are you waiting for? Go buy yourself this software and enjoy a whole new way of running a business.

Why The Highster Mobile Spy App Is Every Parent’s Must Have

Cell phones have become a staple in every household. A recent study done conducted by found that most children in America get their first cell phone at the tender age of 6. Parents are acknowledging the need for these technological devices to keep up with the changing times since the world has become a global village. Cell phones expose children to the good, the bad and the ugly aspect of this global village.
These devices call for the need for spy wear to monitor the children’s activities to keep them from harm’s way.

Parents want to buy cell phones for their children but still maintain some level of control over what they are exposed to on a daily basis. For this reason, parents are looking into the internet to find the most convenient and effective spyware in the market. With a plethora of spyware to choose from in the market, how do you pick the phone tracking app that’s right fit for you?

I introduce to you Highster Mobile Spy, a pioneer in the spyware industry. With tailored features (such as text message spy) to ensure the safety of your kids this is a breakdown of why Highster Mobile Spy is the way to go.

Applications block and delete feature
You have the power to block applications you deem inappropriate for your child’s phone even before they download the said apps. You can take it a notch higher and delete the applications that you have a problem with. The applications manager helps you monitor installed and running apps.

What are they posting on social media?
Everyone is on social media. Children spend a huge chunk of their time on posting on social media networks, some of which you’ve never heard of. Highster Mobile Spy gives you the chance to monitor social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp among other platforms in real time. For instance, with Instagram being all the rage, parents want to monitor the kind of photos their children are posting on the site. This brings me to the next feature, what kind of photos do the children have on their phones? You can keep track of the photos your children are taking, sending or receiving on their phones.

Access to all contact information
You are able to access all contacts in the target cell phone, be it phones numbers, emails and all the names associated with them. Therefore you can track call logs, emails, text that your child sends or receives. Highster Mobile Spy has an advanced message tracking feature that can enable you to retrieve old and deleted messages from your child’s cell phone.

Track phone logs and record conversations
If you are suspicious about conversations your child is having on the phone, you can use this unique feature that records both sides of the conservation. The conversation is uploaded on your user account, with the option of downloading and storing it.

Just what is your child searching on the internet?
With Highster Mobile Spy, you are able to monitor the browser history as we as get search alerts when a pre designated search item is searched on the cell phone.

Top of the range GPS tracking
Is your child supposed to go a sleep over at a friend’s place? You can use this Highster Mobile to confirm this. It has GPS tracking feature that enables you to find out the physical location of your child. With this app, you can keep tabs of your child’s whereabouts at any given time.

How It Works
The software costs a one off price of $69.99. It comes with a free lifetime of updates and has neither additional charges nor monthly charges. For such a sophisticated piece of tracking app technology, it is shockingly easy to download and install the device, be it apple or android. The website breaks it down into 3 easy to follow steps of downloading the app, entering your license key and finally the phone number you want to spy on.

Customer Care

Highster Mobile Spy offers live telephone support to help you out whenever you’ve got any quarries. I recommend this spyware to any parent craving for peace of mind amidst the dark shadows lurking in the cyber world.

Friday, February 26, 2016

How Cellphone Tracker and Spyware Works

 The biggest myth surrounding cellphone trackers and spyware is that people assume you need to be a computer programmer or some sort of a computer expert to be able to track and spy on another cellphone. In reality, it’s quite the contrary because spyware application couldn’t be easier to use. Navigating the software is extremely straightforward and you can set it up in a few minutes. Text spy is great to have.

Why You May Need To Use It

The most common customers of this product are parents and employers. The application allows parents to keep a tab on their children and prevent them from visiting inappropriate websites, getting cyber bullied or interacting with potential sexual predators. Employers, on the other hand, use spyware to monitor company owned devices that are used by employees. Employers have a legal responsibility to inform and gain consent from their employees before monitoring or tracking company owned devices that are in their use.

How It Works

The application or spyware extracts data from the target cell phone and transmits all that data to your phone, computer or tablet. Basically, the software creates a connection between the target device and your device. All types of data, including texts, calls, emails, and pictures can be viewed by you exactly as they appear on the target phone, even if that data has been deleted. 

To start, purchase, and download the spyware on your computer. Upon purchase, you will be provided a license key that will allow you to finish installing the product. From then on, you can follow straightforward instructions and start monitoring. If you happen to hit any roadblocks, simply contact the help center of the company that you purchased the spyware from.


The good news is these applications are compatible with all devices, be it computers, tablets or phones. It also works on all types of operating systems, including iPhone, iPads, and iPods, as well as their Android counterparts, such as Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, Huawei, Sony, and Google. Spy apps for iPhone have been very popular.


The tracking and monitoring spyware is an excellent tool that comes with a number of features. You are bound to find something that perfectly suits your needs. With the purchase of this application you will be able to access the target phone’s text messages, even the ones that are old and deleted, iMessages, old and deleted ones as well, and call logs. Apart from basic messaging and calling logs, you can also access all old and deleted photos and videos of the phone. 

The above are all basic phone features, but you can also track and monitor online activities carried out on the phone, such as emails, browser history, and social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and many other platforms. You can also track the location of the person as long as they have their phone on them. Most products provide the exact location via GPS with one to five-minute intervals. 

While the above basic features are good enough, especially if you are a parent who is just keeping tab on a teenager, some applications also provide data on all installed and running applications. For super strict monitoring, some spywares also allow for remote un-installation of applications and remote phone locking (in case the employee doesn’t return the phone, a teenager needs to get disciplined or the phone gets lost or stolen). 

Moreover, you can also activate the camera on the target phone to see what the person is doing at that moment. Lastly, you can set up search alerts, so that whenever the person searches a pre-designated term on their phone, you will know about it right away. A spy app is important to have.


As handy as these spyware applications are, the use of these tools is entirely up to your discretion. How, when and for whom you use these applications is completely your decision, but the necessary technology is there for your needs. 

Auto Forward Spy: The Parent Guide

As demand for spy wear for cell phones continues to increase, consumers are spoilt for choice as there is a very large buffet to sample from. Auto Forward cell phone tracker spy promises to narrow down your choices to one as it is a one stop shop for virtually all consumer needs. Considered one of the best in this regard, this product has been tailored with intent to meet all the features of mobile spy wear. Parenting has increasingly become a daunting task due to our modern fast paced lives. Add mobile phones into the equation and a parent has to grapple with very real fears harmful effects to their child.

The Internet has a wealth of information, some of which will be useful to your child. The down side, however is that there's also information that and interactions with people over the Internet that can put your child in danger.

Auto Forward Spy is built to bring peace of mind in parenting and provide all the information about what children are up to while on the phones. This can be done with or without the consent of their children. After all, the money to purchase mobile devices will more often than not come from your pocket.

What Kind Of Calls Are They Getting?
Any parent should be worried when their child spends unusual long hours making and receiving calls. Auto Forward Spy allows you to be able to record phone conversations remotely and save them same in your user account. Users can also access details of contact information and the times and dates in which calls are made.

What Are They Doing On The Internet
You would probably be interested to know what your child is posting on Facebook or Twitter. What sites are they viewing visiting and how much data are they accessing. Auto forward Spy covers all this and more leaving you with little to worry about. A word of caution though, tread cautiously as there’s a thin line between genuine concern and invasion of privacy.

What Kind Of Photos and Applications Do They Have?
The product allows you as a parent to know what kind of photos your child is sending or receiving. You can even delete once that you are uncomfortable with. The same applies for applications they have installed.

Texts and Emails
With Auto Forward Spy, you can monitor your child's texts and emails. It reveals the contents of text messages including contact information and time-stamps.

GPS Tracking
When your teenager says they'll be studying over at their friend’s place, you can take your word for it or you can make sure there are not up to any mischief. Furthermore, you get peace of mind knowing that they are safe where they are. Auto Forward Spy with its GPS tracking capabilities will just do that for you, giving you exact location of the phone and hopefully its owner on a map. This feature is also invaluable in the event that you need to track a stolen phone-book.

How Does It Work
With fancy words such as GPS, you would be forgiven for thinking that Auto Forward spy is preserve of the tech savvy.  On the contrary, this product is very easy to use. Installation is only a few clicks a way and the gathered data can be easily accessed from your user account. It is built to run on any android device and i phones. At only $69.99, parental control has never been easier.

Customer Care
The vendor provides video tutorials and a customer care service to be consulted if you get stuck. Try it today.

Mobile Monitoring and Why Parents Feel It Is a Necessity

More parents are using cell phone monitoring software for various reasons.  Parents are learning why children and teens are using mobile devices more and need a way to keep track of their activity. There are parents dealing with high cell phone bills and use this software to help understand why they do what they do and how to read someones text messages without them knowing.  The software remains discreet on the device and your child won’t know they are being detected (unless you discuss it with them first). Thanks to more ways of communication through mobile devices children and teens can connect with other people in ways parents don’t want to think about.

Here are reasons why parents who use cell phone monitoring software.

Some Parents Admit They Don’t Trust Their Child
There are parents that think about when they were their child’s age.  They know how sneaky children can be and want to them to be safe.  They don’t want their child making the same mistakes they made when they were young.  Cell phones could make it easier for their child to make such mistakes.

Situations such as getting pregnant, doing drugs, committing crimes, and connecting with people who are a bad influence is easy to do with a cell phone.  Before mobile monitoring it is not easy to be able to know what your child is doing with their device and who they talk to. Now you have software that can track your child’s activity and even places they go with their device.

Too Many Dangers for Children and Teens to Use Device Unsupervised
There is a long list of dangers parents are aware of they don’t want to see their child associate with. Monitoring cell phones with spy ware can give parents heads up.  Actions such as cyberbullying, sexting and so forth are things kids are getting into without parents realizing it.  There are times such activities have led to a child losing their life.  Some children become scarred from such situations and parents wish they knew about it sooner. Overall, cell phones make it too easy for children to get into dangerous situations. Parents need another way to safeguard their children from dangers of cell phone use. Parents are not able to follow their children all the time but they can use software that will help them do so.

Additional Security
Most cell phones offer a level of security parents can use, but in this day and age many parents feel it is not enough. Parents can choose monitoring software options that offer different features a cell phone itself will not have. Parents can read text messages, check phone logs, email messages, videos and pictures, and more.  Parents can choose to do this discreetly without having the cell phone in their hands.

Parents can make a record of information to use as evidence.  Parents can even retrieve data a child deletes. More parents find such software a lifesaver since it helps them know if their child is telling the truth about how they are using their device.

Affordable Option with Useful Features
Many software options have affordable features that parents find useful.  There are some options that are free while others require a subscription.  Each service has pros and cons parents should review carefully.

Such software is compatible with certain devices. Parents can check reviews and feedback from other users on how well it works. It is suggested parents learn about the software and the company offering it before downloading. There are features parents say have helped them learn more about their child and they wouldn’t have known such information without it.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Highster Mobile To Monitor Your Child’s Device

It is normal for you to ponder about the legality of using Highster Mobile to monitor your children’s devices (computer, phones) and have lots of questions running down your thoughts such as won’t I be infringing their privacy? What does the law say about monitoring your children? How far is too far? The first thing you should note is that as a parent or guardian you are legally allowed to monitor your children to ensure that they are responsible. However to be on the safe side you have to bear in mind the following three topics that should guide you in the process of spying on your kids.


The law recognizes that what the children possess is in the control of their parents or guardians. For it being the first thing to consider that you installing Highster Mobile on a device you own is of course very fair since more often than not you will have bought the phones for them and you are the one paying for them to be connected to the network. We recommend that you make sure that the child understands that you own the phone and that they will get to continue using it if they maintain good behavior that you will ascertain through monitoring their use of the devices.


The use of Highster Mobile should be guided by your children’s’ age. Legally, you can monitor your child’s activities on their devices without having to first seek their consent so long as they are under 18 years of age but after turning 18 years they have to consent otherwise you have to uninstall Highster Mobile from their phones. Our goal is to offer extra eyes on your child so as to help you prepare them to be self-governed and responsible adults. Thus you should relax parental controls as your son or daughter advances in age so that by the age of 18 they can be accountable without supervision.

Informed Consent

You might not understand why your children need to consent to be monitored after all they are minors and you own the phones or the fear that they might stage good behavior or might refuse to be monitored but think of what you can accomplish by inviting them on board, the trust, honesty in dialogue when you are all ware of the app and by doing so you will have the opportunity to discuss with them good online conduct, privacy and importance of monitoring them. Think of the chaos that can result if the child finds out that you have being spying on them without their knowledge?  Teenagers would be mad at you for a long time if you use a cell phone text message spy and the trust and relationship will change.
With Highster Mobile the discretion is all yours as there are two ways to go about it. To seek consent from your children or not to because a parent has a unique way of determining what is best for their children and not forgetting our app has 100% chance that you child will never suspect its presence in their device.  Besides, as a parent, the information you will be retrieving from your child’s cell phone is not for any other purpose but ensuring that your child maintains pleasing conduct, is safe and out of harm’s way. In short any court can understand your intentions are in good faith and absolutely essential for the well being of the child should you for example be faced with charges arising from Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Nonetheless you should read through our terms of use for more information about the use of Highster Mobile.

Highster Mobile: Your Online Spy?

I know, it sounds bad but as a parent, you can prevent lots of bad stuff happening to your child by monitoring what your young child has been up to. Let’s face it, as a parent you’d like to trust that your teenage son or daughter will take good care of themselves when online. The problem is they can’t. This is the age that kids want to know about everything around them which can easily get them into unwanted trouble. That is why you as a parent need to do something to keep your children safe and that something is the use of spyware. Therefore you might be wondering how to read someones text messages without having the phone.

I am sure you have heard or read about this software at one time or another. Highster Mobile helps you know who your son/daughter has texted, called and what websites they have recently accessed. For first timers, what you find out may be a little shocking which is exactly why you need this software with you. What you should know is that, this may affect your relationship with your kid once they find out what you have been doing behind their back. This is why some parents choose to tell their kids so they are aware that mommy or daddy is seeing their text messages.  However, kids these days are way sharp and one time or another, they may find a way out.

When monitoring your kids online, you will be able to control the kind of websites they visit by blocking those that are unsuitable for their age. Each time your child tries to visit those websites you’ll get a notification which you can point out to your child and find a way forward. For parents with younger children, you have the option of controlling how much time your little one spends online by restricting the number of hours spent online.

Other amazing features that come with Highster Mobile is that you get to view each website visited, anything that was downloaded and also takes screenshots for you to view. Since your kid is likely to browse a lot, you can block some words such that each time your kid types in any vulgar or sexual words, you get notifications immediately on your phone, pc, tablet or laptop.

Since the invention of spyware, many companies have come up with different kinds of software which makes it tedious to decide on which suits you best. As you decide on which company is best to go with, do through research. Check their reputation and what other parents are saying about them. What features do you need and how easy is it navigating through the software.

Kids these days are very sharp and always find a way to hide their tracks. Sometimes you may get instant messages from your teenage boy/daughters phone but find that they have used certain codes or abbreviations to hide what the message means. To avoid being in the dark, search online for all the likely abbreviations likely to be used by these young stars to keep you ahead of the game.

As you endeavor in this ‘spy’ journey, you need to always keep your eyes and ears wide open. Be sharp enough to detect any problem before they arise, lest you get the shock of your life. Communication is the key. In as much as your teen hates it, try and help him/her understand that you love and care about them a lot and that is why you have to do everything to keep them safe. If you can, join other mothers around you and try to find more ways to keep your kids out of danger. As you know, two hands are always better than one and the better hand is Highster Mobile.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Learn When Sexting Occurs with Cell Phone Spyware

Monitoring cell phone activity of kids is important when dangerous activities like sexting are common.  An alarming number of young adults engage in the activity and while parents may not want to know about it, they need to for their own good as well as their child’s.  Sexting has led to various situations such as teen pregnancy, kids running away from home, and even meeting up with someone who is much older with harmful intentions. If you have a teen that is rebellious or they don’t seem like they will open up, be honest and tell you what is going on, you may want to do some private investigating with cell phone app software.

Messages with Sexual References

Parents don’t want to think about their child doing anything sexually related.  Yet, because so many kids are experimenting and engaging in similar behavior through cell phones, parents have a right to know.  There are kids who hook up with people they meet through their cell phones. Meaning, they use their cell phones to chat and talk to people parents don’t know.  They end up setting up a time and place to meet for sex or whatever they want to do. Parents shouldn’t have to wonder if their child is engaging in such activity.  Monitoring software lets parents know who their child is talking to and how they are doing it (via text, calls, email, social media, pictures, etc.).

Photos Shared Considered Inappropriate

Sexting also includes sending inappropriate photos. There are more reports in the news about students engaging in sexting.  There are students that don’t care about who get nude or inappropriate pictures of them.  It is possible for students to face criminal charges for sharing content and even those who receive it (whether they are a teen or adult) can also face charges of possession.  Sharing photos of sexual nature is something a parent doesn’t want their child involved with and for some kids, it has become a nightmare because their reputation is affected. Such photos are known to go viral very quickly but mobile monitoring can actual stop such content from being shared thanks to controls parents can put in place.

Talk of Wanting to Meet or Hook Up

Monitoring cell phones can let parents know of information that comes up during conversations about meeting or wanting to hook up.  This means parents have a chance to stop it from occurring.  Parents can even get the police involved if they find out their child is trying to hook up with an older person.  Sexting can be dangerous since it can lead to meeting with the other party in person.  Kids can send sexual messages to another teen or adult. In both cases they shouldn’t occur but it can lead to other consequences if someone doesn’t put a stop to it. Parents have a chance to stop their child and feel some sort of relief in stopping something that could have gotten worse. A phone spy app is great to have.

Why Monitoring Such Communication is Important

Kids have ways of keeping things secret and hiding information.  There are some who engage in sexting and it leads to being sexually active.  Parents with busy schedules who cannot keep constant watch over their child can benefit from using mobile monitoring.  This gives parents another set of eyes while learning who their child interacts with.  Sexting should not occur on a youth cell phone.  Parents should have guidelines in place to prevent such actions from occurring. Monitoring software collects and records details parents can use to help them in setting consequences when considering punishment. Spy phone is simple to install.