Friday, February 26, 2016

Mobile Monitoring and Why Parents Feel It Is a Necessity

More parents are using cell phone monitoring software for various reasons.  Parents are learning why children and teens are using mobile devices more and need a way to keep track of their activity. There are parents dealing with high cell phone bills and use this software to help understand why they do what they do and how to read someones text messages without them knowing.  The software remains discreet on the device and your child won’t know they are being detected (unless you discuss it with them first). Thanks to more ways of communication through mobile devices children and teens can connect with other people in ways parents don’t want to think about.

Here are reasons why parents who use cell phone monitoring software.

Some Parents Admit They Don’t Trust Their Child
There are parents that think about when they were their child’s age.  They know how sneaky children can be and want to them to be safe.  They don’t want their child making the same mistakes they made when they were young.  Cell phones could make it easier for their child to make such mistakes.

Situations such as getting pregnant, doing drugs, committing crimes, and connecting with people who are a bad influence is easy to do with a cell phone.  Before mobile monitoring it is not easy to be able to know what your child is doing with their device and who they talk to. Now you have software that can track your child’s activity and even places they go with their device.

Too Many Dangers for Children and Teens to Use Device Unsupervised
There is a long list of dangers parents are aware of they don’t want to see their child associate with. Monitoring cell phones with spy ware can give parents heads up.  Actions such as cyberbullying, sexting and so forth are things kids are getting into without parents realizing it.  There are times such activities have led to a child losing their life.  Some children become scarred from such situations and parents wish they knew about it sooner. Overall, cell phones make it too easy for children to get into dangerous situations. Parents need another way to safeguard their children from dangers of cell phone use. Parents are not able to follow their children all the time but they can use software that will help them do so.

Additional Security
Most cell phones offer a level of security parents can use, but in this day and age many parents feel it is not enough. Parents can choose monitoring software options that offer different features a cell phone itself will not have. Parents can read text messages, check phone logs, email messages, videos and pictures, and more.  Parents can choose to do this discreetly without having the cell phone in their hands.

Parents can make a record of information to use as evidence.  Parents can even retrieve data a child deletes. More parents find such software a lifesaver since it helps them know if their child is telling the truth about how they are using their device.

Affordable Option with Useful Features
Many software options have affordable features that parents find useful.  There are some options that are free while others require a subscription.  Each service has pros and cons parents should review carefully.

Such software is compatible with certain devices. Parents can check reviews and feedback from other users on how well it works. It is suggested parents learn about the software and the company offering it before downloading. There are features parents say have helped them learn more about their child and they wouldn’t have known such information without it.

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