Thursday, February 18, 2016

Protecting Your Kids With A Cell Phone Spy

Although not a substitute for raising children morally, a phone tracker app may be one of the main tools to help you become the best parent you can be. Since children carry smart phones, why not make these devices to become another set of eyes to look after them, even when you cannot be there physically.

This is what the manufacturers of cell phone tracking software have provided: another pair of eyes to look after your kids. They go by different trade names. The Auto Forward app has been proven to be one of the best of such available spyware software. The spyware applications can work quietly on Android, Blackberry, iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile and any smart phone.

Without cell phone spy software, your children can get into all sorts of mischief and you will never know about it. Some examples of what you will experience as a parent in this situation are:

         Uncertainty about their whereabouts
         Concern about the influence of peers
         Concern about study habits
         The fear that they are being stalked
         Concern about the influence of the Internet
Tracking cell phone with the help of tracking software can puts an end to your concerns and fears by using smart phones that your children carry as a spy device. These applications come at a much more reasonable cost than expensive monitoring equipment.

What Can Cell Phone Spy App Do For You?
Cell phone spy software usually has features that may be helpful for you as a parent. Spyware software’s run on smartphone and provides the following information:
         GPS tracking both historical and current.
         The full text of all messages exchanged through email, SMS and free chat applications like WhatsApp, iMessage, BBM, and others.
         Information about changes in the contact file.
         Record of all the videos and photos taken.
         The presentation of information identification such as incoming/outgoing calls, date/ time of the call, along with contact.
         Call recording
         The interception of calls, and pre determined implementation on certain words in the text and websites accessibility.
         Blocking access to web, incoming calls, and access application.
There is more that can be added to this list, but as a parent, you can see how useful a cell phone spyware can be.

Useful Features For Parenting
How can the features of spy apps mentioned above help a parent? You can probably see some ways already. Cell phone monitoring software running on the smartphone of your child helps you to get the truths about your child’s activities. Some of these truths include:
         You know where your child is actually even when he tells you the opposite. Example: GPS tracking can reveal he is in a video arcade when he is supposed to be in school.
         New friends are no longer kept secret from you.
         You can see all text messages, but especially inappropriate ones, references to the purchase of drugs or intention to go to parties where alcohol is available.
         The nature of the videos and photos your child is taking. Are they appropriate or inappropriate?

There are several other situations that can be added to the list. The features provided by the cell phone spy software can be used to find several solutions. Cell phone tracking helps you to be proactive as a parent.

Some cell phones tracking applications also allow you to filter and block by command certain words and actions through the control panel settings of the subscriber. A feature of this type helps to be a proactive parent. Examples of filtering and blocking include:

         The detection of certain predefined keywords in text messages.
         Marking an incoming call match a number on a list of blocked calls
         Sending cell phone alerts when entering a restricted area defined by a subscriber.
         Restrict the use of the smart phones at certain times of the day.
         Blocking time wasting applications.
         Preventing access to inappropriate websites.
Being a proactive parent is always preferable to been reactive, because problems can be treated before they become almost impossible to solve. Therefore, if you want to be proactive in protecting your child, pickup a spyware that has all or some of these features listed above.
It is easy to start working with cell phone tracking software. All you need to do is choose and buy the product that suits your needs and then do the following:

Step 1: Get hold of your child's smartphone
Step 2: Download the application to the smartphone according to the supplier's instructions
Step 3: Install the tracking application.

Step 4: Start to receive displayed information from your Control Panel component.

It's easier to install the cell phone tracking software on your child’s smartphone before turning it over to him/her. Thus, there is less likelihood that it can be detected as it runs in complete stealth mode, thereafter; you can monitor all activities of your child.

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