Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ways Of Protecting Your Mobile Phone From Thieves By Installing Spyware

Are you looking to learn how to track someone’s iPhone? Every week, high tech smart phones are released into the market by different phone manufactures. In their competitive bids to outdo each other, very sophisticated phones are being produced and released all the time. As mobile smart phones become more and more sophisticated, so also do their prices becomes more and more expensive. Like the phone-crazed beings that we are, we run off to buy the latest sophisticated phones released by our preferred phone manufacturers as soon as they are released into the market.

Surprisingly, as expensive as some smart phones these days we hardly think of their security from theft. We are quick to be security conscious with our computer devices like laptops but we often lose all form of security consciousness when it comes down to our smart phones even though the phone might have cost us a hand and leg as well as containing vital information.

Our smart phones have become an attractive target for thieves nowadays more than ever before. And with the sensitive information commonly contained in our phones, it has become imperative for us to find more and more ways and avenues to protect and secure our mobile smart phones.
Lets us consider some tips that can help us to protect our mobile phones as well as secure our personal data. Highster Mobile is a fantastic iPhone spy software without jailbreaking that’s available to everyone.

Write Down Your Mobile Phone Details

There are a number of details that can be used to identify your phones it the event that it is stolen and recovered. It is important that you write down these details and keep them in a safe place. Some of these details include:
·         Your mobile phone number
·        Your mobile phone’s make and model, together with the color and any noteworthy appearance details (e.g decals, scratches, etc)
·         The pin or security lock code of your mobile phone
·         Your mobile phone’s IMEI number, etc.

Some of these details like the IMEI can be found inside the back cover of your mobile phone. In some mobile phones, some of these details can be found under the settings menu. You can even go a step further by adding more discreet security marks to your phones.

It is advisable to mark both the phone and battery to help in identifying it as yours in the events that it is lost and recovered. It will not be out of place to add your address or an alternative contact number. This will help the police or anyone who comes into possession of your phone to be able to identify the phone owner and possibly even contact you about the whereabouts of your mobile phone.

Register Your Phone & Report the Theft

It is always advisable to register your mobile phone with your network provider. This is especially important if you are on a pay as you go plan. When you register your mobile phone, you can contact your network provider if your phone is stolen and have them block your phone using your phone IMEI, thereby, avoiding any possibility of the thief running up a huge bill.

You can even instruct the network provider to lock the phone so that even if the SIM card is changed, the phone will be unusable by the thief.  It is noteworthy that the phone may become unusable even if you eventually recover it once it is network locked. The loss or theft of a mobile phone should also be reported to the police.

Install a Mobile Phone Spy App

Another step you can take to protect your mobile phone from theft is to install mobile monitoring software. Mobile spyware can be used for monitoring calls, texts and other activities that take place in the mobile phone. Mobile spyware like the Highster Mobile spy is also a great way to protect your own mobile phone, thanks to a number of their advanced features. With GPS tracking, you can actually identify exactly where your mobile phone is located. This could help the police to track down the mobile phone.

Another helpful feature that the Highster Molbile spy app has is the capacity to send a remote command through SMS to either lock or wipe the cell phone. In view of the fact that your spy app will have been transferring copies of all of your phone activities to your online account, you will have a great back up of your data if you have a need to wipe your phone.

So if you’re looking to iPhone spy without jailbreak, Highster Mobile is the cell phone spy for you.

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