Thursday, February 25, 2016

Highster Mobile To Monitor Your Child’s Device

It is normal for you to ponder about the legality of using Highster Mobile to monitor your children’s devices (computer, phones) and have lots of questions running down your thoughts such as won’t I be infringing their privacy? What does the law say about monitoring your children? How far is too far? The first thing you should note is that as a parent or guardian you are legally allowed to monitor your children to ensure that they are responsible. However to be on the safe side you have to bear in mind the following three topics that should guide you in the process of spying on your kids.


The law recognizes that what the children possess is in the control of their parents or guardians. For it being the first thing to consider that you installing Highster Mobile on a device you own is of course very fair since more often than not you will have bought the phones for them and you are the one paying for them to be connected to the network. We recommend that you make sure that the child understands that you own the phone and that they will get to continue using it if they maintain good behavior that you will ascertain through monitoring their use of the devices.


The use of Highster Mobile should be guided by your children’s’ age. Legally, you can monitor your child’s activities on their devices without having to first seek their consent so long as they are under 18 years of age but after turning 18 years they have to consent otherwise you have to uninstall Highster Mobile from their phones. Our goal is to offer extra eyes on your child so as to help you prepare them to be self-governed and responsible adults. Thus you should relax parental controls as your son or daughter advances in age so that by the age of 18 they can be accountable without supervision.

Informed Consent

You might not understand why your children need to consent to be monitored after all they are minors and you own the phones or the fear that they might stage good behavior or might refuse to be monitored but think of what you can accomplish by inviting them on board, the trust, honesty in dialogue when you are all ware of the app and by doing so you will have the opportunity to discuss with them good online conduct, privacy and importance of monitoring them. Think of the chaos that can result if the child finds out that you have being spying on them without their knowledge?  Teenagers would be mad at you for a long time if you use a cell phone text message spy and the trust and relationship will change.
With Highster Mobile the discretion is all yours as there are two ways to go about it. To seek consent from your children or not to because a parent has a unique way of determining what is best for their children and not forgetting our app has 100% chance that you child will never suspect its presence in their device.  Besides, as a parent, the information you will be retrieving from your child’s cell phone is not for any other purpose but ensuring that your child maintains pleasing conduct, is safe and out of harm’s way. In short any court can understand your intentions are in good faith and absolutely essential for the well being of the child should you for example be faced with charges arising from Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Nonetheless you should read through our terms of use for more information about the use of Highster Mobile.

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