Thursday, February 11, 2016


In recent times, texting as it is now commonly referred to have become a major preferred form of communication among teenagers. Recent studies show that a teenager can send or receive up to or more than 100 text messages in a day which invariably means that in a month, they would be receiving or sending out a whopping 3000 text messages. Of course, everything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage and the major advantage texting has is that it helps teenagers to communicate and keep in touch with their friends. But the major question to be asked here is; which outweighs which, the advantages or disadvantages?

The disadvantages accompanying texting among teenagers are entirely enormous and assuredly outweighs any advantages or benefits that might be accrued from texting or messaging. Texting becomes too much or inordinate when it is used indiscriminately. It is not hard to see a teenager crossing the road and texting, group of teenagers walking back from school and all engrossed in their cell phones texting away.

At breakfast, or dinner, it isn’t a surprising sight to see a teenager with his/her food untouched for more than 30 minutes after the others have started eating. What are they doing? Texting away with friends in the virtual online world while neglecting real-life relationships with families and friends. Sometimes, a friend might come visiting at home and still the same thing happens: he neglects the physical presence of his friends and prefers to enjoy that of his virtual friends over the internet.

At school, some teens equally involve in texting while the teacher is busy teaching. Some parents due to this have stopped their kids from going to school with their cell phones but yet, they still tend to sneak out of the house with the cell phones without the knowledge of their parents. Some schools have had to stop their students from bringing cell phones to school after one or two incidents that brought the issue of texting to the fore. Yet many other parents have had to be invited to their child’s school over their child’s obsessive and excessive texting habit.

Nowadays, a picnic in the park usually ends up with the affected parties sitting at different corners in the park and texting away or the teenage children texting with their friends while their parents have to do the clean-up and packing of whatever they had used during the picnic. This is an example of how much texting can delineate teenage children from the physical world; make them prefer the virtual to the physical.

Sometimes, teenagers who have been safely tucked into bed by their parents after lights out wake up in the middle of the night and begin to reply texts they may have received or initiate new conversations with their virtual friends thereby interfering a good night’s rest they normally should have and equally drastically reducing the hours of sleep they should get in a night.

This is where it behooves parents to take the bull by the horn and help reduce this issue drastically with the Auto Forward spy. With this mobile spyware, you can forward instructions from your cell phones to any of their gadgets via SMS. You can equally push commands either to begin or end any application, pause any application, or control their iPhone’s microphone cell phone monitoring software which could help parents supervise and keep track of their teenage children at any point in time. This software helps to alert parents on the amount of time teenagers spend on the phone daily, the number of texts they receive day in, day out. Also, with the Auto Forward, parents can monitor the kinds of messages their teens are sending and receiving. This knowledge will help them to decide on the kind of actions to take.

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