Friday, April 29, 2016

Why a Cell Phone Spy App May Have Saved a Toddler’s Life

By now you’ve all heard about the case of Justin Ross Harris, the Georgia dad who went to work and left his son to die in the hot car. Originally seen as a tragic accident—with many believing that the father had just completely forgotten that his son was in the back seat on that fateful day—the case against Harris has turned from one of negligence to outright murder.

Prosecutors have been digging for over a year into Harris’s alternative Internet life and have found that the married father had been sexting with 6 women during the time that his son was cooking in his car seat in the hot Georgia sun. To make matters all the more disturbing, one of those women was not even a “woman” but an underage girl—one who he sent pictures of his erect penis to.

Many have stood by Harris leading up to his impending trial and have found it difficult to accept that he had been engaging in lurid sexts with multiple females—especially the minor—but prosecutors say they should not be fooled. The seemingly wonderful father and husband had a lot of secrets—something which the investigation is bringing to light. One huge find was that Harris had researched infant deaths in cars numerous times—including just days before! Another was that he had two insurance policies taken out on his son totaling $26,000.

As for forgetting about his son, Harris claims he just had a lot on his mind and forgot, but investigators have found the father should have realized his mistake when he made an afternoon visit to the car to “put some lightbulbs” in the driver’s seat. Detectives believe that there is no way that he wouldn’t have smelled the signs of death and theorize that Harris may have gone there to check on his son Cooper’s state. It should be noted that Harris then went back to work and continued with his sexting.

It’s hard to believe that a father could have done any of this intentionally, but it appears that it is true. After work, Harris went to the car—which contained the cooked dead boy sitting in his own heated feces and vomit—and left the parking lot. He drove a good couple of minutes before pulling into a grocery store parking lot when he appeared to FINALLY notice his dead son. Investigators say there is no way he would have NOT noticed his deceased son in the car when he first got into it. The stench of death would have been overpowering.

So what could have been done to prevent all of this and perhaps alert one to his guilty behavior before it became too late? Are there free ways to spy on cell phones so his wife could've caught him in this kind of lie? Some people are saying that had the mother installed a cell phone spy app on her husband’s phone to use a contact free spy on cell phone, she may have seen many of the things that investigators discovered … after the fact. A high-quality spy app could allow you to have a worry free spy on cell phone without installing software and could have shown that he was sexting other women, sending pics of his private areas, engaging a minor and researching how to kill his kid.

No matter how the trial turns out, one thing will remain true, a young life was tragically lost and there will be no winners in this case no matter what the outcome. And sadly, things like this keep happening. Just Google “child dies in hot car” and you’ll see a new news article or two every few months or so.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Why You Need Cell Phone Monitoring Software to Protect your Child from Digital Dangers

The deluge of mobile phones in the hands of children has made them susceptible to the work of online predators. Consequently, parents now have a much harder and tougher task of protecting their lovely children from all forms of digital danger. The proliferation of mobile phones means that kids can enter into harmful relationships with strangers on the Internet. This shows why you must protect your children using cell phone monitoring software. With a worry free cell phone spy software download any phone can be monitored, any time, anywhere.

How can the software help?
Before understanding the role that the monitoring software plays in protecting your children from online dangers, you need to know the tools or features on the phone that increase the young ones’ vulnerability. The increased vulnerability is from the following:
  • Instant messaging apps
  • Chat rooms
  • Social media networks
  • Email platforms

The software provides information that enables you to protect your kids from online predators. It is common for an online predator to target children through sexual advances. The predators are so brazen in their advances that it often leaves the parents shocked. Your duty involves teaching the young ones to identify and resist any form of sexual advances from adults and other strangers online.

It's much easier for you as an adult to check the types of messages worth watching out for from the predators. Therefore, endeavor to share this information with your children. Since the cell phone monitoring software sends you copies of the messages that your child receives from friends and strangers alike, share this information with him. Use examples of the messages that the child receives to educate him.

Online predators, who are the biggest culprits where digital dangers are concerned, contact children on all types of online avenues or platforms. They use chat rooms, social media accounts, emails, instant messaging apps and blogs to reach out to the unsuspecting children. The online predators are not merely interested in establishing contact with the children. They go beyond the initial contact in the following manner:
  • Seducing children by giving them undivided attention
  • Seducing children through affectionate language
  • Seducing children through kindness and gifts
  • Listening and sympathizing with the children
  • Introducing sexual content gradually into the online interactions that they have with children
  • Asking for or sending texts or photos that are sexually rich

What can you do as a parent?
You have the tool to make your child safe from the chains of online predators. The cell phone monitoring software is your biggest and most effective ally. Use the software to monitor the sites that your child visits. With a contact free remote cell phone spy software you don't have to have the phone physically in your hands to get all this information from the target device. Do a bit of research to find out what the sites are all about, including the kind of people that visit them. Share this information with your child during your regular talks with him. Don’t hold back any information that could keep the child away from the predators.

The information that you obtain would not be helpful if you have no record of communicating openly with your child. If you communicate regularly and openly with your child, he would not have a problem listening to what you have to say. Explain the dangers of online predators and all forms of inappropriate sexual advances that the child should know. The information that you glean from the software, which you share with your child, eventually protects him.

Lastly, don’t give your child unsupervised access to all types of electronic communication tools. Protect your child by installing cell phone monitoring software. In addition to the software, learn to set and use parental controls. Check the phone to determine whether your child uses it to view pornographic materials. Carry out further investigation if the software indicates that your child has used the mobile phone for sexual communication with friends or strangers. These kinds of worry free spy apps for cell phones can be extremely useful when you think something is going on on someone else's cell phone.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How to Jailbreak an iPad (For Cellphone Tracking Software)

If you want to install cellphone tracking software on your iPad or your child’s iPad, you should know that it’s not just a one step process. There’s a lot of benefits to installing iPhone monitoring software on an iPad, even though it’s not technically a cellphone. But in order to install monitoring software on an iPad, you’ll need to do something known as jailbreaking. Jailbreaking, if you know what you’re doing, can be easy to do on your own. Here’s how to jailbreak an iPad.

Getting Started
Keep in mind that as of right now, it may be difficult to jailbreak an iPad that’s running iOS 9.1. Consider downgrading your device’s operating system if possible. You’ll be downloading a software called Pangu 9, which can jailbreak iOS devices running iOS 9. Not 9.1, keep in mind.

First, back up your iPad. Pangu 9 is a safe program but just in case something goes wrong, you’ll want to have a recent backup of your device ready to go. Back up your iPad both in iCloud and on a computer. Next, download Pangu 9 on your computer. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to go.

Starting the Installation
Make sure you deactivate your Passcode, Touch ID, and so on. You can do so in Settings. By deactivating your Passcode and so on, this allows Pangu to get in your iPad and install the necessary files. Next, launch the Pangu program on your computer. If you have a Windows computer, opt to run the program as an administrator. If you’re a Mac user, just launch it like a regular app. Then, plug your iPad in. Pangu should automatically recognize the device. Press start and sit back.

During the Process
Make sure you follow all on-screen prompts. At some point you’ll be asked to put your iPad into airplane mode. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pull up Control Center. Then enable airplane mode.

Eventually, Pangu will finish jailbreaking your iPad. You’ll receive a message that says “Jailbreak complete”. Your iPad will then restart. You’ll then be able to see a new app on your iPad: Cydia, the jailbroken app store where you can download apps that allow you to download apps and tweaks unavailable to regular iPad users.

Installing Cell Phone Monitoring Software
While your iPad might not be a cell phone, you can still download cell phone monitoring software onto it. The reason you’ll want to jailbreak your iPad beforehand is so that the monitoring software can slip past barriers present available on an un-jailbroken device. Once your device is jailbroken, you won’t have to worry about these restrictions and can easily install the phone spy free of contact software (as well as any desirable software you’ll find in Cydia) without any future restrictions.

Installing the software is a simple process. Just purchase the software you’re looking to use, download it onto the iPad and follow the provided instructions that should come along with the software.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be good to go and can monitor your iPad safely and easily without even breaking a sweat.

Jailbreaking your iPad doesn’t have to be an intimidating process so long as you’re willing to back up your phone and download Pangu. By being vigilant and taking the time to work through the process, you can easily jailbreak your phone in a matter of minutes and for free. Jailbreaking, while it’s not for everyone, remains the best way to open up your iPad so monitoring phone spyware can be installed on it. Just keep this in mind should you want to install monitoring software on it for whatever reason.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

When Your Child is Traveling Abroad

Your child may be one of the lucky few teenagers who earns the opportunity to travel abroad. Whether they’re traveling with relatives, a youth group, or are on a missionary mission, it can be an exciting and rewarding opportunity for anyone. But you already know that traveling abroad can be dangerous in many aspects. Between natural disasters, strange people, and an unfamiliar land, there can be a lot to worry about for both teenagers and parents before the teenager even boards the plane. Luckily, you can make sure that your child has a fun, rewarding time abroad and make sure that your child is safe with a few safety measures and some common sense. Using free cell phone spy apps can help ease your mind.

Common Sense Tips Your Child Should Know

            Granted if your child is traveling abroad, that means that they’re responsible enough to be relatively independent in a foreign country. We’re assuming your child is in high school or, at the very least, is traveling with a youth group.
            Regardless of how old your child is though, they should not be traveling by themselves. Every teenager traveling to a foreign country should operate on the buddy system and have a friend along with them at all times, especially if they, for whatever reason, separate from the group they’re traveling with.
            Teenagers should also be sure to listen to their group leader at all times. They should be aware of how to contact emergency numbers or help of any sort in the country they’re traveling to. Having a working knowledge of basic first aid pointers will be helpful to them as well.
            Your teenager should not hesitate to call you in emergency situations. Ideally they should be calling you regularly in order to let you know how they’re doing but these are teenagers and sometimes even teenagers forget.
Additional Safety Measures

            But sometimes, no matter how careful a teenager is, things happen when traveling abroad. A child may be lost or they may get involved in a domestic conflict in their host country. You’ll want to take a few safety measures in order to make sure you can keep tabs on your child.
            Be sure to have frank discussions about the safety measures you’re utilizing with your child beforehand so he or she can understand your intentions and how they can help keep themselves safe.
            Ideally, every child should adequately charge their cellphones each and every day, if their travels allow them to bring a cellphone. If they have a smart phone, consider installing a cellphone tracking service. This way, the child’s phone can be tracked no matter how far away they are. A cellphone tracking service or free cell phone spy software primarily allows you to see the GPS location of the child’s cellphone, making it easy to know whether or not your child is safe and sound. Be sure you don’t abuse this privilege, however. Many tracking services allow you to see data about texts and calls sent. Try not to pry unless you have good reason to be concerned. But these services can be very, very handy if the child is lost, involved in a terrorist conflict, or so on.
            If you have reason to believe your child is hurt, lost, or otherwise compromised, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the organization your child is traveling with, INTERPOL, and your country’s own embassy. That way the right authorities can help your child out of whatever situation they may have found themselves in and you can have the agency to ensure that your child is safe, regardless of how far away you may be.

            Traveling abroad can be a rewarding experience and with the right precautions in place, it can be safe as well. And with a free cell phone spy software download, a parent can rest easy that no matter how far your child travels, he or she will always be safe.

Monday, April 25, 2016

How Parents Can Change the Addiction that their Children have on Mobile Phones with Cell Phone Monitoring Software

The cell phone can be an addiction to your children. This happens a lot yet parents don’t see it as a major problem. Parents want to give their children the best life. Unfortunately, at times this comes at a great cost. Before buying that phone, you should ask whether it would transform your child into an addict or not. Your child can do without any form of addiction. You notice the addiction when asking the kids to do a task only to realize that they are busy on their phones.

So, what should you do to stop the cell phone addiction?

Install Cell Phone Monitoring Software
Installing the cell phone spy software is your best bet. Through the software, you can monitor the things that keep attracting your children to their mobile phones. For example, you can identify whether the addiction is because of sexually explicit text messages that your children receive and send. If the children have installed some strange apps that they spend hours on, the software would provide you with this information. You can choose to use a free cell phone spy app or one with a fee. I suggest a paid subscription because I feel that using free cell phone spy applications for Android and iPhone devices doesn't give you a good enough picture of what you're looking to get.

Your other option would be to take away the phone. This tactic can produce the desired results or be counterproductive. Therefore, exercising a bit of caution is highly advised. Today’s kids find mobile phones huge attractions. The child could even save money and buy his own phone, which he hides from you. Instead of creating the environment for such behavior to occur, installing the software and using it to monitor what the kids do is a much better option.

Effects of Ignorance
Ignoring the problem makes the situation much tougher for your children. In fact, ignoring the problem could have devastating consequences for your finances. If the child spends most of his time visiting different websites, he could surpass the monthly data plan. Consequently, the parent has to step in by topping the child’s data plan. As this shows, the child’s addiction to the different apps and features on the phone could cripple you financially.

The cell phone monitoring software can inform you when the child attempts to overuse the data plan. When this happens, you can call the child and ask him to stop. You could set the software to deny the child access to the Internet at specific hours or during some days of the week. This way, the child knows that he has a limit and cannot remain glued to the phone at all times. By destroying the child’s addiction, you’d be retaining more money in your pockets.

What can’t you do with the software?
Without the software, it would be impossible for you to monitor your child’s phone habits. This is more evident when you’re out of the house, hence away from the child. The child could spend more time on his phone when you’re out only to pretend that he only uses the gadget periodically simply because you’re around. The software, therefore, encourages the right behavior by making it impossible for the child to hide things from you.

Despite installing the monitoring software, you need to discuss the over-reliance on the mobile phone with your child. Where possible, let the child know that you consider his behavior a form of addiction, especially if he feels incapable of living without the phone. Maintaining an open avenue where you can talk freely with your child is a very good tactic. The software only makes your responsibilities as a parent much easier. The software does not diminish your role.

Finally, the software is your ally in setting ground rules regarding the use of mobile phones at home. In fact, you should also use the information from the software to set ground rules regarding how the children can use any device that gives them access to the Internet. Involve your children in setting up these rules. Use the information to talk about the apps that the kids love including their costs and effects on the children’s upbringing.

Install cell phone monitoring software today to eradicate mobile phone addiction in your child.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Features That We Wish iPhones Had

We love you Apple, we really do. And we love our iPhones. But we still think there’s a lot of room for improvement. Everyone has at least one feature they wish their iPhone had. We’re discussing some of the most commonly requested features fans have been asking for. In some cases, there may be apps that fill the void. But here are some of the features we wish iPhones had and we only hope that Apple will eventually add them in in a future update.

Change the Layout
iPhones are known for their sleek app layout and design. But we’d love to have the ability to customize our phone’s layout. Everything from altering texts to the look of app icons- having these options would help users personalize their phone. But it can’t be done unless users somehow jailbreak their phone and download an app through Cydia. If users could customize their phone without jailbreaking it, Apple would be the real MVP.

Delete Default Apps
How come we can’t delete default apps? Not all of us need a Stock app or a News app. In order to delete these default apps, we have to, again, jailbreak the phone. These apps, if users don’t actually care about them, just take up already limited space on an iPhone. Let us delete them and make our phones work for us.

A Waterproof Phone
This is more of a hardware issue than a software issue but we’d love to see Apple offer a waterproof model for the iPhone 7. Now, there’s rumors that this might be the case. But we can only imagine how great it would be if the iPhone 7 could handle a dunking without having to first buy a case. Other companies like Motorola and Samsung have done it. It’s time Apple joined the fray.

Wireless Charging
No one likes cables. Why not eliminate charging cables altogether and offer wireless charging? The Samsung Galaxy S6 offers it. iPhone 6s users have to buy an external add-on to be able to use wireless charging. But adding wireless charging onto future models of the iPhone will not only help make it easier to charge a phone but they’ll help emphasize that the iPhone family is all about reducing clutter and streamlining the smartphone experience.

The Storage
Apps are getting bigger and more elaborate. And iPhones are having trouble keeping up. Adding more storage space will give iPhone owners more incentive to download/buy apps and help ensure that they have more room for photos.

Spying Software
Parents especially would be interested in this type of feature so they can track my phone app. When I say this they often ask the question, "Can you track an iPhone?" With this kind of software you have the ability to spy on someones cell phone and see their text messages, photos, social media, and more. You can even use AT&T, Sprint and Verizon cell phone spy software.

Reduce Photo File Sizes
You can reduce the camera quality when taking videos by visiting Settings and the Photo settings. But you can’t reduce photo camera quality. By reducing camera quality, you can help reduce the size of photos and ultimately avoid cluttering up your phone with dozens of images.

3D Photography
This feature has been rumored for years. But we’d love to see the iPhone incorporate 3D photography. After all, there’s 3D cameras on the market. And Apple has the technology to make it happen. Incorporating 3D photography on the iPhone would go one way to asserting that Apple really is the master of the iPhone.

The iPhone is an amazing phone in itself. But incorporating even a couple of these features would do a lot to help iPhones become even more powerful and user-friendly. The iPhone is a leader in the industry. Allowing users to delete unwanted default apps, use 3D photography, and customize their phone’s layout would do much to help the iPhone stand apart from the pack and help us love our iPhones even more. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cell Phone Monitoring Software Shows the Importance of Taking Sexting Seriously

The level of exposure that the youth of today have to digital dangers is mind-boggling. The youth think that they know everything, hence the urge to ignore whatever their parents tell them about digital dangers. Parents are justified when they worry about the things that their teenage children do online or using mobile phones. Your kids won’t appreciate learning that you installed contact free cell phone spy software, even when such a tool is for their own safety and security.

One of the digital dangers that parents cannot ignore is sexting, which refers to sending and receiving sexually explicit text messages. The messages might even include photos of nude people. It’s common for such messages to feature photos of male and female private parts. Stats show that sexting is one of the fastest growing trends among teens. What is sad, however, is that many parents don’t know what it is or that it even exists.

The facts about sexting that parents need to know include the following:
a)      11 percent of teens have sent nude photos to strangers
b)      80 percent of the teens who have taken part in sexting are younger than 18 years
c)      A 2012 study shows that more than 55 percent of teens showed that friends and strangers asked them to send ‘sexts’

The most worrying stat that parents ought to know is that teens who send sexts are more likely to engage in actual sexual intercourse. This, in itself, should convince you of the importance of taking proactive measures to protect your kids like using cell phone spying without installing software physically into the target phone. If you don’t do something to change the situation, your child could indulge in unprotected sex despite all the dangers that it presents. Install the cell phone monitoring software to protect your children. They will love you for it later in life.

Why teenagers engage in Sexting
Teens are delving into sexting because of peer pressure. They want to try new things. They feel a sense of adventure that propels them into new territories without considering the dangers. A worrying reason is that some teenagers engage in sexting simply because they love sex. Using a cell phone text spy you can sniff out those bad texts. Such teens then use sexting as a means of increasing their knowledge regarding sexual activities. Your child could find himself in trouble with law enforcement agencies, thus the need to protect him.

Step in Immediately
Parents must step in immediately to stop this habit from developing and growing into a monster. Failure to take immediate actions could prove detrimental to the child’s future. Install the cell phone monitoring software and check the copies of text messages that it sends to you. Check the messages for any hint of sexting. Use this as proof and the basis for having a serious, heartfelt talk with your child.

During the talk, ask your child whether he has partaken in any sexual activity. Ask your child for confirmation as to whether he is involved in sexting. Explain the dangers and risks associated with such an antisocial behavior. Explain the dangers that sexting exposes the children to and the consequences of the choices that they make today. Let the child know the emotional and legal cost of sexting. In the wrong hands, the sexually rich photos could prove costly to a child.

Finally, you have every right to monitor what your child does online. Monitor your child’s activities if you suspect that he is involved in sexting. Let your child know that sexting is not a fun and innocent activity as he thinks. Install the cell phone monitoring software today whether you have the proof that your kid is sexting or not. Even where you only feel a hunch, install the software and begin protecting your child from sexting.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Power of Accessing Deleted Text Messages

Cell phone monitoring software can show you what your child or employee is saying in texts and who they’re sending them to. Being able to see messages as they’re sent in real time is a handy feature and especially ideal for parents and employers. But that’s not the only benefit of downloading cell phone monitoring software. As it turns out, you can pull up deleted messages with this software too and with this, the possibilities are endless. Here’s how powerful accessing deleted text messages can be.

What’s Gone Isn’t Gone Forever
Even if you delete a message, it isn’t gone forever. Often times, texts are saved in your phone’s cache. Your phone’s cache is difficult to access without noodling around with different programs or talking to your cellular company.

But when you’re using a cell phone spying software program, it’s an entirely different case altogether.

Cell phone spying software has the ability to search through your phone’s cache, pulling up old, deleted messages. A message might seemingly be deleted from a phone but it’s not gone forever.

Is your employee trying to conduct personal business on their phone and covering their tracks? Is your child up to no good? Whatever the case might be, pulling up cached messages is a good way to make sure that their phones are really being used responsibly and that you can take action if you know that the phone is not being used according to your specifications.

For Employees
Being able to pull up old, deleted text messages has a lot of potential when you’re dealing with your employees.

Many employees might try to use their business phone to conduct activities that their families or spouse wouldn’t approve of. They might contact mistresses or buy illicit materials.

Always take careful notes of deleted texts that monitoring software pulls up. Consider who the texts are being sent to. When your employees are behaving in unsuitable ways, you can bring this to their attention with your log of recorded messages. Don’t let your employees abuse the privilege of company cell phones. Take action with cellphone monitoring software.

For Children
Let’s face it. Kids aren’t always up to any good. Your child might be messaging people you don’t approve of or conducting unsavory business they don’t want you to find out about. Regardless of whether they’re dating, doing drugs, or joining a gang, you can help ensure that your kids can be safely monitored by being able to view deleted messages.

Like employees, you’ll want to take careful notes about the information you’re pulling up. Note who the recipients of deleted texts are. Are your children contacting anyone you should be worried about? Are they trying to conceal activity from you?

Never hesitate to bring it to their attention. You can block access to certain numbers and features of the phone as well if you feel your children aren’t using their phones properly. Don’t let your children take advantage of you. Be sure to ground or reprimand your children if they’re not listening or obeying. They might resent you taking action but their safety is key, first and foremost.

Summing it Up
Pulling up deleted messages has a lot of practical applications. From being able to see what your employees or children are attempting to hide from you to being able to take notes of what’s really going on, pulling up deleted messages is one of the most useful functions of using a cell phone monitoring program.

What’s gone isn’t gone forever. Cell phone spying app programs can help you access a targeted device’s cache all without stress or in-depth technical knowledge. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How to Read Text Messages on Your Teen’s iPhone

Parents can use iPhone spy software to read text messages on their teen’s iPhone. The process is easy and most cases the teen doesn’t know their device is being tracked. The idea is to keep parents in the know about their teen’s communication habits with their iPhone. Many teens send hundreds of text messages a week.  Parents may not know who their child is communicating with and content of the messages. There have been all sorts of events stemming from text messages parents wish they knew before they happened. Now, parents can keep track of such messages and even learn a thing or two about abbreviations and how teens try to “hide” or “code” certain types of messages.

Teens Text More than Talk
Various studies support the idea that teens spend more time texting on iPhones than actually making calls. In a number of ways this makes sense. There are hundreds of apps that let you communicate to others in different ways including text messages, chat, instant messaging, email, photos, video and so forth. Few hardly use their phone for talking unless it is for something urgent or when they want to make a long distance call.  Since teens enjoy texting so much they may think they can get away with sharing information with others without it being detected.  In many cases they are wrong. 

Why Should Parents Read Text Messages?
Being able to read text messages created by your teen isn’t necessarily invasion of privacy. Parents have a right to know who their child is communicating with and how they do it. Teens are engaging in different forms of communication that is considered inappropriate and offensive in many cases. Sexting, cyberbullying and other forms of internet crimes are being committed by teens more every year. Using software such as iPhone spy helps parents stay on top of such activity and learn if their child is in danger of committing other harmful acts. Being able to read text messages by your teen can give more insight as to what situations your teen is currently involved in.

View More than Just Text Messages
Using iPhone monitoring software such as iPhone spy tracker software lets parents view an assortment of details on their teen’s phone. There are a few features parents have found very helpful including the ability to read messages through social media and being able to block or restrict web browsing. Photos and videos can also be viewed on the child’s phone through remote monitoring. Using this software can add another layer of security since parental controls for iPhones may be limited in what parents really need for their teen’s safety while use. Parents can even track location of the iPhone as their child travels about from one place to another. For additional insight on their current location parents can take pictures using the iPhone being tracked without detection from the owner.

Let iPhone Spy Help

Thousands of parents have used iPhone cell phone spy free of contact software such as iPhone spy and have been pleased with their results. The software is affordable and is compatible on most iPhone models. Parents can use the software to add security and ensure their teen is using their device responsibly. Thousands who are using similar forms of software have experienced promising results. It is amazing to read reviews and feedback from parents discussing their reasoning why they got the software. Some parents have used it to help them find a runaway teen. Others have learned about peers they don’t want their child hanging out with.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Protecting Your Child in a Rural Area

Even if you don’t live in a big city, a rural town can still have plenty of pratfalls and dangers every parent will need to watch out for. Between wide, open areas and wild animals, children aren’t automatically safer in a small town than they would be in a dense, urban area. While you may not be a fan of technology, things like cell phone spy ware can help you keep an eye on your child and help them stay safe and sound, no matter how big your town or farm is.

Why Cell phone Tracking Technology is the Key to Personal Safety
Cell phone tracking technology can be the key to keeping your children safe.

The biggest advantage this kind of software offers is the fact that cell phone tracking technology has the capacity to pinpoint your child’s exact GPS location at all times. This has a lot of great implications. Imagine if your child is out playing on a summer’s day and they don’t come home for lunch. Or you’re trying to figure out if your child is wandering onto someone else’s farm without your express permission. The possibilities are endless and GPS tracking technology helps you keep an eye on your children without having to worry about what they’re up to or whether you can physically be around.

There are additional benefits as well. You’ll be able to see all texts sent to and from the phone as well as any calls or social media data. In case you’re seeing suspicious activity on your child’s phone or believe they’re up to something, you’ll have the tools to know exactly what it is, putting a stop to drug use, cow tipping, or whatever else your kids are doing.

Cell phone spy tracker technology runs in the background, making it a discreet and safe option when tracking your child’s phone. You can monitor another phone directly from your own smartphone or computer and anyone can use it- it’s easy.

Safety Tips
Along with cellphone tracking software, teaching your child a few basic safety tricks will go far when it comes to teaching them how to safely handle any situation.

Discourage them from traveling on their own. You may want to teach them that they should only leave the property with a sibling or a friend. The buddy system helps ensure that someone’s with your child no matter how far away from home they may be. If your child and their friend run into trouble, one person can easily call or find help. And it’s harder for a child to misbehave when they’ve got someone with them.

Your children should avoid strangers when possible. Encourage them to seek help from neighbors or someone close by if they’re in a bad situation. They should always practice smart cellphone charging behavior in order to ensure they can quickly get in touch with you just in case. An external battery might be a smart, cost-effective solution, ensuring your child’s phone will never die while they’re out.

Ask them to stay within a certain mile radius of your home or property and teach them to never go on someone’s property without the owner’s permission.

While a rural town might not have the same issues that an urban city might have, it’s still important to consider basic safety tips. You should be well acquainted with cellphone tracking software. Between that and teaching your children basic safety lessons, they’ll be safe and sound no matter where they are in your town. Just remain vigilant. Technology can help keep your children safe even from a distance. What parent wouldn’t want that? Now you have that power. To get more information about this kind of software check out cell phone spy software reviews on Best Cell Phone Spy Apps.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Monitoring Remote Employees Without Stress

            In many cases, you might be working with remote employees no matter what industry you’re working in. Remote working is a very popular option thanks to the advent of technology and the Internet. It’s an easy, affordable way to increase employee productivity and attract talent from miles away, even if employees live in another state or country. You should use cell phone spy software free trial to see what your employees are up to.

            But it’s still important to keep tabs on your employees, even if your only way to speak with them is over Skype or by phone. Company laptops and cellphones can be an affordable and easy solution to both help keep your employees’ personal and business lives separate and afford you a pain-free way to monitor their activity while on the job. Here’s how you can monitor and manage remote employees without stress.

The Perks of Business Phones and Laptops

            Pricey as it might sound, providing your employees with business phones and laptops is a great way to not only boost employee productivity but it can actually help promote employee morale too.
            Everyone likes free stuff. Providing your remote employees with business phones and laptops taps into a common love of free stuff. 

            Having your employees conduct work on their personal devices means that they’ll be wide open to distraction. Plus, confidential business documents likely won’t be secure on a personal device. But providing secure devices sidesteps this problem. Your business documents will remain secure. All conversations related to business can easily be tracked and documented. And you won’t have to worry about your employees playing video games on their computers when they should be working. Find out what your employees are doing by accessing cell phone spy software free download.

Keeping Tabs

            Keeping tabs on their provided business devices is simple when you can take advantage of cellphone and computer monitoring technology. It’s the 21st century solution to an age-old problem- how can you actually make sure your employees are staying on task? You can’t always rely on self-reported data. Your employees are human after all. Not everyone can remember what they did and some may fudge details on things like work reports and mileage forms. 

            When you’re able to track their cellphones and laptops on the other hand, you’ll have proof of what your employees are doing while they’re at work. No longer will your employees have to be stuck in an office. You can utilize data made available on tracking software to help free your employees from the confines of the office while still making sure you can hold your employees accountable no matter what. 

            With cellphone tracking software you can track your employees’ cellphone usage. Keep tabs on everything from your employees’ GPS location, key if your employees need to travel for work, to the calls and emails they’re making from their business devices. You’ll be able to make sure they’re not using their business cellphones for personal affairs and so on. 

            Computer monitoring software can do much of the same thing for your employees’ computers. Track their Internet browsing history to make sure they’re only browsing approved websites on company devices and on company time. Make sure they’re not abusing their devices.

Summing It Up

            Keeping track of your employees doesn’t have to be stressful or a hassle. Anyone can install monitoring software on their company’s devices without a lot of time or effort. It can be simple to install monitoring software but the benefits are endless. Providing company devices and monitoring them can help you keep tabs on your employees, even when they live miles away. Remote working has never been easier thanks to technology. Don’t let technology leave you by the wayside. Take advantage of tracking technology to put your mind at easy and help promote productivity in your office. Cell phone spy software free can help ease your mind of any doubts about your employees.