Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cell Phone Monitoring Software Shows the Importance of Taking Sexting Seriously

The level of exposure that the youth of today have to digital dangers is mind-boggling. The youth think that they know everything, hence the urge to ignore whatever their parents tell them about digital dangers. Parents are justified when they worry about the things that their teenage children do online or using mobile phones. Your kids won’t appreciate learning that you installed contact free cell phone spy software, even when such a tool is for their own safety and security.

One of the digital dangers that parents cannot ignore is sexting, which refers to sending and receiving sexually explicit text messages. The messages might even include photos of nude people. It’s common for such messages to feature photos of male and female private parts. Stats show that sexting is one of the fastest growing trends among teens. What is sad, however, is that many parents don’t know what it is or that it even exists.

The facts about sexting that parents need to know include the following:
a)      11 percent of teens have sent nude photos to strangers
b)      80 percent of the teens who have taken part in sexting are younger than 18 years
c)      A 2012 study shows that more than 55 percent of teens showed that friends and strangers asked them to send ‘sexts’

The most worrying stat that parents ought to know is that teens who send sexts are more likely to engage in actual sexual intercourse. This, in itself, should convince you of the importance of taking proactive measures to protect your kids like using cell phone spying without installing software physically into the target phone. If you don’t do something to change the situation, your child could indulge in unprotected sex despite all the dangers that it presents. Install the cell phone monitoring software to protect your children. They will love you for it later in life.

Why teenagers engage in Sexting
Teens are delving into sexting because of peer pressure. They want to try new things. They feel a sense of adventure that propels them into new territories without considering the dangers. A worrying reason is that some teenagers engage in sexting simply because they love sex. Using a cell phone text spy you can sniff out those bad texts. Such teens then use sexting as a means of increasing their knowledge regarding sexual activities. Your child could find himself in trouble with law enforcement agencies, thus the need to protect him.

Step in Immediately
Parents must step in immediately to stop this habit from developing and growing into a monster. Failure to take immediate actions could prove detrimental to the child’s future. Install the cell phone monitoring software and check the copies of text messages that it sends to you. Check the messages for any hint of sexting. Use this as proof and the basis for having a serious, heartfelt talk with your child.

During the talk, ask your child whether he has partaken in any sexual activity. Ask your child for confirmation as to whether he is involved in sexting. Explain the dangers and risks associated with such an antisocial behavior. Explain the dangers that sexting exposes the children to and the consequences of the choices that they make today. Let the child know the emotional and legal cost of sexting. In the wrong hands, the sexually rich photos could prove costly to a child.

Finally, you have every right to monitor what your child does online. Monitor your child’s activities if you suspect that he is involved in sexting. Let your child know that sexting is not a fun and innocent activity as he thinks. Install the cell phone monitoring software today whether you have the proof that your kid is sexting or not. Even where you only feel a hunch, install the software and begin protecting your child from sexting.

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