Thursday, April 14, 2016

Liar, Spier, Pants on Fire!

I caught my parents spying on my cell phone—and I’m okay with it
Last year, I discovered that my parents figured out how to spy on iPhone devices and were spying on me on my iPhone. I learned of their betrayal after my friend found out first that his parents were spying on him. I’m not going to go into all the details about how exactly I discovered this, because I want you to know that I’m fine with it. Yeah, you heard me, I’m actually okay with the fact that I caught my parents spying on me. Here’s why….

I was what you call, kind of a bad boy. Even as a child, I got into a lot of trouble. I had a knack for finding it no matter where I went. I was a little hyperactive—never able to sit still for a long time and focus on what I was doing. I also stole a lot. Like candy or snacks or keychains, whatever easy little things I could snatch from the deli or 7-11. I was kind of a klepto. That kind of behavior continued into my teen years—which is where I am now.

I’m 18 now—a senior in high school—about 2 months away from graduating. But if you had known me last year, you would never think I was ever going to finish High School. After graduating Junior High, my life took a deep dive. Puberty had started really beating me up and I was looking for a way to, I don’t know, escape I guess. I was ugly, fat, pimple-faced, and not very smart. At least, in school that is. I started hanging out with some of the “slackers” once I’d entered my high school. First, I started skipping classes. Then I took up smoking. After that, I began drinking on occasion. Then … it got worse.

My parents weren’t blind to the bad turn I’d taken. They were always trying to set me on the right path, but I had a way of walking—or running really—off of it. My grades dropped. Big time. I was getting high before school. Drunk during. And sometimes both after. I was a mess. A burnout. A loser. And I was sharing it all on social media. And it almost got worse. Thankfully, my dad saved my butt.

I had just got done with a really bad day. The worst day of my life. My guidance counselor told me I was going to be left back, I found out that this girl I liked and was trying to date was actually hooking up with my friend, and I owed my dealer over a hundred bucks and heard he was looking for me … like really looking for me. I was so panicked and freaking out about everything that I decided to end it all. I know. It seems extreme—and it was—but I was an effed up teen on drugs. And being an effed up teen on drugs, I posted my plan on FB. What I didn’t know was that my parents had installed a spy text tracker app on my iPhone … and I’m so glad they did.

My poor mom. My poor dad. What I put them through for all those years…. Thanks God they love me as much as they do. Thank God they decided to spy on me. I was really effed up. Dad saved me from killing myself right in time—opened the garage to let all of the carbon monoxide out. He even paid off the drug dealer. I never had suicidal feelings before that day—I mean I’d been depressed, but not like that depressed. Obviously the drugs played a big part in that. I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist ever since then and haven’t touched any drugs or alcohol—not even weed or beer or anything. I don’t even smoke anymore. I’m not saying I’m a born-again or anything like that, but I’ve changed my ways. Accepted who I am. And I have no problem knowing that my folks are watching over me, both in person and on my phone. Thanks to them, I’m going to graduate High School—a year late, but at least I’m not late … if you get what I’m saying.

I don’t care how much they watch me now on my cell, as long as they don’t catch me looking at porn. LOL! No, but seriously, I use my laptop for that. Ha! But really seriously … sometimes spying can be a good thing. I know it was in my case. 

Learning how to track someones iPhone could be the best thing you could ever do. It can literally save someones life!

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