Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How You Can Make Your Company Cellphones Smarter

            Whether you’re a small business or a larger corporation, you may be considering giving your employees cellphones for official purposes. A work cellphone is a handy way for any employee, especially one who works in an industry where he or she may be on call, to both easily contact fellow employees or management and keep their work and personal life separate. While an employee cellphone isn’t the right business solution for everyone, it can be an effective communication tool for you and your business. Here’s how you can make your company cellphones even smarter and more effective.

Why You Need to Track Cellphones

            Chances are very likely that all your employees, for the most part, have computers in their work stations at the office. You no doubt have some kind of tracking software on those computers, making sure that your employees are using those computers responsibly and only for their intended purpose to complete specific tasks. 

            A company cellphone is no different. You need to make sure that your employees aren’t abusing the privilege. After all, you paid for the phone. You have a right to make sure they’re being used properly. Installing cellphone tracking software is key to making sure that your employees are being mindful about how they use your provided phones. 

            Cellphone tracking software does a number of important things. They’ll provide detailed information about who your employee is calling and texting and the content of those messages. That way you can make sure your employees aren’t, say, using their phones for inappropriate things such as conducting affairs. Cell phone spy free trial can help monitor your employees.

            Tracking software will also give you information on any apps used on the phone. The last thing you want is for your employee to stuff their phone full of storage wasting apps like Facebook and Angry Birds. If they want to play games or share photos of their children with their friends, they can do that on their own personal phones. 

            In some industries, you may need to have a handle on where your employees are when they’re on the clock. Maybe you’re a medical clinic with nurses who need to travel on assignments or you’re a food delivery service. A cellphone tracking program can even provide a detailed look on your employee’s precise GPS location, making it easier to verify mileage reports and ensure that your employees are staying on track. You can access your employees cell phone information by using Cell phone spy gadgets.

Smart Cellphone Policies

            Have strong cellphone policies in place before you even begin handing out company cellphones. That way you can help prevent abuse before it even happens. 

            Emphasize that your employees need to only use their phone for business related purposes and, in some agreed upon instances, emergencies only. Ensure that your employees understand what apps they’re allowed to install and what they need to veer away from. You may find it helpful to ask employees to hand over their phones on their days off or on vacation to ensure that the cellphones, which are property of your business, are used and stored properly. Cell phone  spy programs when trying discreetly to gather information about your employees.

            A business cellphone is no different than giving your employees access to a company car. Just as you wouldn’t want your employees to use your company cars to joyride with, the phones shouldn’t be abused either. Don’t be afraid to take disciplinary action against misuse of provided company items.
            Using a company cellphone can make life even easier for you and your employees. But don’t allow your employees, by any means, to abuse their privilege. With cellphone tracking technology you can ensure that they’re using their provided devices properly. But strong policies will benefit you even further and ensure that your employees know what to expect. 


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