Friday, April 1, 2016

Using iPhone Spy to Block Calls on Your Teen’s Smartphone

Teens love making calls on their iPhone, but many may choose to send text messages or emails instead. The same people they receive such messages from may be making calls to their phone parents need to be concerned about. Such people can be poor influence on their teen or it can be someone that has caused hurt, trouble or embarrassment to the teen in question. Even when conversations are inappropriate teens will continue to engage in them anyway thinking it makes them more mature. 

Others may think they know what they are doing but a conversation can change direct quickly. A teen may find themselves in a situation they wish they were not in. Parents can use an iPhone spy to know who their teen receives calls from and block contacts from doing so. While blocking calls from other teens is possible, some parents may use the software to ensure certain adults do not make contact with their teen. Here are reasons why parents should look into how to spy on someone using iPhone spy to block calls on their teen’s smartphone.

The Forbidden Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Parents may have a certain person they don’t want their teen associating with. For example, a parent with a teenage daughter may not want her to talk to a certain boy because he is a bad influence. The teen may think they can still receive or make calls to the boy, but with spyware programs such as iPhone spy this isn’t possible. Taking a step such as using this kind of software can help prevent teens from doing certain actions such as meeting up behind their parent’s back or making other inappropriate plans.

Drama-Filled Girlfriends
What teen hasn’t come across another teen known for starting drama? There are plenty of teens that like to start stuff with others for no apparent reason. Sometimes it can lead to the worst happening such as fighting, getting jumped by others or the spread of horrible rumors that affect someone’s reputation. Using software such as iPhone spy can help parents keep drama away from their teen’s device by allowing them to spy on cell phone easily. Parents can place a block on the device to ensure such calls from certain persons cannot be made or received.

The Negative Influence Friend
Teens can have a wide range of friends including the one considered a bad influence. Teens can see such individuals as cool people. They may be known for doing stupid stuff but teens consider them to be good people. Yet, some teens don’t see past their stupid actions and may not realize they are being influenced to do wrong. There are teens that do all sorts of negative activity such as gangs, crime, be disrespectful to others, drugs, drink alcohol, skip school, and carry a weapon and so on.  Teens can have evidence on their iPhones of who they hang out with. Some take pictures with their friends holding weapons, large amounts of cash and other illegal substances. Their actions become questionable when they decide to share these photos via social media. They end up looking foolish instead of cool.

How iPhone Spy Blocks Calls

The spy program is easy to use. Users download software and use a special code that lets them tap into their teen’s iPhone. Through remote monitoring parents can access contact lists and call history on their teen’s device. The program lets parents block phone numbers and you may be able to remove contact information from the iPhone. Parents can choose to use the program as long as necessary and get notifications when their teen tries to contact someone that has been blocked. I know if I was a parent I'd use my spy software to monitor them!


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