Friday, April 29, 2016

Why a Cell Phone Spy App May Have Saved a Toddler’s Life

By now you’ve all heard about the case of Justin Ross Harris, the Georgia dad who went to work and left his son to die in the hot car. Originally seen as a tragic accident—with many believing that the father had just completely forgotten that his son was in the back seat on that fateful day—the case against Harris has turned from one of negligence to outright murder.

Prosecutors have been digging for over a year into Harris’s alternative Internet life and have found that the married father had been sexting with 6 women during the time that his son was cooking in his car seat in the hot Georgia sun. To make matters all the more disturbing, one of those women was not even a “woman” but an underage girl—one who he sent pictures of his erect penis to.

Many have stood by Harris leading up to his impending trial and have found it difficult to accept that he had been engaging in lurid sexts with multiple females—especially the minor—but prosecutors say they should not be fooled. The seemingly wonderful father and husband had a lot of secrets—something which the investigation is bringing to light. One huge find was that Harris had researched infant deaths in cars numerous times—including just days before! Another was that he had two insurance policies taken out on his son totaling $26,000.

As for forgetting about his son, Harris claims he just had a lot on his mind and forgot, but investigators have found the father should have realized his mistake when he made an afternoon visit to the car to “put some lightbulbs” in the driver’s seat. Detectives believe that there is no way that he wouldn’t have smelled the signs of death and theorize that Harris may have gone there to check on his son Cooper’s state. It should be noted that Harris then went back to work and continued with his sexting.

It’s hard to believe that a father could have done any of this intentionally, but it appears that it is true. After work, Harris went to the car—which contained the cooked dead boy sitting in his own heated feces and vomit—and left the parking lot. He drove a good couple of minutes before pulling into a grocery store parking lot when he appeared to FINALLY notice his dead son. Investigators say there is no way he would have NOT noticed his deceased son in the car when he first got into it. The stench of death would have been overpowering.

So what could have been done to prevent all of this and perhaps alert one to his guilty behavior before it became too late? Are there free ways to spy on cell phones so his wife could've caught him in this kind of lie? Some people are saying that had the mother installed a cell phone spy app on her husband’s phone to use a contact free spy on cell phone, she may have seen many of the things that investigators discovered … after the fact. A high-quality spy app could allow you to have a worry free spy on cell phone without installing software and could have shown that he was sexting other women, sending pics of his private areas, engaging a minor and researching how to kill his kid.

No matter how the trial turns out, one thing will remain true, a young life was tragically lost and there will be no winners in this case no matter what the outcome. And sadly, things like this keep happening. Just Google “child dies in hot car” and you’ll see a new news article or two every few months or so.

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