Friday, April 22, 2016

Features That We Wish iPhones Had

We love you Apple, we really do. And we love our iPhones. But we still think there’s a lot of room for improvement. Everyone has at least one feature they wish their iPhone had. We’re discussing some of the most commonly requested features fans have been asking for. In some cases, there may be apps that fill the void. But here are some of the features we wish iPhones had and we only hope that Apple will eventually add them in in a future update.

Change the Layout
iPhones are known for their sleek app layout and design. But we’d love to have the ability to customize our phone’s layout. Everything from altering texts to the look of app icons- having these options would help users personalize their phone. But it can’t be done unless users somehow jailbreak their phone and download an app through Cydia. If users could customize their phone without jailbreaking it, Apple would be the real MVP.

Delete Default Apps
How come we can’t delete default apps? Not all of us need a Stock app or a News app. In order to delete these default apps, we have to, again, jailbreak the phone. These apps, if users don’t actually care about them, just take up already limited space on an iPhone. Let us delete them and make our phones work for us.

A Waterproof Phone
This is more of a hardware issue than a software issue but we’d love to see Apple offer a waterproof model for the iPhone 7. Now, there’s rumors that this might be the case. But we can only imagine how great it would be if the iPhone 7 could handle a dunking without having to first buy a case. Other companies like Motorola and Samsung have done it. It’s time Apple joined the fray.

Wireless Charging
No one likes cables. Why not eliminate charging cables altogether and offer wireless charging? The Samsung Galaxy S6 offers it. iPhone 6s users have to buy an external add-on to be able to use wireless charging. But adding wireless charging onto future models of the iPhone will not only help make it easier to charge a phone but they’ll help emphasize that the iPhone family is all about reducing clutter and streamlining the smartphone experience.

The Storage
Apps are getting bigger and more elaborate. And iPhones are having trouble keeping up. Adding more storage space will give iPhone owners more incentive to download/buy apps and help ensure that they have more room for photos.

Spying Software
Parents especially would be interested in this type of feature so they can track my phone app. When I say this they often ask the question, "Can you track an iPhone?" With this kind of software you have the ability to spy on someones cell phone and see their text messages, photos, social media, and more. You can even use AT&T, Sprint and Verizon cell phone spy software.

Reduce Photo File Sizes
You can reduce the camera quality when taking videos by visiting Settings and the Photo settings. But you can’t reduce photo camera quality. By reducing camera quality, you can help reduce the size of photos and ultimately avoid cluttering up your phone with dozens of images.

3D Photography
This feature has been rumored for years. But we’d love to see the iPhone incorporate 3D photography. After all, there’s 3D cameras on the market. And Apple has the technology to make it happen. Incorporating 3D photography on the iPhone would go one way to asserting that Apple really is the master of the iPhone.

The iPhone is an amazing phone in itself. But incorporating even a couple of these features would do a lot to help iPhones become even more powerful and user-friendly. The iPhone is a leader in the industry. Allowing users to delete unwanted default apps, use 3D photography, and customize their phone’s layout would do much to help the iPhone stand apart from the pack and help us love our iPhones even more. 

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