Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Make A Plan To Protect Your Children While Online

My children have iPads in their school. They bring them home to do work on them, and use them every day. The school blocks many websites and tries to do their best but they can’t monitor everything and everyone, so this was a big worry for me. It was the first time either of my children had really been online a lot, and I knew that it was only going to get worse.

Almost everything we do now is somehow connected to the internet. If it starts when kids are really young in school, what will happen as they get older? My husband and I realized that we needed to have a plan in place for internet usage with our kids and in our household. We realized that we needed to be smart and be constantly watching everything. We needed a cell spy software for iPhone and iPad.

What About Cell Phones?

It’s not just iPads or the internet – at a certain point our kids are going to want cell phones, and then what do we do? We thought it was impossible to police those and monitor everything they could do on cell phones. Yes we could put rules in play for cell phone usage and lock the cell phones and only allow certain numbers to call. But at some point there is going to be a way to get around that and then what do we do? We can’t see all text message that are sent or social media messages that are received, not if they are deleted before we see them. It was a huge concern for us because we didn’t know how to go forward as parents to protect our children while they are online or using their cell phones.

There’s An App For That

Then we heard about free cell phone spy apps. We weren’t sure exactly what they were or how they worked. Wouldn’t a child be able to see this app and delete it from their phone?  Could there be a way to go about spying on a cell phone without it being noticeable? And what exactly could we see when we use it? We would still have the same problems with deleted messages and phone calls, wouldn’t we? Have you ever wondered, I’d like to know how to read someone’s text messages, or see his call logs and emails. You’re not alone.

You Can Monitor All Activity

It turns out we were wrong. We found Auto Forward and their cell phone spy software. After looking into it and realized that we could install this to phones easily and it’s even easier to use. We can see all texts that are sent and received, even if they have been deleted. We can also see all web browser history – again, even if it has been deleted. We can monitor social media accounts, which is a huge help because with direct messages and private messages it would be almost impossible to try to monitor them. 

No More Worries

Thankfully we now do have a plan going forward. When our children begin using cell phones we won’t be worried because we will be monitoring them. And we will be able to see everything. 

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