Tuesday, October 20, 2015

4 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps For An iPhone

Are you worried about your teen’s safety? Are you suspicious that they might be using your car even when you strictly told them not to? Are they lying about the group project at their friend’s house?
These are some of the questions that pass through a parent’s mind, multiple times, throughout the day. What are you to do? Screaming at them and grounding them doesn't work anymore? You need to learn how to spy on cell phone! As parents, you need to be subtle about monitoring your kid’s activities and movements to maintain the relationship of trust and love. Smart phones have made that job easier as there are several easy to install cell phone spy software in the market today. If you are planning to get your kid a new iPhone for his birthday, read this first! Mentioned below are some of the best surveillance apps for iPhones that can be installed on the phone within 5-10 minutes. Call history, contacts, calendar, text and location tracking can be monitored using these apps which can be purchased online with ease.

App#1: Auto Forward iPhone Spy App

It is one of the most popular cell phone spy app which allows you to keep track of an Apple iPhone. You can monitor call history, call logs, emails and text messages through this software. You can also use the reverse find feature to gather information about the contacts in the phone. You can even activate the microphone feature and listen to the surrounding sounds of the concerned iPhone. All of these voice recordings are then saved in your Auto Forward Control Panel which can be accessed anytime, anywhere. With a low starting price, this app has the ability to track the location of the phone by using GPS too.

App#2: Highster Mobile for iPhone

It is an amazing cell phone spying app which has an enormous range of options and gathers maximum information from your kid’s iPhone. GPS tracking is a standard feature that tracks the movements of your child, keeping you informed about their whereabouts. Highster Mobile also records any incoming or outgoing calls and messages, emails or pictures that are snapped using the iPhone. In stealth mode, this cell phone spy app can record and monitor the call and browsing history of an iPhone without fail. The app can be bought online and you can extend the subscription to view your Highster Mobile account on your laptop, phone or PC.


App#3: Contact Spy for iPhone

As a parent of a teenager, you can no longer monitor the people in your kid’s life. Well, not without the use of this amazing app! It lets you monitor any contact in your kid’s phone. Simply enter the name of the person in this app and it gathers data from social media accounts and any webpage or blog that has the contact’s name on it. It helps you to understand what kind of a person they are and if your kid is in any danger by being associated with them. If your contact is a resident of the United States of America, it will even provide you with an address. This app is an excellent investment for worrying parents.

App#4: Security Cam for iPhone

This spy app acts as a private investigator and allows you to use its customizable features to define certain motions and sensors that will trigger immediate videos and photos to be taken on demand. You can define the frequency for taking photos and videos and when that frequency is reached, the app will automatically activate and take photos or videos which you can view on your account.

All of these apps can help you as a parent have complete knowledge of your child’s life and monitor their movements without being confrontational. With stealth and ease, you can now use your own kid’s iPhone as a surveillance device. If you want to know more about cell phone spy monitoring, visit us at www.bestcellphonespyapps.com.

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