Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tips to Spy on a Cell Phone

There is a large number of cell phone spy programs that allow you to access the personal information on your child/spouse’ cell phone and monitor their browsing habits, messages, calls and other critical information used to detect any malicious intent or inappropriate behavior. While spying on cell phones  has to be discreet, it also needs to have a sound purpose that justifies the action on ethical grounds. Protection of your organization’s sensitive information on gadgets provided to employees, protecting a teen suspected of drug use and a partner suspected to be a part of illicit behavior makes sense but the purpose always have to be kept in mind so not to deviate. Cell phone spy gadgets and equipments are also available in market adding value to the software service. Here are a few tips on how to spy on cell phone and how to use the software for your greatest benefit:

1.     Know your purpose

Always keep in mind the sound intent of using a cell phone spying software and never go astray.  Besides ethical reasons, if you don’t know for sure the purpose of using a spyware you won’t be able to decide which software to use for spying on the cell phone. If your purpose is solely to track your child’s location for the purpose of his safety or track a driver of one of the shipping companies you own, then software focusing on GPS location should be your choice.

2.     Ethical Considerations

You cannot go about installing cell phone spy programs in your friend’s cell phone to laugh off about their cheesy romance later. Moral values need to be adhered to  when dealing with someone’s super sensitive and personal information. Certain, well-upstanding programs won't even allow you to monitor the cell phone without having it in your hand, meaning you would have permission to be using it. Cell phone spy software like Auto Forward allow you to spy on any cell phone you have the authority to spy on. Spying doesn’t have to be for the sake of spying, it needs a purpose defined and boundaries set. 

3.     Full Stealth

Maintain full stealth and caution when installing a cell phone spy software program in anyone’s cell phone. Any traces or extra files left behind can act as a clue leading to detection of the spyware resulting in breach of trust and inability to exercise the practice again for a genuine cause. You can still have the need to be stealthy if you want the person you're trying to monitor to act as natural as possible.

4.     Data Backup

Check with the software requirements about the duration of data saved in the software history and if you’d need a backup plan. It is advised that no matter how long the spyware keeps the data in subscriber’s account; keep the backup data files stored in a secure location.

5.     Contingency plan

In case of theft or destruction of the cell phone, the spied data is prone to loss too. If you suspect this might be the case with your targeted cell phone (because of it being too expensive or the user moving in sensitive areas) it is better to have a contingency plan. Choose software that provides an option to lock the phone and wipe off the data if it cannot be recovered from the cell phone.

6.     Keep the Credentials Safe

The user name, password and code to access the monitored phone has to be kept in a safe and secured location which no one but the subscriber knows of. This is all about sensitive information which is obtained for a purpose, if anyone else has an access to it, chances of misuse are very high.

Evaluate your options when choosing a cell phone spy program and keep the security concerns and moral obligations in mind no matter what. 

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