Friday, October 23, 2015

A Cell Phone Spy App Can Help A Couple Cool Off

Have you ever been in a crowded restaurant or bar and saw a couple arguing? It’s an uncomfortable thing to witness. Downright embarrassing. A couple that just started dating, or even a couple that’s been married for thirty years can have a spat turn ugly in public. A small argument can start between two people with very different views, mix in too much alcohol, and it can easily escalate.

The worst thing that can happen in any relationship that’s turning sour is when it turns from sour to violent. Couples argue, it’s a fact. The longer you’re with a person, the more their tics and habits can wear the other person down. If you’ve been the friend of someone who is dating or married to another person you don’t approve of (or downright hate), you know it’s a delicate situation. There’s only so long you feel you can keep quiet on the issue. Witnessing violence in a relationship should be anyone’s last straw. It’s time to do something.

What about employing a cell phone spy app on someone’s phone to track their whereabouts? How can that help curb violence? If the girl that you see arguing in a restaurant was YOUR daughter, wouldn’t you want to know? A lot of cell phone spy reviews offer amazing features in their application, like text message spy, GPS locator, and the ability to track all social media. People never think they need to know how to spy on cell phone, but the technology is here, and it’s available to use.

If you saw your daughter out with that guy that made you squirm the last time he picked her up, it’s for reason. Trust your instincts. Did you catch her arguing with him one night outside your house? Now you can see if that argument got out of control via text messaging.

If you’re looking to spy on cell phone for free app, there are some options that might entice you, but most of the free offers don’t offer the full range of features. You’re better off purchasing an app with a low-cost, one-time only fee, like Highster Mobile. Although you’ll want to learn how to spy on someone’s cell phone for free, as I mentioned, the free offers won’t give you the functionality you deserve.

One of those great features of Highster Mobile is the ability to remotely lock the phone from a distance. Now if those text message arguments seem to be very heated and you want the name-calling and viciousness to stop, you can remotely lock the phone yourself.

Of course, not every argument will turn violent, and that’s a good thing. But in this modern day of couples oversharing on social media, you can almost guarantee that something will be posted by someone, somewhere. Many people don’t know how to walk away and cool off. Social media has given angry, emotional people another avenue to vent. But hitting “send” is never a good idea in the heat of the moment.

Wouldn’t you like to prevent simple arguments turning violent? Now you can help stop a couple’s online fighting with a cell phone monitoring software like Highster Mobile.


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