Friday, October 9, 2015

Can an iPhone Be Monitored?

Despite all the unique security features that Apple keeps highlighting, your iPhone is just another smartphone with all relevant features and possibilities of hidden monitoring features. Do you want to know how to spy on a cell phone? For the purpose of monitoring your iPhone, the market is flooded with such apps that can virtually keep a track of your phone with or without your consent. Moreover, there are many cell phone spy apps available that can spy on your phone secretly. This article will explain how your iPhone can be tracked without you even realizing it.

Can an iPhone Be Monitored?

If you think you will realize whether your phone being tracked or not, think again. Cell phones are preloaded with such tracking apps that keep a track of each and every move of yours, often without you realizing it. Keep in mind that such tracking and monitoring apps are different to those that your phone comes preinstalled with at the time of purchase.

You can argue why would the company want to keep you in their radar? The answer is simple as this: the company sells millions of phones and maintains a sales log for their own records. Also, the cell phone operating system (OS) has some apps that monitor your device’s hardware and software performance. This is because in case a bug or an issue surfaces in your iPhone, the company could rectify it, or if it persists, the stock could retract and replaced.

Detecting the Spyware in Your iPhone

However, to spy on a cell phone for free without accessing the phone is a different story altogether. Many people are not aware of what a spyware can or cannot do.  A nominal spyware is a pretty basic monitoring app that only tracks few of your activities such as calls, sms, browsing history and some apps where the permission is allowed by the user. And if a product is promising a working and functional free cell phone spy app, the functionality is probably not the best. Make sure to do your research on all cell phone spyware applications.

In this sense, most of the installed apps in your iPhone, or any smartphone for that matter, ask permission to access you camera, calls, sms, etc so they already possess the ability to track certain things of your phone. However, specifically designed spyware apps track your movements, access camera and call log are things you should be vary of.

For starters, why would anyone want to access your private information? Secondly, if you suspect your phone has cell phone spyware app installed, better take it to a software expert or an iPhone specialist who understands its hardware and software environment.

You can identify whether your iPhone has a spyware by analyzing the following:
·         -Battery drains fast
·         -More than nominal phone storage
·         -Receiving text messages from unknown numbers
·       -  Background noises and eco of your own voice during calls

Additionally, your iPhone should have the administrative access (Jail Break) for the technician to check whether it is being affected by a spyware or not. Keep in mind that only you can do this, or the technician. If you found out your phone was already jail broken, this is a telltale sign that it has a spyware preinstalled and you are being tracked through it. Removing spyware by yourself is not advisable as it can harm your phone and void its warranty. Better contact the company for addressing the issue.

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