Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Digital Abuse Among Teens

Teenagers have been getting smarter with the advancement in technology; however, today they are also prone to cyber crimes and immoral behavior with the misuse of cellular phones. Parents have always tried to set curfews and boundaries but in some cases when the access to virtual world is just a click and swipe away, there’s little that parental control and guidance can do for teenagers today.

It is often advised to parents to use spy software for cell phones and spy their kids’ phones to see if they’re virtually protected or not. Seldom does one think what if my own child is causing some trouble to anyone or to me, for instance, which I am unable to see. For spying on cell phones, parents need strategy to respect their personal lives, but at the same time staying informed of the whereabouts and peer group nature of their child. Digital abuse includes:

1.     Sharing Inappropriate Content

Posting inappropriate content on social media or sharing it on WhatsApp and other messenger apps is a form of digital abuse that is very much common especially among young adults. They need a life of their own and try to curate their own digital images but for that they often cross the boundaries of moral values and ethics. Pictures, videos and other written content that they shouldn’t share has to be controlled to keep them from any negative consequences and also to respect the sentiments of others.

2.     Unpleasant Chat Rooms

You may exercise a certain amount of control on their hangouts and the friends they meet but you would not even know if they’re engaged in unsavory chat rooms or sexting. Virtual peer groups also have an impact on your child’s mental development at a sensitive age.

3.     Online Purchases

There’s a limit to how much they can spend depending upon their pocket money or savings, but using a parent’s credit card information for online purchases is totally unacceptable and do not wait for the credit card statement to raise a red flag, watch out the usage patterns with spy software on your kids’ cell phones.

4.     Over Sharing

There’s definitely a limit to how much they can share in a tweet but who promised only one tweet? When it is teenagers with messaging and social apps on their cell phones, every Tom, Dick and Harry knows what your child has eaten for snack time and where is he going on Saturday night. Excessive information sharing can be dangerous for your child’s safety if he/she has added random people on these accounts.

5.     Cyber Bullying

Teenagers can be victims of cyber bullying or they can be the bullies. In either case, it is not good for your child or any other child to face such humiliation and mental torture. Such content is easily caught when you have installed spy software in your child’s cell phone to track down the messages he/she sends and receives, call logs, and other information too.

Many guardians may begin their search by looking to spy cell phone free or researching a cell phone spy app free. Although tempted by the price tag, these free apps generally don’t have the full functionality that Highster Mobile has.

Summing it up, installing cell phone spy software in your kids’ and teens’ cell phones enable protection from any kinds of abuse they might be victim to or if they are into digital abuse of any kind which may result in more annoying and disruptive habits and behavior. 

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