Monday, June 27, 2016

Useful Tips to Create More iPhone Storage Space

When it comes to storage space on iPhones it can diminish pretty quickly.  For many users this can be irritating and become an ongoing problem.  There are many actions users complete on a regular basis such as downloads and updates, that can suck up available space.  Fortunately, there are actions users can do to increase storage on their device, including an outside source to move data.  How often these actions can be completed will depend on how often storage space is used.  Here are a few tips to help consider how storage space is used and how it can be improved on your iPhone.

What Space is Available?

The first thing to consider when creating more storage space is to review how to track an iPhone by number.  As you do this take note of what is taking up the most space and think about why you need more space.  Understanding why can give an idea of what your next step should be.  Think about what you use your device for the most and things that you may not use at all.  Can you remove or delete anything? 

Remove Apps Not Used

Overtime a person can accumulate apps they don’t use.  This means you could have apps simply taking up space.  What are apps you no longer use or lost interest? Getting rid of unwanted apps can be a great way to gain more space.  Even if there are apps you don’t want to remove, you can still check how much space it uses and delete cache data.  There are iPhone tracker by phone number apps that offer the same purpose and function, but require less space. This means you could consider deleting an app and replacing it with something similar that offers the same need if it takes up less space.

Delete Photos

If you have accumulated a crap load of pictures use iCloud storage or computer to backup photos.  When you create a backup this means you don’t have to keep the photo on your device.  Choosing to remove photos can free up a lot of space.  The same is true for recorded video content.  As you accumulate this type of media on your device, have a folder to help organize it. This can make it easier to upload or backup content as you create it, while making it easier to find and reference in the future.

Delete Music Albums and Videos

Who doesn’t love to listen to music with their iPhone?  Many users have a massive music collection including their favorite tunes.  You don’t have to delete everything, but if you have songs or albums you don’t listen to as often it may be time to delete it.  Like photos you can back up your content and access it later.  Depending on how often you listen to music or download media, you may want to remove such data more often to keep free space available.

Get Rid of Files Downloaded with Apps and Podcasts

When you download how to read other peoples text messages programs on a computer and later decide to delete it, there are times you may find associated files with the program still in the system that not only take up space, but they are not needed since you don’t have that program any more.  The same is true with certain iPhone apps. Look to remove such files or at least make sure everything associated with an app is completely removed from your device if you chose to delete an app.  Like Podcasts?  These can take up a considerable amount of space on your device.  These can be saved elsewhere for reference and in some cases you don’t have to save them if they are updated regularly.

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