Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Every business has got that one guy. The dude who never seems to be working, yet always has an excuse that sounds legit. The one you can never quite catch slacking off—even though you know he is. You know him. Slick Rick.

Slick Rick’s always got a way out. Whether it’s avoiding taking on a little extra work or not being able to show up at a meeting when you really need him, Rick’s always got the perfect excuse: “I was busy trying to close another client.” “My other project just exploded and I needed to do damage control.” “I had no idea you needed me, I never got the email.”

You want to catch Slick Rick, yet somehow he always dodges the bullet and manages to get his work done—although it’s the bare minimum. You know he’s taking long lunches. You suspect he’s making fake client meetings and just taking off. And you’re pretty sure that he’s cheating on his wife with his assistant during office hours. The problem is you can’t prove it!

The truth is that you can prove it, if you’ve given Slick Rick a smartphone to do business on. Chances are that he’s using the device to do all sorts of stuff—except work. He’s probably texting and calling his mistress on it. He’s definitely wasting valuable company time surfing the net and playing around on social media with it. And very likely, he could be using it to conduct work that isn’t pertaining to your company.

So how can you catch Slick Rick? Well, if he truly is a slick one then he deletes all proof of his slacking. Browser history, texts, call logs, social media profiles, pics, vids? Delete, erase and clear. But what Slick Rick doesn’t know is that if you install a high-quality mobile spy app to spy on cell phones on his device, then you can monitor everything he does in real-time and access it even if its been deleted!

Catch him wasting valuable time flirting on Tinder, Match and Ashley Madison. Discover when he’s not where he’s supposed to be by tracking him via GPS locator. Activate his phone’s camera and microphone to snap a picture of his surroundings and listen in on his environment to confirm that he’s not hard at work. View every picture and video he takes and receives. And listen in on his calls and read his texts and emails to prove that he’s doing everything but working. As well as spy on cell phones without having the phone.

Currently, there are hundreds of spy products to spy on someones cell phone, but if you want a trusted app that doesn’t cost a fortune, then go with one of the following three recommended software programs: Highster Mobile, Auto Forward or EasySpy. Each of these apps is easy to install, simple to use and is absolutely undetectable. Slick Rick will never know you’re monitoring him—no matter where you are!

So do yourself a favor and install one of these top-rated mobile monitoring apps on every device you entrust to employees and cut down on the lies and deceptions of your company’s Slick Ricks.

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