Tuesday, June 28, 2016

4 Top Reasons Why You Should Use Highster Mobile Search Alerts

Technology has advanced so much that people can literally do anything on their computing gadgets. While this is great in many respects, it has its downside. When it comes to kids, the apps allow them to send text messages, visit websites, and do other things while keeping the same hidden to parents. However, Highster Mobile has equally advanced to make it possible for parents to learn spying on a cell phone without installing software. One feature that you need to activate and use at all times is the Auto Search Alerts. Here are four top reasons why you need to use the auto search alerts.

1)      They are able to search all areas of the kid’s phones
Highster Mobile is software like no other in many ways. The software developers' work is ensuring they stay ahead of technology so that parents can do everything they want with a kid's phone. The software crawls in all areas of the kid's phone to ensure that the parent is sure of everything the kid is doing. Giving you access to spying on a cell phone for free with a one-time subscription. You only need to set the phone to alert you when a specific page has been visited. Some sites with adult content, drugs, and crime information are harmful and should not be accessed.
You can set specific keywords for the software to search everything from the text messages, snap charts, and even websites so that once they are noted, an alert can be sent to your phone or computer. With the search, you do not even need to keep scrolling through the phone because you can pinpoint the messages and pages with bad content.

2)      They notify you immediately a bad site is visited
While the auto search is busy following pages that you consider harmful, the parent is sure of getting prompt notifications. This can be equated to walking side-by-side with a kid on the street. Whether you are at work or relaxing in the bedroom, you are sure of understanding the kid’s frequency to dangerous websites and take the right action. Always remember to take enough time to pick the right action so that it is effective and does not blow your cover.

3)      They provide links to contacts and sources of harmful content
If you find a kid developing harmful behavior, the chances are that he/she is with bad peers or getting information from other sources. When auto alerts point to a specific source feeding your kid with bad information or forcing her/him to take a bad action, you can take the appropriate action. Many are the times when kids unknowingly follow online friends without understanding their motives. Then, they lure them into drugs, pornography, and even terrorism.

4)      You can block the harmful sites 
With auto alerts, the parent has an upper hand because all the sources have been exposed. Well, think of a parent who notes a specific kid’s friend trying to lure him into drugs? Highster Mobile makes it easy to block the specific website or individuals from accessing the kid’s phone so that he/she remains safe. Remember that you need to keep increasing the keywords to reach all areas with harmful content.

Highster Mobile Search Alerts have been a great success to parents because they not only make you understand a kid more, but also ensure it easy to cut bad peers. The alerts make the spying devices for cell phones easier to use and highly reliable whether at home or away. Remember that success of using any spy software such Highster Mobile lies in the ability to operate without raising suspicion from the kid at any moment.

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