Friday, June 10, 2016

How to Boost Your Storage Space on Your iPhone

Not all iPhones are created equal, especially when it comes to storage space. If you’re like many users, you’re probably short on storage. Whether you’re dealing with an 8G or a 16G, figuring out how to effectively manage your storage space is key. Apps, photos, videos, and texts can clog up your data, making it hard to download new apps, take photos, or even use your phone.
            But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a few careful measures, you can help bulk up your storage space on your iPhone and start using your phone smarter.

Video Quality

            Videos take up an incredible amount of space on your phone. Even a short, twenty second clip can eat up hundreds of megabytes at any given time. But luckily, there’s a solution. It all has to do with video quality.
            By lowering the video quality of any video you take, you can save valuable storage space. Plus, a difference in quality really won’t be that noticeable. Just go to Settings, then to Photos and Videos. Then select Record Video. You’ll be given an option to change the size of the video when recording it. Even selecting 720p HD at 30 fps instead of 1080p HD at 30 fps will make a huge difference for the secret apps for iPhone.

Optimize iPhone Storage

            Make sure this option is enabled and you’ll save thousands of megabytes worth of data. Basically, you can choose to have full resolution versions of photos saved in iCloud instead of keeping them directly on your phone.
            To enable this setting, if it hasn’t already been enabled, go to Settings and then select Photos and Video. It should be one of the first options you’ll be able to select. By enabling the mobile spyware option, you’ll save a significant amount of storage space without breaking a sweat.

The Rental Movie Trick

            Cached data in apps can eat up an incredible amount of data without really doing much for you. But this doesn’t have to be the case. You can use a clever trick to free up several gigs of data all without deleting anything.
            Simply visit iTunes and attempt to rent a long, large movie. You don’t have to actually purchase anything, no worries. You should receive a pop-up notification that says you don’t have enough storage space and can visit your settings to manage space. Visit Settings. Your phone will automatically clean out junk data on your phone in an attempt to increase your storage space.

Be Careful About What You Download

            Taking care with what you download can help you save on storage space. If you’re tight on space, it may be worth it to go into your Settings and visit General, then Storage & iCloud Usage to see how much data each of your apps are using. You’ll want to visit your spy phone number. You’ll see how much data is available on your phone and what apps are using the most.
            Delete apps that you don’t use or enjoy anymore. And consider clearing out your music or photo library. Just make sure you back up your files beforehand, either through iCloud or another storage service, before you decide to clear everything out. You’ll thank yourself later.

            While using these tips and tricks can’t fix your phone storage problems overnight, you’ll be surprised by how big of a difference these can make. Just be mindful about how much data you’re using and do whatever you can to reduce your amount of cached data. By being careful with what apps you’re using and what files you keep on your phone, you can make the most out of having limited amounts of data. 

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