Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Perfect software: Auto forward

Cell phone spying was traditionally known as an invasion of privacy, it was considered unlawful and illegal and it was frowned upon. But these days it is not just referred to as spying but monitoring, and it is not considered a vice but rather a necessity in today’s world of communication. The ease in which information can be transferred from one individual to another is surprising and awe inspiring. It is getting harder and harder to regulate information for the sake of keeping young minds safe from perversions found on the internet.
Guardians are being rendered helpless in the face of information transfer and accessibility by their children. They are no longer able to keep their children’s mind safe from vices and from the moral corrosion that the internet is causing on the young ones. Hence a need for a way to curb this unfiltered information spread is needed. In fact, it is required, to safeguard the future of the young minds.
An app to read text is such a revolutionary tool. Auto Forward Spy is an internet requiring software that allows for easy spy and monitoring of all android and iPhone devices by any user of the software, as long as they have targeted the device and the software is in contact with the device for around 2-3 minutes. This allows for the software to collect all the data it requires from the device to adequately monitor it. The software serves to spy on the device’s both online and offline activities and send this information to the user’s online account. The user can access this information as long as they are on any device with internet capability, WIFI or it uses mobile data.
Calls made from the monitored device can be viewed by the software user. They can view both incoming and outgoing calls to and from the device. The user will also be able to listen in on all calls with their own device. The calls can either be made on or made to the monitored device. If the spy on a cell phone software user is not able to listen in on calls in real time, they may choose to record the calls and listen to them at their own convenience. This will come in handy to the user of the software if the monitored device is a regularly uses their device. The software user will not just be limited to monitoring calls, but will also be allowed access to the device’s contact list. Not only that, but they will also be able to monitor the SMS messages and texts that are both received and sent by the device. All this is geared towards helping the software user monitor all communication to and from the device.
From calls and text/SMS messages, to internet monitoring this software is very efficient. The internet being so unfiltered no guardian is at ease allowing their child to access the internet unsupervised, but again no guardian is able to monitor their child’s online activities all the time, until now. Now the guardians are able to monitor their children’s internet use at their own convenience. This is possible through the Auto Forward Spy software, to monitor internet searches on any android and iPhone device, to monitor all the device’s social media actions and display them on the software users account.  The software also allows for one to limit the search of certain phrases and words that the user had previously stated to the software. It will alert the software user and can also block these searches automatically.

Auto Forward Spy has revolutionised device monitoring and serves to make it easy as well.

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