Wednesday, June 8, 2016

When is it Ever Appropriate to Install Cell Phone Monitoring Software on a Partner’s Phone?

Let us be the first to say that cell phone monitoring software must be used responsibly if it’s going to be used at all. But one thing many people ask us is whether or not it’s ever appropriate to install cellphone monitoring software on their significant other’s phone. Whether it’s a serious, long-term relationship or not, people have been trying to use technology to make sure their spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends, and partners are on their best behavior.

Is there ever a situation when using cell phone monitoring software is legal or ethical? Let’s take a look.

When It’s Not Okay

With great power comes great responsibility. If Spider-Man lives by that rule, so must you when it comes to using cell phone monitoring software. That means understanding when it’s not okay to install cell phone monitoring software on your partner’s phone.

In general, never, ever install spy on cell phone free app monitoring software on someone’s smartphone without their knowledge. Not only is that a breach of trust but in many jurisdictions it’s illegal and comes with steep consequences including jail time.

The only situations where monitoring software is acceptable is when, for example, you own the cell phone or when the person you’re installing the software for knows what the software is and what you’re monitoring.

Tempting as it is, don’t install cell phone monitoring software on the down low in an attempt to stop your spouse from cheating on you. You’re better off sitting down your spouse for a frank, open-dialogue chat if you’re that deeply concerned about affairs.

Cell phone monitoring software is a powerful tool. And it’s easy to install. But ask yourself. Do you really want to live in a relationship with no trust on the table? Spy on cell phone free download should be used with care. By sneaking it onto your spouse’s phone, you destroy any ability to form trust in the relationship.

When It’s Acceptable

We’ve talked about when installing spy on cell phone text messages software is not acceptable. But are there situations where it’s ethical and cool to install it on your spouse’s phone?

For example, if you and your spouse are typically open about your internet behavior, you might consider installing software on both of your phones to have an easy way to back up your texts and photos.

If you share a phone, you might install monitoring software as an easy way to locate your phone should it become lost or compromised.

In general, if you plan on installing software on your spouse’s phone, be sure they’re aware of what the software is capable of and that the software is on their phone. Install the software on your own phone as well. It’s only fair.

Use cell phone monitoring software on your spouse’s phone like you would use it on your own smartphone as an easy way to help locate your spouse’s phone and help keep it secure. Monitoring software isn’t just there to monitor everything that happens on a phone. It can also be used as an easy way to make sure your spouse’s phone is safe, secure, and protected no matter what.

In general, never, ever install cell phone monitoring software on someone’s phone without their expressed consent. While cell phone monitoring software is powerful, it’s also unethical to use monitoring software when someone has no idea it’s on their phone or doesn’t know what you’re monitoring or using it for.

The temptation is always understandable when it comes to why you might install cell phone monitoring software on someone’s phone. But don’t let that temptation get the best of you. Trust must exist in a relationship for the relationship to be able to thrive. 


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