Monday, March 7, 2016

The Drawbacks of Cellphone Monitoring Applications

Monitoring the online activities of your employees is essential to ensure that all sensitive information is safe from online predators. For this reason, you can find endless information on the benefits and effectiveness of cellphone monitoring applications. However, as with everything there is a grey side to this type of technology as well. As helpful as these apps can be, there are a few things that should be carefully noted and avoided before you go ahead and purchase one for your company. The app WhatsApp spy is simple and convenient.

Invasion of Privacy

The number one moral concern of using cellphone monitoring applications is invasion of privacy. If the user is a parent, they are invading the privacy of their kids and if the user is an employer, they are invading the privacy of their employees. Privacy is an important concern for everyone and we like to protect it. Privacy invasion almost seems like you are standing butt naked in the middle of the street. That’s exactly how cellphone monitoring apps can make someone feel because by revealing everything that is meant to be private, you are making the person quite vulnerable.
On the surface, a simple location tracker seems harmless. After all it’s just a tool for parents to see that their kids are safe. However, in the wrong hands, a person can use the same technology to take advantage of your personal information, such as home address, office address, frequent places visited etc. It becomes the perfect chance for anyone to misuse such information and bring harm to us and our families. It can also put us in an incredibly awkward situation if someone you are trying to avoid is keeping track of your locations, such as a stalker or an ex-girlfriend. GPS tracking app is really great to have.

Leaves You Vulnerable

Cellphone monitoring and tracking applications are used for many malicious purposes by stalkers, abusers and other intrusive people who can remotely target your location and monitor your online activities without leaving a trace. As handy as these monitoring applications can be (for the right purposes), they can reveal detailed information about your location, right down to the street and house number, with exact timestamps. Many people have found themselves in a dangerous situation due to these apps and it has become quite a popular tool for people with the wrong intentions.
When used right, the monitoring applications are well marketed as a tool for parents to keep a tab on their children and for employers to keep track of their employees’ activities. Unfortunately, as with many other things, monitoring apps are also used as a dangerous weapon for stalking, harassment, blackmailing and other illegal activities. A phone spy app is popular and great.

Reveals Our Private Information to Marketers

Location tracking apps are often used for location based marketing. It helps boost sales and increases consumer traffic. A major culprit of location marketing is Google, which is why you start seeing ads in relevance to the searches you perform on the search engine. Marketers and advertisers don’t feel shy in intruding the online space of people which is in fact meant to be private. By simply tracking the location via cell phone or the IP address of the computer, these marketers can target you specifically by sending messages or calling on your cell phone for advertising purposes.
The above security breaches only happen when you end up using monitoring software from an unreliable source. Downloading illegitimate applications and clicking on unknown links brings you closer to spies and snoops. For this reason, people are strongly encouraged to use monitoring applications from reliable and legitimate companies to keep their information safe from marketers, advertisers and malicious people. Otherwise, they can be vulnerable to all forms of cybercrime. 


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