Friday, March 11, 2016

A Better Solution to Cyber Bullying: It’s Better than Teaching your Kid Martial Arts

Cyber bullying has become rampant as technology advances. It’s one of the downside of good technology in the wrongs hands. The bullying itself cannot be blamed on kids these days. It has been around for a very long time –I presume even during medieval ages. However, it has adapted itself to something totally different and a bit difficult to manage in person. Now this issue arises due to the fact that the entire shenanigans take place in a virtual world that runs on its own principles. Basically, it’s hard to control the internet and judging by the latest viral trends on utter violation of people rights, it has become even harder. How to track iPhone is a common concern for many people. 

However, on a personal level parents have a responsibility to ensure that their children get the best out of life. If possible never make the mistakes they made as a parent. It’s a hard nut to crack but the responsibility even extends to utmost protection all times. The chances of your kid getting bullied by older kids are very high. Now, the odds of you or any adult finding out are even smaller. Why? First of all most kids hate to admit they are being bullied plus it’s now shifted online away from the prowling eyes of teachers or parents.

But all hope is not lost because the necessity has helped in inventing the cell phone spyware. One good example of the iPhone tracker is the Highster Mobile Spy. It has been designed to monitor your children online activity ensuring that cyber bullying cases are easily identified and dealt with. The kids might hide most of what they know but the Hightser Mobile Cell Phone Spy is your ears and eyes on their phones.

How does Highster Mobile Phone Spy help stop cyber bullying?
Once you purchase this software (through very simple steps on the website), you then install it in the targeted phone (child’s phone). In case you are wondering whether all that is even legal, it actually is; your child is a minor. Technically, you have the right to do what you deem right to protect them. Plus it easier installing the Highster Mobile Spy in your child’s phone than denying them the use of their phones entirely. The good thing about the software after installation is that it works in the background away from the prowling eyes of your curious youngster. In short, they will never detect the Highster 
 Mobile Spy functioning. 

The spyware has been designed to extract all the stored information in your child’s phone including text messages, social media posting, GPS location, calls, emails, photos and so on. By the way within a few minutes of setting up the software you can get access to all the stored information. What do you do with the information? The Highster Mobile Spy gives you the resources to detect any form of bullying. Through the use of the collected data (it is extracted to your phone, computer or tablet) you can isolate wordings that smell of fear or threats. 

If you have ever been bullied or put under lot of pressure by your peers then it is easy for you to identify the scary words. However, if you have not experienced this form of minor’s showmanship then you can look for angry, intimidating, insulting words or phrases. It’s good to mention that teenagers or children converse in codes to avoid adults finding out. So you have to educate yourself on the kind of languages they use. One way of doing this is trying major search engines for clues or simply asking for help. How to track an iPhone is fairly simple. 

When you isolate a cyber-bullying incident on your son or daughter’s phone then you need to act immediately. You need to get the truth from the child and also talk with their teacher. That way you can amicably solve the issue without much hassle. The cyber bully needs to be notified of their misdemeanor to avoid this from happening to other kids in future.  

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