Thursday, March 24, 2016

Get Live Screenshots of Current Location with Cell Phone Spyware

Are you curious about where someone is when they don’t return your call? Maybe you have suspicions about being in a certain location they shouldn’t be? It is easy to learn where someone is when they have their cell phone with them through cell phone monitoring software. Or how to read someones text messages without them knowing? Such software has special technology that includes learning where someone is in real time. This means you can use the GPS tracking feature on their cell phone to learn where they are located. On top of this, you can use their phone to take a picture of their current location without them knowing it. This picture turns into a screenshot you can use for future reference.

How Remote Monitoring Works
When you have compatible software able to track a cell phone as it moves with its owner, it is likely it offers remote monitoring. This aspect includes unique technology that is simple to use. The user of the software inputs a passcode into the target phone they want to monitor. The software gets downloaded onto a computer or laptop (wherever you want to access your control panel from) and records information from the phone. The passcode lets the software follow the device as it moves and spy on text messages, calls, emails and more. The control panel makes it easy for users to access information about the target phone at a later time. If you have a busy schedule or have to be at different places away from the target phone owner, remote monitoring makes it easy to stay on top of cell phone activity as it happens.

Use GPS Feature of Target Phone for Following
GPS tracking is easy to use with a cell phone that has a GPS feature. The spyware is able to follow the target cell phone by tracking its GPS feature as long as this feature is turned on. This gives the software user clear insight on location.  The user of the software could have limits in place or geo-fencing in which they can be notified when the target cell phone owner enters or leaves a certain area. This is a common feature used by parents but employers and spouses also use it when tracking someone for specific purposes. This features works hand-in-hand with another feature: remote picture taking. This includes taking pictures of the current location using the target cell phone without the owner knowing it.

View Area Where Target Phone is Located
If you are curious about why the target phone user is located in a specific area you can choose to take pictures with their phone. They will not know their phone is being used to take pictures. The key here is to take pictures when the phone is being used by the owner. This means they have to be doing something on the phone while it is in wake mode. When this happens a screenshot can be taken to get a view of surroundings. The information should match up to GPS phone tracking coordinates obtained by the software from the target phone.

Saving Information Learned and Getting Notified
One of the most important benefits of monitoring software for cell phones is the ability to save information collected from the target phone. As the phone of interest is being monitored you can sign up for notifications of activity as it occurs. You can choose to save this information if necessary and the software purchased will provide further insight on how to do so safely. Photos obtained through the device can also be saved to another location without the owner of the phone knowing anything.

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