Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Auto Forward Cell Spy Advance Features Parents Can’t Get Enough Of

For those of you not familiar with cell phone spyware there are several things you need to look at in order to certify whether a program is worth your time. There are phony app developers out there who over glorify their product only to disappoint parents once the buy it. Now, unlike those phony software you’ve heard of, Auto Forward Cell Spy is quite unique. Parents are actually writing great reviews about this product. Why? Because it is worth every penny and it has advanced features. If you’re searching for the perfect cell phone spy app for iPhone or Android, Auto Forward is the perfect product for you.

The parents are thrilled about the monitoring aspect
Well, the function of spy listening devices for cell phones in the hands of parents is to monitor isn’t? But as I’ve stated above you need to examine your choice of program to ensure it can deliver. For one when monitoring your teenage phone you need to not just get a highlights of the information but a deep analysis of what information has been gathered. The extracting of information should be thorough leaving no stone unturned. That is exactly what Auto Forward Cell Spy doers –it allows you to view all the information contained in the target phone including images, calls, GPS location, text messages, social media messages and postings among others.

It doesn’t stop there it even show you any recently deleted messages. So you can imagine how parents are raving with joy when they purchase this product. With such kind of firepower you can be able to have unlimited control on your teen’s phone usage. Remember folks, it’s all for protection.
Moving forward, Auto Forward Cell Spy gave parents some anti-virus powers. In a sense, parents have the capability and resources to actually block any website that is harmful for their children plus they can opt for a notification if the kid tries to access those sites.

The second important aspect of cell phone software is the ability to run on a number of operating systems. The Auto Forward Spy can run on all entire android devices and Apple products such as the iPhone or the iPad. Currently, the two smartphone operating systems have the largest share of the cell phone market. It was a conscious decision from the developers to create a product that run on the two most popular operating systems to ensure that parents had options to choose from. Therefore, they do not have to worry about their kid having a Samsung while they have an iPhone.

Simplicity in any form of software is an added advantage. Since the majority of us are not tech-savvy its necessary to create software that embraces this principle. The Auto Forward Spy has done exactly that. The control panel has a simple interface that allows parents to switch from standard view to the deep analysis easily. The software itself is quite easy to install another reason any parent would be happy with the product. Once the product is installed it will prompt you to enter the license followed by the target phone number.

Within a matter of minutes the app will have retrieved a substantial amount of data that ease in monitoring the target phone. The target phone user will never be aware of the software installed since it runs invisibly in the background. Parents have had the opportunity to uninstall app they deem harmful to their teenagers or take photos using the camera remotely. All of this stuff is done remotely, meaning a parent doesn’t have to be within close proximity of the phone to do so.


Lastly, the easiest way to identify amateurs or phony app developers is through the availability or lack thereof of support. The Auto Forward Spy has a number and email you can call in case run into trouble with the software. So if you’re looking to spy on cell phone free trial or use a more powerful paid version with live customer service, Auto Forward is your answer.

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