Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Protect Your Children from Sexting

As kids grow up parents want to protect them from the things in this world that can harm them. Unfortunately sexting is a new problem to this generation, and one that is probably not going to go away anytime soon. As parents we can talk to our kids about this and stress about the lack of privacy online or with any digital file. The problem is that kids just do not understand the consequences of the lack of privacy, usually until it is too late. 

Sexting Is A Growing Problem

I’m sure you’ve seen stories in the news about children who have been the victims of sexting. Some have had pictures or videos sent to them. Some have had pictures or videos of them sent to others.  In some cases, pictures have been emailed or texted to others and circulated throughout an entire school before the victim even knows about it. And it’s not just children that have fallen victim to this; celebrities have been hacked and had photos and videos of them shared with millions of strangers. It would be a horrifying thing to have happen as an adult, and as a children it would be hundreds of times worse, and actually criminal.

Put A Stop To It

Children are going to make mistakes and as a parent you can’t stop it or even make those mistakes better. If your children has a cell phone you may not be able to stop those from using the camera, and you may not be able to stop them from taking a photo of themselves. You may not even be able to stop them from sending it to someone. But if you have the right resources you can act quickly to make sure that you can protect them once that happens.  And if you can see their messages, for instance if you see a request for a naked photo, you may be able to stop all of it before it even happens.

But My Children Is Using A Cell Phone, How Can I Monitor That?

It’s easy to monitor a children activity if you spy on a cell phone. You will then have the ability to see all text messages, social media messages or emails even if they have been deleted. You can see this info on your own phone or tablet so if your children does get a request for a naked photo, or asks for one, you can immediately handle it before it is a problem.

How to Spy On A Cell Phone Without Having It

But how do you do this without your children knowing about it? Children don’t want to be spied on; they want their privacy because they think they know all.  But parents can use cell phone spy apps easily and without their children ever knowing about itthey just need a few minutes to make a remote connection to the device, and then all of their children’s activity on their phones is at their fingertips. In only a few minutes they can work to protect their children from the dangers of sexting.

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