Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Auto Forward Spy: A Real Spy Software You Should Be Paying Attention to

With the increased proliferation of mobile phones, cyber bullying and other on-line crimes are equally at their zenith. This is especially due to the anonymity that comes with platforms. All manner of psychos take advantage of this lurking and prowling in the shadows and waiting for the next unsuspecting victim to pounce on.

Android Turning teenagers into androids!
I know the picture I paint is dire but it doesn’t make it any less true. Parents should especially be concerned since we all know how inseparable teenagers can be from their mobile phones and tablets. Many a parents have confessed they worry at how Android has turned their kids into androids.

What to do?
First, it’s not their fault you grew up in the Stone Age. The stone wall you will hit in an attempt to separate a teenager from their gadgets will be massive. The question that begs then becomes, how do you avoid a breakout of world war III in your home but still manage to keep your child safe on the cyber space. The answer lies in mobile spy ware applications.

Which is which?
A cursory look at on-line sources reveals a myriad of options out there. Your best bet when you are searching for the best cell phone spy ware is Auto Forward Spy. This is a very powerful app that puts at your disposal the resources that only a private investigator or law enforcement agencies enjoy. It has capacity to remotely retrieve text messages from any android device and even i phones. This is great right? There’s more.

What makes Auto forward spy great?
What do you do when you are searching for spy ware applications? The answer to that lies in three things, namely:

You don’t have to be a newbie to require help. This is where support comes in. You want a service provider who is able to provide assistance almost as soon as you need it. With Auto forward spy you are guaranteed customer support that goes beyond a mere email address to actual live person.  Also to note about support is that the availability of a working telephone is a pointer to the credibility of the provider you are dealing with.

Monthly Fees are a no no
Some of the products you will bump into in your search for the cell phone spy ware will involve commitment to make monthly payment. This is absolutely unnecessary especially if you can get the same services at a one off payment. The other problem with monthly payments is that you may forget to subscribe or even try and fail to do so. Auto Forward Spy rescues the user from such hassles, which again makes it one of the best cell phone spy app programs for the device you're looking to monitor.

What are you paying for?
Text Messages
Auto Forward Spy allows its users to remotely access all text messages received on the target cell phone. You will also have the related contacts, times and dates at your disposal. This way a parent is placed in a pole position to intervene in the event that messages in their children’s phone take a worrying turn.
Call Recording
You will need hard evidence to back up your reasons for concern when you eventually confront your teen. Auto Forward Spy can record voice calls and store the same for your use.
Social Media
Research reveals that teens spend close to 9 hours daily on social media. Auto forward Spy allows you to keep tabs on them lest they fall into wrong company on Facebook or Twitter.

Auto Forward Spy is practically a one stop shop for all the spying you want to do on a cell phone. I’m talking remotely about taking photos, GPS tracking, access to call logs, browser history and even contacts. With Auto Forward Spy, your search for the best cell phone spy software is over.

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