Friday, March 4, 2016

5 Dangerous Teen Challenges that Could Leave Your Child Fighting For his Life

Teenagers are unpredictable creatures, with instant access to a relentless stream of misinformation right in the palms of their hands, and internet only serves to aggravate matters! The latest news to do the rounds was about the Duct Tape challenge which left a teen with a damaged eye socket and no less than 48 stitches. And this is just one example.

Parents who are oblivious to such life threatening challenges should keep tabs on what their kids are up to in their free time. You might be wondering how do I read someones text messages without them knowing? Cell Phone Spy Software is your answer. Waving the white flag and succumbing to your teen’s incessant demands is the last thing you should do. By fostering open communication and staying involved in your child’s life, parents can help avert teenagers from partaking in such risky and perilous behaviors.

Here are the top 5 trending challenges parents could be unaware of:

1. Cinnamon Challenge
This teen fixation has been making big waves on YouTube for more than 5 years now, although one wonders why! This challenge entails downing a spoonful of cinnamon in 1 minute without a single sip of water. Doctors have warned against this type of practice, and according to the 2013 Pediatrics report, cinnamon is highly caustic. The challenge can lead to respiratory and throat issues, including potential collapsed lungs and choking.

2. The Choking Game
This lethal challenge involves the assistance of a friend or the use of a restraint to choke the person in order to restrict the flow of blood to the brain. The main goal is to garner the “high” that comes when the choking grip is released, causing a rush of blood back to the brain. In reality, the feeling of such lightheadedness comes from the death of a thousand brain cells due to a lack of oxygen. This could result in internal bleeding in the brain, strokes, comas, and long term brain damage. Because nobody ever knows the right time to let go, some participants may pass out or even die. Mostly the participants of this game are teens who want to get high without resorting to drugs.

3. Car Surfing
Just when you want to cut teenagers some slack and attribute some sense to them, another internet challenge pops up that seems almost too dumb to be true. Here’s another one, the car surf, where the rider surfs on the bumper, hood, or roof of a car. This challenge is extremely hazardous and has taken myriad lives. Recently, a 16 year old Michigan girl departed after attempting to jump on a moving car and skidding off the hood.

4. Butt chugging/ Eye Balling
Not only is the name “butt chugging” cringe worthy enough, wait until you see what it involves! Instead of drinking liquor, some teens are actually consuming their alcohol through their rectums. It is a highly detrimental challenge, which can cause death, tissue damage, and alcohol poisoning. Eye balling is another disturbing teen trend that entails taking a shot of hard liquor in your eye ball sockets!

This trick can lead to blindness, cornea scarring, swelling, and irritation. If that wasn’t enough to give you nightmares, some girls are even drenching their tampons in hard alcohol and popping them in the same style they would a regular tampon.

5. Salt n Ice
Granted the name is harmless enough and how bad could these two simple things do? The answer would make you shiver. The challenge: a few ice cubes and a handful of ice to begin with. The challenge is to pour salt on your hand, top it with ice cubes, close your cubes, and see how long they can endure the sensations. Whoever can endure the most pain, wins!

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