Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Keeping Your Child Safe in a Dangerously Digital World with the Highster Mobile Spy

In the past, teenagers were not exposed to a lot of danger like they are right now. Kids can be subjected to peer pressure, cyber bullying and a whole lot more making this digital world a dangerous place to leave your teen unmonitored.  It is only natural for a parent to want to protect their own but they can’t always be there for their teen since each of them has a life of their own. The good thing though is that parents and specifically mums are good at multitasking so even in your busy schedule, you can still find out how your teen is doing. With the Highster Mobile cell phone spy app everything is possible.

The Highster Mobile cell phone spyware makes you a super mummy because it acts like a second pair of eyes. Many parents love this mobile spyware because it is very easy to use and at the same time it has a lot of useful features. All one needs to do is to purchase the cell phone spy app free to install it on their phones and voila! You are ready to play ‘detective mom’. With such an app in your phone, you can finally stop worrying about things such as:
  • Places your teen has visited all day
  • What kind of friends do they hang around with?
  • How they are doing with their studies
  •  Have they had anyone stalking them lately and they aren’t saying?
  • What have they been reading on the internet?

Of course there is a whole lot more that parents worry about when their child is far from home but these are the most common worries that parents go through without a cell phone spyware. Life becomes easy when you can see everything your teen is doing and you are in a better position to prevent a lot of stuff from happening before they do thanks to these life savers.

So what exactly does this app do?
ü  You can view both current and past places your child has visited with the aid of a GPS tracking
ü  You will be able to view and read all text messages sent and received via sms, Gtalk, whatsapp, BBM, Facebook and all other texting platforms even those that have been deleted.
ü  Any new contacts added or deleted can also be viewed
ü  When your child takes any photos or videos of him/herself, you will be able to see them from the other side.
ü  Every call received or made will also be recorded so you can see it was and what has been said
ü  Finally, you will be able to restrict access to some of the websites, calls and apps you feel are unsafe for them.

With such awesome features, you no longer have to worry about any new friends in your teen’s life, you will be able to tell if they have been up at night because of their phone and you can now confront them if you notice they visited any suspicious locations.

There are a lot of cell phone spyware apps out there that you can choose from which of course will be decided depending on your preference. Highster Mobile spy is however the best. You can read what features come with it online before buying. You can also read other peoples’ opinions online on their experience with cell phone spy apps. These make it easy for you to decide which one suits your needs and budget well. A parent has to do what a parent has to do so don’t fret when your child finds out what you have been up to. It’s all for their own good and safety.


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