Friday, January 29, 2016

What To Do When Someone Steals Your Phone

Have you ever had your phone stolen? It can be the worst feeling in the entire world. Yes, it’s just a phone. But phones now are much more than just phones. They contain our entire world. With just a few swipes, anyone can see pictures of us and our friends and family, or our social media accounts and our private conversations. They can read text messages and get into saved information that we keep on our phones. Most people don’t even consider all of the information that they have on their cell phone that they carry around with them all day. Many don’t even use a password or a lock code to protect their phones.

Is Your Phone Gone?

It’s not necessarily a lost cause when your phone gets stolen. Sometimes thieves are less than smart and post pictures of themselves online with someone else’s phone, and have gotten caught that way. However, if the phone is not locked it could be wiped and re-used by someone else. More importantly, if the phone is not locked your private information could be stolen and you could be the potential victim of an even bigger crime.

Protect Your Phone Before Anything Happens To It

A lot of people will use passcodes to protect their phone. However, a person can do a hard reset even if they are locked out of a phone. And some people can guess passwords or codes. A code will not necessarily save you if your phone gets stolen. This is why you need to do something before anything happens – you need to protect your investment and your private information immediately.

Install Spy Gadgets For Cell Phones

If you install cell phone spy software on your phone as soon as you get it, you will not have a problem if or when your phone is stolen. These apps can be installed in just a few minutes. It will create a remote connection with your phone and extract all available information from the device. This will allow you to see all of this information when you log into your user account on a different phone, on a tablet or on a computer.

What A Cell Phone Spy App Shows You

If someone steals your phone, you can login immediately and see how your phone is being used with cell phone spy devices such as Highster Mobile. You can see if any pictures are being taken, or if anything is being done to your social media accounts. You can also read someone’s text messages if a stranger is using your phone to text. You can also view any phone calls or texts that are made and view any web browsing that is being done.

The best thing is that you can use the GPS tracking to find out exactly where your phone is located. And if you see any private information being viewed, you can use the app to take a picture of the person using the phone, uninstall any applications and remotely lock the phone. If you install this app right away when you get your phone your private information can be protected and you don’t need to worry about your phone being stolen. 

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