Monday, January 18, 2016

Best Cell Phone Spy Tools to Catch A Slacking Employee

A slacking and unproductive employee can be difficult to prove. Slackers are sneaky, slick and use deceptive methods to hide evidence of their slacking. The best way to discover what they are up to is to use spy equipment for cell phones. Using spy cell phone software enables you to see exactly what your employee is doing and who they are talking to at any time.

In the old days, the only way to really know if your employee was wasting valuable company time was if they sat where they sat so you could keep an eye on them at all times. Or if you accidentally caught them at the coffee shop when they told you they were running to Staples for supplies. Or, perhaps, they misdirected an email to you (the boss) when it was supposed to go to one of their friends, stating that they’d meet this friend at the corner bar at 4:30, a half hour before the end of the day.

But now everything’s changed. Now in this dangerous digital world, an employee can track an employee using a company-issued mobile phone in a variety of different ways. Are they playing Candy Crush on a company phone? Are they sending company secrets to your competitor? Are they sending sensitive files home to their own personal email?

Thanks to apps like Auto Forward Spy, you can view virtually everything your employee does from their mobile phones. Let's face it. A large portion of our web browsing is done on our smartphones nowadays. Monitoring them closely is an excellent way to quickly discover if your employee is lying or slacking or both!

The best tools to use to catch a slacking employee include:

Social Media Monitoring
Keeps tabs on your employee's social media accounts and discover if they have any profiles you aren't already aware of.  Using spy cell phone software enables you to discover hidden accounts and allows you to find messages that wouldn't be found on their normal account.

Text and Chat Logs
Monitor all incoming and outgoing texts and chat messages across multiple platforms. A liar may forego using regular text messaging and opt for an online messenger like WhatsApp to send messages discreetly to their new lovers. Watch these closely.

GPS Locator
Is your employee at the place the claim to be? Find out if they are really “late to that client appointment because of traffic” or if they are with someone else by tracking their location. This is a great tool if you have your evidence already and you're ready to catch them in the act.

Calendar Monitoring
If your employee is extremely organized, they may use their calendar (or hidden calendars) to remember important dates with their friends. See all scheduled events from all calendars with a premium app and stay two steps ahead of them with this information in hand.

And if you’re an employer looking for a cell phone spy app for Android or iPhone, please note that the free apps on the market don’t offer the same powerful features or live customer service that Auto Forward offers.

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