Monday, January 25, 2016

Use Auto Forward Spy To Remove Apps From Your Child's Device

If you have a teenage daughter, did you ever wonder, “How can I see her text messages without having her phone?” Are you searching for an undetectable cell phone spy software? Do you have a child who keeps accessing apps and content that they shouldn't be viewing? Thanks to Auto Forward Spy, you can remove these apps (and a lot more)! You will not find a free cell phone spy app with this level of monitoring anywhere online. If you need to keep a closer eye on games and apps that your son or daughter is using, or in general, spy on cell phones, using Auto Forward Spy can help you do just that.

Apps are here to stay. As an adult, think of all the apps that you use on your own smartphones: apps for health and fitness, gaming apps, shopping apps, banking apps, sports apps, kids apps (those come in handy when you’re waiting in the doctor’s office, right?) and so many more. The market is flooded with helpful and powerful apps that have changed our lives.

Remove Apps
Sure, you can tell your kids not to play violent games or view inappropriate media on their cell phones, but do they listen? Rarely. Use Auto Forward Spy to see exactly what games your kids are playing. Find out for yourself if they are accessing apps, books, and music that you don't allow in your home. Teens can quickly delete apps before handing over their phone when you ask to see them. View in real time the apps and media that is on their cell phones and remove it!

Blocking Apps
Removing apps is great, but it's not helpful if your child re-visits the app store and downloads them again. Block them completely from accessing the desired app with Auto Forward Spy. Every time they download a new app if you find you don't approve, remove and block them. Monitoring what your kids see online has never been so simple.

Apps To Watch Out For
Apps that you may want to watch for and block:
         Violent games – you can often discern if a game is violent by its title or rating.
         Yik Yak – This app shows anonymous messages to people in your area thanks to GPS.
         Kik Messenger – Another “anonymous” chat app where your children can be contacted by predators.
         Whisper – This app encourages people to post “secrets”. It also lets people in your area view and contact you. This app is notorious for predators.
         Social Media – You may not want to block these apps – depending on if your child is responsible with them or not. Use Auto Forward Spy to monitor them.

Blocking and removing these kinds of apps not only protect your children from online content you don't want them to see, but it could also prevent a sexual predator from contacting your child. Your best defense is going to be stopping the problem before it begins. When you use Auto Forward Spy to spy on cell phones, you can rest assured that you're doing all you can to protect your children when it comes to cell phone applications.

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