Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to Choose The Best Cell Phone Spy Software

Choosing the best cell phone spy software is often the most difficult task when preparing to spy on a cell phone. There are so many companies out there who fail to deliver on the promises of their product. There is no shortage of programs on the internet that say they can perform tasks that aren't even possible. For example, spying on a cell phone requires more than just knowing the target phone's phone number. Just having the phone number would make it possible for anyone, anywhere to spy on any phone they know the number too! Installing software is almost always required.

Don't be surprised if you come across many that claim to work without installing software or having access to the device itself. Yes, it's possible, but only select providers offer these services and they are typically not free.

When searching for the best cell phone spy software, you want to make sure the program includes certain basic features. The best spy cell phone spy programs will have at a minimum, the following:
         Text monitoring
         Phone call monitoring
         GPS Tracking
         Social media account monitoring

These are often the most important and telling features found in quality spy software. If the program you are considering doesn't offer all of these features, you should continue your search. Features aren't the only important component, though. Finding a reputable company is, even more, difficult.

Make sure the company you plan to purchase from offers the following:

Tech Support
Many cell phone spy programs can be confusing if you aren't tech-savvy. As with all new programs, you may have questions or come across issues that you need to be resolved quickly and efficiently. Make sure you have the available support you need, especially if you are spending money on the product.  Tech support can also guide you through setting up your cell phone spying software to make sure you are using it correctly in the first place.

Refund policy
If for some reason you find that the program just wasn't what you're looking for, you may want to seek a refund. A lot of spy software companies do not offer refunds, for whatever reason. Make sure you find a company that does just in case you’re not satisfied.

Live Phone Support
If you have questions, you want answers right away. Choose a company that has live operators standing by to answer your questions. This is very important if you choose a program that comes with monthly fees.

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for your spying needs, Auto Forward Spy is one of the best cell phone spy apps available. Auto Forward Spy gives you instant access to all of the features mentioned above, plus advanced features like messaging app spy, social media account spy, and email spy. You can even remotely take photos from the target device too! That is not even their full list of features!

Finally, if you’re searching for free cell phone spy apps for Android, please note that the free apps don’t offer the same powerful features or live customer service. For those reasons alone, you’ll find that Auto Forward Spy is the best solution for spying on a cell phone.

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