Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Suicide Rate in Teens Has Increased. A Cell Phone Spy Can Help.

Today’s teen has more worries than ever before. Between friends, grades, activities, college, job, and of course, relationships, a teen’s life is fraught with copious amounts of drama at all times of the day. The added pressure of external forces has increased the suicide rate, and according to the suicide rate among teens has “tripled since 1960”:

“Teen deaths for any reason are tragic losses of life and potential. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in five teenagers in the U.S. seriously considers suicide annually, and approximately 1,700 die by suicide each year. Both the CDC and the National Mental Health Association (NMHA) point out that suicide rates for teens have tripled since 1960—making it the third leading cause of adolescent death and the second cause among college students. Yet, according to the American Psychological Association, teen suicide is preventable, and they identify possible warning signs. They also note that more than 90 percent of suicide deaths are from mental illness and substance-abuse disorders.”

What has caused such a dramatic increase? The presence of social media has added a whole new level of anxiety to normal teen angst. Social media websites like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter allow kids to lead somewhat “fake” lives that cause outright jealousy in others. Most kids overshare. Most kids don’t know or don’t care to adjust their settings on any post so not everyone can see it. Many kids (and adults!) want to be instant celebrities in this Kardashian world—flash over substance. Instant YouTube success over being a good person is what is praised and celebrated.

However, there is an answer. A parent can monitor a teenager’s cell phone with a product like Auto Forward to help decrease teen depression by tracking their teen and having a window into their online lives. Are you looking for cell phone spying without installing software? Generally those type of products don’t come with the full range of features. Auto Forward is a powerful cell phone spy app that allows any parent to monitor a cell phone after installation

Noticing some behavior that’s beyond moody, and is downright angry? Is your teen suddenly disappearing for long periods of time? Is he or she uncommunicative about almost everything? These warning signs shouldn’t be ignored. This report goes on to say:

“NMHA identifies feelings of anger and resentment and the inability to see beyond a temporary situation as the main factors in teen suicide attempts. KidsHealth quotes Dr. David Sheslow, a pediatric psychologist, who identifies drugs and alcohol as leading causes of suicide in teens. Further, KidsHealth reports, ‘A teen with an adequate support network of friends, family, religious affiliations, peer groups or extracurricular activities may have an outlet to deal with his everyday frustrations. A teen without an adequate support network may feel disconnected and isolated from his family and peer groups.  It's these teens who are at increased risk for suicide.’ Other problems identified by KidsHealth are divorce, alcoholism of a family member, domestic violence, physical and sexual abuse, repeated failures at school, substance abuse, and self-destructive behavior.”

If teen suicide is preventable, protection starts at home with the family. A happy family life and strong bonds with parents and siblings can help any teen prosper. But in this modern era, sometimes parents need additional assistance to navigate the rough and choppy waters of the teen years. If you’re searching for a bluetooth cell phone spy or a cell phone spy free trial, I urge you to try Auto Forward instead. Auto Forward cell phone monitoring software can be the answer a parent needs before it’s too late.

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