Monday, November 9, 2015

The Mobile App Explosion

With the amazing proliferation of Apple and Android smart phones since the turn of the millennium, your workforce is more connected, more powerful and more capable than ever before. Unfortunately, this combination of connected-ness and power also means they may be more distracted than ever before. They can be more connected to things that don’t move your bottom line, like personal correspondence, home projects, or even running a side business for themselves, all on your company’s time and with the technology and devices you pay for.

Rather than blindly trusting that their employees are following their policies and using technology appropriately, many businesses are choosing to install dedicated cell phone tracking software to help encourage productivity, discourage time spent on other activities, and drive compliance with company phone and mobile device policies.

Cell phone monitoring software like a Verizon cell phone spy provides a watchful eye on how your employees utilize the electronic devices you supply to them. Many modern tracking software systems can be installed on smart phones and tablets running Apple and Android operating systems and, even if you trust your employees fully and never look at the logs it can provide a powerful psychological means to ensure that employees are using their electronic devices as intended: A simple deterrent.

As a deterrent, cell phone monitoring software for spying on cell phone is best when highly publicized throughout your company and presented alongside a comprehensive and “fair” cell phone policy. Ideally this policy will allow that some non-company correspondence is permissible so long as it is kept to a minimum and conducted responsibly. Once this is established, advertise openly to employees that their activity on company devices is continuously monitored. You may be surprised by how well employees will self-police themselves out of a desire not to be seen to be breaking company policy.

After all, cell phone tracking software can monitor and log every activity taken on the employee’s device.

·         It logs their GPS coordinates, so you will have an accurate record of their travels while conducting business.

·         It logs the internet sites they visit and the time they spend there.

·         It logs the complete details and content of the emails they send and receive and maintains a record of them even if they are deleted from the monitored device.

·         Even the content and recipients of text messages sent and received are included in the log and can be saved and maintained indefinitely for later viewing.

With this broad viewpoint into what information goes on in the employee’s phones and mobile devices, any employee who still conducts their personal business on their company device will have to do so with restraint and with a concern that their activity is being watched. In most cases, time spent on personal calls will go down, personal emails will be fewer, and personal text messaging will decrease.

Deterrent may not be the first thing you think of when thinking of a cell phone monitoring solution, but it may be the single-most-powerful influence of this software. Because it drives employees to change behavior for themselves rather than enforcing change upon them, deterrent takes the form of a lifestyle change and creates lasting habits that support greater productivity from your employees.

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