Friday, November 6, 2015

Is Spying On Employees Good For Business?

Corporate espionage is not a new concept; however, due to proliferation of technology, it is not only restricted to only mega-corporations and multi-national companies. Nowadays, even medium to small sized businesses have started employing modern spying techniques on their employees. Although, many might argue against the non-ethical nature of the practice, but time and time again employers have proven that practice of spying on someone is crucial to safeguard company’s trade secrets, avoid legal liability and address the major problem of cyber security.

Organizational Need to Spy on Employees

For companies of all sizes, spying has become a business practice that every company needs to engage in order to comply with business practices such as having a human resource department. So how to spy on cell phones? Well the answer is quite simply; you contact one of the many companies offering such spying services that will come and install the necessary software and apps to do the job. Due to advancement software technology, it has become extremely easy to spy on someone. Not only is it easy to do so, but it is also quite economical.

Auto Forward is one of the leading companies involved in the spy software industry. Not only do they cater to individual customers but also are considered as one of the top companies providing B2B services. As more and more entrepreneurs and executive wonder if there is a way to spy on cell phone, companies, like Auto Forward, have developed a comprehensive spying app, which encompasses over 24 powerful spying features (including spy text messages and cell phone spy camera) allowing companies to safeguard their interests against vile employee activities.

The Menace of Data Breaches

In 2014, the California Attorney General released the second annual Data Breach Report. The report indicated towards a morbid increase in data breaches as 167 data breaches in California were reported in 2013. All of these breaches collectively impacted over 20 million people living in California. This reflects the growing menace of cybercrime and data breaches.

The report shows an increase of about 600 percent in cybercrime related to data breaches. The high prolife breaches of Living Social and Target have exposed over 7.5 million people to unscrupulous individuals and their criminal activities.

Moreover, 2014 was seen as the year of the hackers. Several big corporations became target of hacking and data breaches such as Sony, JP Morgan, Target and the list simply goes on. All of these breaches could have been easily prevented if the necessary defense mechanism was employed. The first step defending against such attacks is the need to spy on any cell phone.

According to a McAfee report, cybercrime has become one of the major problems in the global economy, costing the world more than $400 billion a year. Every year we hear of Major Corporations experiencing a data breach. For example, Sony’s latest breach caused it to lose millions in potential revenue as its unreleased movie, The Interview, was leaked prior to its opening. However, these large businesses are not the ones facing major loses as we can see that Sony still stands where it did prior to the breach.

The real danger of data breaches is to the medium and small sized companies. Large companies have the financial resources and the brand loyalty to withstand such an attack. However, when a similar breach occurs at a medium or small sized business, it usually means insolvency for them. For such reasons, it is even more important for such companies to employ the necessary tactics to defend against data breaches.

According to a study conducted by Ponemon Institute, among the damages caused by data breaches is not to the retailers as conventional wisdom might suggest, but rather the health care industry. Just recently, many high profile data breaches have occurred at health care companies such as Premera Blue Cross and Anthem, to name a few. 

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